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  1. Q

    FZJ80 Fuel gauge inaccurate readings

    Hi Fellas, I own a 96' FZJ80 GXL 4.5l and I've been having some trouble with the main fuel gauge giving me inaccurate readings. I live in Australia so it's a right hand drive vehicle if it matters. But when I filled up recently the fuel gauge pegged at above full and hasn't moved until now that...
  2. cajunking

    Fuel Gauge Updates but Sticks After Ignition

    Fuel gauge updates on ignition to read correctly but does not go down with gas use and sticks after the truck is turned off (until fired up again -- can't remember if that is normal). Since it reads correctly on igntion I am guessing it is not the sender .. probably electric then? or am I way...
  3. G

    Fuel Gauge is acting wonky

    I changed the alternator and battery in my 2002 100 series and my fuel gauge has been acting up. I filled up the tank then drove over 250 miles and my tank reads that it is almost half full with the fuel light coming on. I then went to the gas station and I put in another full tank of gas...
  4. NeverGiveUpYota

    Dual Peg...

    My dominating wench... I mean, truck gave me the double finger today and I came near to an MI while getting to the side of the hw at the same time. Scenerio... 65mph, raining, wipers on, lights, CD player, heat on med... Noted alt gauge fluttering from 12-10-12. When the peg of the water temp...
  5. thex1231

    Parting Out WANTED FJ80 FJZ80 Fuel Sending Unit

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a fuel sending unit in good condition. If you have it can you please let me know along a quote shipped to 79901. Thank you all. Gio
  6. C

    Fuel gauge calibration: Advice please.

    Hi guys, Some help please. My 1988 FJ62 had temperature problems for a while, and I cleaned the points on the fuel gauge side as recommended. However, in the end we diagnosed a leaking top gasket. I was recommended by local knowledge to the supposed Cruiser experts, and an engine overhaul...
  7. PIPA

    Starting problems, horn, and fuel gauge, what’s the cure?

    Hey everyone, I’m still a newbie in the FZJ80 world and I’m learning a lot about my 1993 FZJ80. Currently, I’m having problems figuring out how to troubleshoot a variety of problems on my ride, most important to me now are the horn, fuel gauge, and oh now the ride won’t start (see videos) 1)...
  8. S

    Fuel gauge always empty

    Hello all land cruiser owners. Mud forum had helped me numerous of times, this time however, im stuck with this problem and solution is nowhere to be found. And yes I have searched through over thousand posts for the solution to this ordeal with no luck. Here is how it all started: I bought a...
  9. piecemeal

    Instrument Cluster Gauges not working.... help!!

    I have a 74fj40. The amp gauge works, as does the speedo, and the mileage counter. However, the oil press gauge, fuel gauge, engine temp gauge aren't working. I'm guessing a bad ground perhaps or maybe something got knocked loose back there since an old cable actuated winch was installed with...
  10. AdventureYeti

    Wanted 1967 FJ40 Fuel Gauge

    Hello, Sadly, my original '67 gauge seems to have bit the dust. So I am on the hunt, for a replacement. If anyone has a clean, working '67 fuel gauge for a 40 series? I am open to purchasing it, as they are long discontinued. Thank you for your help fellow 40 series owners.
  11. L

    fuel gauge needle

    I noticed the low fuel warning light started to light up a lot earlier than usual, has anyone experienced this before? See attached photo.
  12. L

    Fuel gauge

    I just noticed the low fuel warning lights up even the gauge needle isn't pointing to the last tick mark. It has never happened before. Usually the light goes on at the last tick or slightly below. Any ideas?
  13. BlueMonster

    Fuel Gauge & Wiring Testing

    I need some help. I've read over all the forums and I'm still a bit stuck. My fuel gauge always shows empty. Following the advice of many others I started with the fuel sending unit. The unit itself is fairly new and with a multimeter it registered about 16 ohms on full and 119 ohms empty...
  14. R

    72 fj40 fuel gauge loose needle

    the fuel gauge needle is loose. is there a photo somewhere on how it should connect?
  15. overton

    1982 FJ40 - Troubleshooting Fuel Gauge

    I have a 1982 FJ40 that the fuel gauge is not working on. I pulled off the access plate to see if the sending unit was connected and it was. Then I grabbed the tester light, grounded it and touched it to the connector that plugs into the top of sending unit to see if I had 12v there. The light...
  16. Judh8smud

    FJ40 Instrument Panel Restoration

    Has anyone on here resurrected their old FJ40 instrument panel before? I'm trying to see if I can do just that with my old '65 instrument panel as I have seen they are pretty expensive to replace, at least for a college kid like myself! :D Here's what it looks like; Any...
  17. Scottbonnar

    VDO Fuel gauge used for subtank

    Hi, Has anyone used the vdo fuel gauge on there subtank?What was involved to make it work, just as simple as plugging in the wires? Thanks
  18. Dave 2000

    Fuel gauge fault found

    Hi I checked out the faulty gauge mentioned in my https://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/365673-my-lc-80-thread.html and offer the following to help others in the future: WARNING: You are opening a fuel tank, once opened the fumes could be ignited from quite a distance away from the car...
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