1. S

    FREE  Complete Front Axle FJ40

    I have a complete front axle out of my 1966 FJ40. It's all there and everything is moving freely. Should be usable as is but will need brakes. It would be good for parts too or a restoration or a SOA conversion. I'm located in Washington State. Come and get it, no shipping, local pick up...
  2. M


    Looking for a set of spiders and side gears to install in my 97 80series. Without lockers (DUHH). I'm in the middle of regearing and when opened front diff found a nice surprise... At this point I have much more money into the project that I had expected and can't afford to buy new parts. I know...
  3. Volcanic Iceberg

    I may have done something bad....third member help

    Last night I dove into replacing my rear axle seals on my 74' FJ40 since my drum brakes were contaminated. I had helped a buddy once, but it has been years since then. I have a lunch box locker and got confused once I opened it up. Anyway, I inadvertently unbolted the 4 carrier bolts .... How...
  4. 4x4 More

    SOLD  NIB parts for replacing the front gears (4.10) in a '93 FJ80

    After years of surfing this site as a guest, I finally joined. . . . I have a complete set of NIB parts from for replacing the front gears (4.10) in my 1993 FJ80 (with front e-locker). I bought the parts a while back, but I didn’t end up needing them. I could use the cash...
  5. Berzerker76

    For Sale  Stock FZJ80 open diffs and gears O.C. CA/USA

    I just recently upgraded to Harrop ELockers along with new ring and pinion gears so I thought I'd see if anyone in the Southern CA area could use the stock open diffs and 4.10 gear sets. They came out of a '96 with roughly 240k miles. I really don't want to deal with trying to ship these, so...
  6. bryanb

    For Sale  80 series 4.88 e-locked third members (front and rear diffs) - SoCal

    Hello! Selling the complete third members from my '97 land cruiser. Factory e-lockers. Rebuilt less than 4,000 miles ago with Nitro 4.88 gear kit (full kit, not just the r&p) by Ramjet (reputable diff shop). They function perfectly! I have a line on some 5.29s, that I'll replace them with...
  7. Rustic76

    Wanted  Third members for my FJ60, 4.56 ideal Portland, OR

    Hoping to track down a reasonably priced compete pair of 3rds (one would also work in the mean time) for my '87 FJ60. 4:56 gears would be ideal, 4:11 would work in the mean time. Desperately need something lower as I bought the 60 sitting on 35's with 3:73. Bad, bad combo. Even if someone...
  8. richardlillard1

    For Sale  FZJ80 Locked thirds with factory gears

    Asking $1,400. Prefer local pickup, Phoenix area.
  9. Jules

    1979 BJ40 - Engine Revs, gears can be selected, but car wont move

    HI All I was driving along a motorway at 80kph on Friday when the car stopped accelerating... it just revved and nothing more. I pulled over, stopped the car, put it in 1st gear... the same thing. The engine revved, but no momentum. Same in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Reverse. Tried in 2H and 2L and...
  10. S

    Second set of Fj62 Spider Gears are toast!

    I have a 1988 Fj62 with a 5.3 Vortec, H55 5-spd, CCOT 3" lift and 35" tires on it. It's my daily driver and I drive at least 20 miles per day on the highway. I just ate through my second set of rear spider gears. What is my best option here?
  11. Ice cold

    4.88 gears or not

    i have spent he last couple of days reading about regearing my 100 series. Seems like the general consensus , is with a 2001 4 speed tranny 4.88 with 33 inch tires. when I bought tires (33 inch) I was not planning on regearing. Now I have a camper that I pull with the lx that weighs 3300...
  12. NYIronPig

    Wanted  3:73 Gears

    Looking to swap out my original 4:11 gears for some 3:73 to make my rig a better daily driver. Anyone have a good set? Located in NY
  13. OTRAMM

    80 Series 3:1 low range gears

    The super charged 80 can go fast and stop well. Now it's back to go slower.
  14. I

    Toreson all gears differential vs Truetrac all gears diff

    Hey has anyone ever put these in their Landcruiser? They are both different in design I have been checking out the Torsen, looking at all the videos about them, then I found out about the Truetrac, which is slightly different. They both look absolutely brilliant. I like the fact that it is...
  15. Tank5

    SOLD  80 / 40 series Yukon Locker

    Edit I have a rear Yukon locker that I removed from a 1993 Land Cruiser that had 120,000 miles on it. I do not know how much use the locker has seen. The housing it was in had been tapped for an ARB, so I assume the Yukon replaced it. It was installed on a semi float axle but I have read it...
  16. pkelly72

    Wanted  4.88 or 5.29 gears for elocked 80

    Just putting out the feeler for gears and rebuild kits for 80 series elockers in 4.88 or 5.29 ratio. Thanks.
  17. S

    How to evaluate condition of R&P?

    After my rear diff warms up, when I coast on the highway, it gets quite loud. I have ordered a rebuild kit (including pinion & carrier bearings). After taking it apart, how can I evaluate the condition of the R&P? I'd hate to do all that work and then put it together and find out that R&P were...
  18. scrowley

    Trail Gear reduction gears feedback

    So who is running the trail gear reduction kit for the tcase? I am in the market. They have been out for awhile now so just curious what some guys think of them after some use.
  19. Oscar Witte

    Wanted  Gears

    Looking for some 5.29 or 4.88 gears for the 9.5" rear and 8" front of a 93 FZJ80 (unlocked).
  20. bulhas

    Wanted  4.10 Ring and Pinion from an 80 series

    I am in the middle of my LS swap, not sure I want to keep my 5.29's So who have a set of ring and pinions lying around with the factory 4.10s theyd like to sell
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