1. fslful

    Instrument cluster back lighting dim out around 10mph SMD LED 2003 lexus gx470

    I'm aware that this is a common issue but even with all the forums on the 120 series I can't find anyone who actually have specs on what smd led will solder in to my burnt out gauge cluster behind the 0 - 20 mph area.. Help!!! I know I'm only one among many who need to fix their burned out gauge...
  2. theglobb

    Best place for NA 3B EGT probe?

    Hey there, I recently got an Issopro EV2 EGT gauge for Christmas and was wondering where the best place to put it would be for accuracy and response time? The 2 places I'm deciding against I have marked in red and orange as you can see. So which would be better, or is there another better place...
  3. 98TLCnoob

    Pre-obd2 Electric gauge unit options (91 HDJ80)

    Hi, Everyone. I recently acquired a best of 80 series, HDJ80. Since it's turbo'ed, I want to have 4 different readings as I drive down the road: 1. EGT 2. Oil Temp 3. Boost 4. Coolant Temp I know it would be a cakewalk to add gauges that reads from the OBD2 port (such as Scan gauge) ONLY if...
  4. jjh123

    For Sale  FJ40/43/45 SPEEDOMETER cluster $100

    Unknown condition on the gauges. Odometer works, however, speedo needle is broken. Gauge is in KM/H. $100 plus shipping. 214-676-3084
  5. Bardiya

    Blowing GAUGE Fuse when engaging L4

    I noticed that all my gauges were dead after pulling another car out of the sand in low range. (Part-time 4WD model) After checking the interior fuse box I found that the gauge fuse was blown, Replacing the fuse fixed the gauges but Engaging L4 will cause it to blow again. I don't know where to...
  6. 4

    Fuel Gauge/Sender Issue

    I have a 92' 3FE LC. Recently I replaced my fuel sender with another used unit that was known to be in good working order because my gauge needle was jumping/dancing and not marking correctly. The needle shows a fairly accurate depiction when I accelerate and then I let go of gas pedal, the...
  7. Grouchy

    Wanted  Speedometer/Odometer (No longer needed)

    my 1974 spins the tenths digit, but no more. Anyone have parts to rebuild/replace the unit that I could take off their hands? Cheers and thanks!
  8. cajunking

    Fuel Gauge Updates but Sticks After Ignition

    Fuel gauge updates on ignition to read correctly but does not go down with gas use and sticks after the truck is turned off (until fired up again -- can't remember if that is normal). Since it reads correctly on igntion I am guessing it is not the sender .. probably electric then? or am I way...
  9. TNOverlander

    Oil Pressure Gauge FIX

    Well, like many on here, I’ve experienced the dead oil pressure gauge in the dash of my 80. While most would probably say, “replace the gauge and move on”, I am really cheap, and felt like taking the dash apart… Cliff notes: I ended up bending the gauge internals to get it to read again...
  10. V

    Speedo and tach gauges read high on long drives

    I just updated from my 2000 LC to a 2004 LC and went on my first longer highway drive this weekend (3.5 hours each way to Steamboat Springs and back). I had just replaced the battery and hadn't noticed before on shorter drives, but after about 1.5 hours the speedo and tach started reading really...
  11. mrjordann

    How do I remove my gauge cluster?

    Hello, I have a 1973 FJ40 and I have been struggling to remove my dashboard gauge cluster. If anybody has tried this, you will know what I mean. How do I get it out? No matter which way I pull it, it feels like there are metal tabs in the dashboard holding the cluster in place. Any tips/helpful...
  12. G

    LX470 1998 Gauge Stops Working Periodically

    Hi its been getting pretty out here in California recently and one thing I noticed is that all my gauges except for the Speedometer stops working and drops to zero once it gets above 100F. Has this happened to people? What do you guys recommend? Gauge by ghong14 posted Sep 8, 2017 at 12:42 AM
  13. melepley

    Trouble with oil pressure gauge

    I've recently (well about eight months ago) purchased a 1998 LX470. I've been lurking around this forum and found several very useful threads, Thanks for all the help! I now have an issue that I haven't been able to find any information pertaining to my exact problem. I have an issue with my...
  14. 7

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 parts

    Front seats with headrests, seat frames and center console. $300 Radiator mount / support $70 Metal fuel tank with new sending unit $150 Metal fuel tank shroud / cover $150 Original gauge cluster $200 New poly fuel tank in box $150 If these prices are way off please let me know. I don't...
  15. L

    fuel gauge needle

    I noticed the low fuel warning light started to light up a lot earlier than usual, has anyone experienced this before? See attached photo.
  16. B

    Oil pressure gauge woes

    I know this has been beaten down but I need a little quick help. I looked at some threads on this but wanted to ask about mine specifically. When I turn my key on my oil pressure gauge needle goes to the middle reading. When I turn my FJ62 on the needle drops to 1/4 and when I get on the highway...
  17. Z

    Wanted  80 series gauge cluster

    My speedo quit working. I know why, but it's not fixable. So I either need a complete gauge cluster or just a working speedo from said cluster. It's needed for a 95-97.
  18. J

    For Sale  (Az) Fj40 Autometer Gauge Cluster $250. OBO

    New price: $250.00 OBO plus shipping. All gauges, direction signal indicators (red), blue high beam indicator and integral lighting of individual gauges all work. Removed from my '78 40 after 2FE conversion was completed as I went back to stock . Included are the water line complete with sensor...
  19. L

    Fuel gauge

    I just noticed the low fuel warning lights up even the gauge needle isn't pointing to the last tick mark. It has never happened before. Usually the light goes on at the last tick or slightly below. Any ideas?
  20. BlueMonster

    Fuel Gauge & Wiring Testing

    I need some help. I've read over all the forums and I'm still a bit stuck. My fuel gauge always shows empty. Following the advice of many others I started with the fuel sending unit. The unit itself is fairly new and with a multimeter it registered about 16 ohms on full and 119 ohms empty...
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