1. Jeeper

    Crank no start - yes, another

    Here we go again.. 97 LX450 Very familiar with the fusible links, EFI fuse, EFI relay causing this. My situation: - Had issues with no CEL, crank, no start condition - was able to wiggle the fusible links and get it started - figured the fusible links were going out - replaced fusible links...
  2. BuckEm

    GX470 Stalled while driving, Now cranks no start.

    Greetings all! Had a little trouble with the GX today. Engine stalled on the freeway on the way home, got it pulled over and now... Crank no start. Pulled up Torque Pro, had a code for Crankshaft position sensor circuit A. I think... Haha. Stupid me, I thought I snapped a screen...
  3. Z

    FJ80 - Broken crank

    Just wanted to quickly post the results of post-mortem on my 3F-E: The missus drove my car while I was away interstate, made it 2 blocks away from home, car stalled, wouldn't start again. Dragged it home, wrenched for 5 days to no avail. Discovered cranking would turn the accessory pulley but...
  4. mrjordann

    Wanted  1F crank start handle

    Anybody have a crank start handle for an FJ40? The one that you stick in your crankshaft pulley nut to start the engine if the battery is dead. Thanks.
  5. C

    FJ80 Parking Brake Repair

    I am in the process of repairing the parking brake on my 91 LC and in the process of servicing the brakes. Upon inspection the cable end u brackets on both sides have rusted clean through. I was able to find a raybestos cable to replace and a decent price from parts geek but now i am onto the...
  6. P


    So I am new to the threads, just signed up but have been reading threads for a while. I am having an issue with my 1996 cruiser, and believe me I have dug into the threads like you wouldn't believe. It started out with just taking some time to turn over when I would shut it down for a quick...
  7. JAFO2014

    Best source for 2F rebuild kit

    Hi. I wanted to pick the brains of the experts on here. Anyone that has rebuilt their 2F. I am thinking I want to freshen mine up. I haven't rebuilt a 2F before. I have rebuilt other engines, so I have some engine rebuilds under my belt. But I know that every engine can have its quirks. Where...
  8. midfat

    Crank bolt tightness: RTH check me

    I'm pretty damn comfortable around tools, but admittedly, this is my first foray into the world of 3/4 drive. Just tightened the crank bolt on the 1FZ to 300+ lbfts. I used the big monster Harbor Freight torque wrench, using a 6pt 30mm socket. Getting the bolt to break free (breaker bar...
  9. J

    FJ40 Plastic Window Crank

    Please tell me there are metal window cranks available and if so, please point me in the right direction? I have had my 1975 FJ40 for 4 months and I've stripped 4 of those cheap plastic window cranks. They work fine, but if you over tighten even the slightest, they strip and are ruined.
  10. E

    Leaking crank seal

    So I am just in need of a bit of advice. A month ago I replaced the timing belt/WP cam/crank seals etc....Well I have developed a nice little oil leak from the passenger cam seal. I am wondering how far I need to take this thing apart again to get to that seal. Am I crazy in thinking that once I...
  11. C

    2F neutrally balanced? (balancing the rotating assembly)

    I am rebuilding a 2F and asked the machine shop to balance the rotating assembly. They said that unless it is "neutrally balanced" they would need the harmonic balancer and flywheel to do it right. Is that necessary? The reason I need to know is that this is a donor transplant motor that the...
  12. kunzma

    Wanted  Windshield screens and crank hardware

    USPS lost my screens and crank hardware. Needing to replace these items if anyone has an extra set.
  13. gcorduan

    Oil pump gear spins freely on crankshaft?

    A question for the group- I'm in the process of pulling my 97 80 series engine apart for a rebuild. Before I pulled the crankshaft out I noticed something that I thought was strange. Once the timing cover is off the crankshaft has (from front to back) a timing chain gear, rotor "gear" read by...
  14. D

    93 22re wont crank over

    Hi guys my name is dan and im pretty new to this forum stuff but im stumped and dont know why my truck will not crank over..this truck ran great before i dismantled it to fix the rotted everything is almost done (mechanically)new battery,battery cables,new starter relay, pulled...
  15. matt80sc

    Front Crank seal keeps pushing out?

    Hello, I believe my front main crank seal keeps pushing out. I had a new one put in by one shop, months later, went to another shop and they said the seal pushed out, took it apart and put a new one in and now a month later I checked an oil leak and see the rubber seal again. Pretty sure your...
  16. mwebfj60

    Wanted  SOLD 2F Crank Nut

    Looking for the nut for the crank in front of the pulleys.
  17. RedmondCruiser

    Front crank shaft seal failure?

    Anyone have a Mr. T front crankshaft seal fail in less than two years? I've been running full synthetic the entire time...not sure if that matters...and it just started to leak in the last month. We did hit a cold spell around the same time. Last weekend I cleaned everything up an let it idle...
  18. Kaasdief

    Crank start?

    Hi Folks, the little slot above the bumper, below the radiator grille...what is it? I am hoping it is some form of crank start?
  19. FJ60BigLou

    Crank nut, starter bump, flywheel

    finally figured out how to hot wire the starter so it spins and the pinion pushes out! Going to try and loosen the crank nut on my 85 60 so I can put in a new front main seal. It's been a battle and I hope this does the trick! Quick question for the mud-gods: anyone ever do the starter bump and...
  20. CuCruiser

    For Sale  46MM Socket Williams SOLD

    Due to an ebay bidding error I ended up with two 46mm sockets. This is the size for the harmonic balancer/crank nut on the F/2F/?F etc. $20 takes it, that's less than what I paid. It's new old stock in the box. Nice made in USA tool. 3/4" drive.
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