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  1. JackAttack13

    Fuel Filter Change Fail

    I attempted to change my fuel filter in my Gas Motor 100 Series today. The line nut is seized into the fuel filter and wont budge. It was half rounded from before I bought it but is completely shot now. I used a line wrench and PB Blaster and the sucker wouldn't budge. Decided to give up...
  2. Tristan Perry

    LJ78 2L-TE Fuel Flow

    Hey all, happy holidays! I'm curious if anyone knows what the macimum gross fuel flow rate for the 2L-TE? I've installed a 2-micron Racor 220R with a maximum flow rate of 30gph. I've noticed my truck getting sluggish, and I'm curious if this flow rate is insufficient. I know some injection...
  3. Ten4GoodBuddy

    HELP...1992 jf80 went swimming

    Hey guys, first off I am not a mechanic or really anything close, but I’m willing and able to try... I just need some direction. So last week my twin 16 year old boys decided to take my 1992 fj80(259k miles) for a swim through a huge pond/small lake and got her stuck in the middle. She sat...
  4. Arcticredleg

    Starting issue related to fuel system. Fuel system diagram?

    Hey all, had to replace the flex hoses (to fuel filter, overflow from pump) coming from the fuel tank to the hard lines. One had sprung a leak, replaced both truck ran fine prior to replacement, minus the leak. She started right up and then ran out of fuel. Switched hoses to make sure that...
  5. Congo Cruiser

    Photos of the Inside of a Chinese Fuel Filter

    Greetings. 1995 FZJ-80. 170,500 miles. I recently replaced the Chinese knock-off Fuel Filter in my FZJ-80 after discovering it was in fact Chinese and realizing I didn’t know how long it had been on the vehicle. This vehicle has many miles in South America and Southern Africa. It’s now back in...
  6. Congo Cruiser

    Fuel Filter Replacement - Complete

    Greetings. 1995 FZJ80. 170,500 miles. I’m replacing my fuel filter on my own for the first time. I’ve done my research on Mud and have bookmarked several threads. I have the FSM. Decided to do this when I couldn’t find in my records when it was last done...and when I believe I just...
  7. Erez4x4

    2007 Land cruiser, fuel filter???

    Hi guys, I have a problem, when we drive off road to high elevation (10- 11,000 ft) the car is loosing power and then turn off and wont start again until I open the engine hood and disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel filter and then there is a lot of air pressure released... I re-connect the...
  8. M

    What is the name of this part?

    Could anyone tell me the name of the part in red circle? From my understanding, it's some kind of fuel filter or something related to fuel. This part is from of a 1999 LC with diesel engine. Thank you
  9. dffj6288

    Fuel filter change fj62

    Do I need to disengage my fuel pump and turn the engine on temporarily to depressurize the fuel lines before changing the fuel filter? Or can I just swap out the filter real quick and deal with a bit of gas leak for a min. Does the efi fuse control the fuel pump? Please help I couldn't find a...
  10. MtnCruiserFZJ80

    Fuel filter bolt missing

    Hey guys, Back at again, this time trying to baseline my fuel filter on my '94 FZJ80. So, I went to replace my fuel filter with a new one and noticed it was not bolted in. It is basically just hanging there with the lines.. I guess the PO just gave up when trying to reinstall it. Do you guys...
  11. FeralOne

    Wanted  1974 stock fuel filter mounting bracket

    I'm looking for the stock bracket that holds the lower fuel filter (between the tank and the fuel pump) to the chassis. My unit is a 1974 FJ40. Dave Dillon buscando13@sbcglobal.net 619-929-1944
  12. lrowe_csp

    For Sale  Perma Cool Remote Mount Fuel Filter system, Nor VA

    I have a remote mount fuel filter system, including the mount and two new filters. This is the write up on the Perma Cool Website: Perma-Cool® Fuel Filter/Water Separator Systems ensure delivery of clean and water-free fuel to your engine. Whether you use diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, E85...
  13. C

    74 FJ (F.5? engine) fuel pump/filter location

    Okay, so first off, my truck is across town, so I couldn't just run out and take a pic. But I recently was moving and had to move the 40 to a neighbors garage. I started it up after a few months of it sitting and it started and ran fine, except when I shut it off I noticed a fuel leak just...
  14. YendraBuilt

    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    Packed up this morning in Frisco, planned on heading out to do some wheeling for the day in my '91 FJ80, cranks and cranks, doesn't fire. Definitely seems like fuel delivery. Before we left Ft. Collins on Sunday, I dumped some fuel system cleaner in the full tank. I imagine I broke up enough...
  15. M

    ABS Light on after replacing shocks, fuel filter

    I replaced the front shocks and fuel filter on my '03 LC today. When I started the car after the repairs my ABS light was illuminated. My OBD reader says I have an ABS code for a front right speed sensor fault. I figure one of two things happened: The PB blaster I sprayed to loosen the shock...

    1FZ Fuel Filter Relocation

    Well, I guess I'm at that point where I need to pull all of the information together on this and finally proceed to get this finished. I have a few questions and of course will rely on the Illuminati to keep my info correct. I have many many projects going on all at the same time but there are...
  17. grizzlygibbs

    My overdue PM journey. Picture heavy.

    I have been accumulating boxes and boxes of parts I have accumulated the last year and a half from Dan and Onur that I am finally getting around to installing, along with doing some other cleaning up and refreshening to the old Mountain Goat. The game plan: New fuel filter, new fuel sock, new...

    Anyone have images of the installed fuel filter still mounted under the intake manifold?

    Ok, I MIGHT be working on another project. :flipoff2: I need to get pictures of EXACTLY how the fuel filter is oriented under the intake and everything that is in its way. It has the two bolts holding onto the manifold and the two banjo bolts and hoses but I need to fully understand what is...
  19. M

    Fuel delivery issue, 3fe idles(somewhat rough) no go.

    My 92 Fj80 left us stranded today, first time ever. Had it towed back to the shop, where I was able to limp it in, barely, and left it to warm up. As it has been pretty damn cold (0 degrees last night)here in Montana the last few days and I have yet to put any gas drying agents in the fuel for...
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