1. S

    New with no Clue

    Good Morning All! I am new to the Toyota world. I have some Jeeps taking up space, but a friend needs a hand and he's got an 85 4x4 standard cab pickup. I was able to find a running 22r for him, but his G52 needs replacing too. They're impossible to find, but I have seen others for sale from...
  2. Navyator

    Seat Belt Compatibility Question

    Hi All, I have a question about compatibility of seat belts between years. I have a 1991 JDM with some questionable seat belts. My driver side belt is starting to fray and it is difficult to get the belt to lock by pulling on it. Basically it takes a lot of sharp pulls and it engages maybe...
  3. MauricioR

    1HZ and 1HD-T camshaft compatibility

    Hi guys, I am currently rebuilding my 1HDT motor and my camshaft had a bad wear (water or bad lubrication maybe), I decided to buy a used camshaft and then found that it had a light wear as well: My mechanic said its better to not take the risk. So I decided to get my money back and start...
  4. B

    +2010 FJ/4runner compatibility question

    Hey guys, I figure someone here will be able to give a quick answer to this... There's a great deal on a Icon stage 5 kit here locally for the +2010 4runner/FJ. All parts in the kit match with the 4th gen 4runner kit except the front coil-overs. What is the difference in the front shocks...
  5. P

    94' vs. 95' LC Accessory compatibility

    Hello all, I recently bought a 95' LC. I was searching the web and really like the "TOYOTA" front grill from 94' and older LC's. My LC also does not have the factory roof rack or sliders. I found a LC that is getting parted out and was wondering if the 94' sliders, roof rack, and front grill are...
  6. moodytico

    Compatibility question

    Hey Guys, I was just searching the other day and noticed that there are a lot more lift options for the FJ and 4runner than the GX. It is my understanding that all three are similar platforms. Following the same logic, would any suspension lift for the (similar year) for the 4 runner or...
  7. FixedIt

    Gauge Cluster - Gauge Compatibility

    Good evening! I have what I am now sure is an early gauge cluster (speedo to 100mph, gauges are in order of oil, temp, fuel, amm). Also, gauges have a "rounded bottom" vs. the new yr gauges. My temp gauge is not working, always pegged at H, and needs replacement. My question is, will the newer...
  8. logic2

    TXFER Case Question - Engine/tranny/txfer case compatibility for FJ55

    I have a running/driving 72 FJ55 with the original F motor and 3-speed tranny. I plan to continue using this drivetrain as long as I can (don't fix it if it ain't broke) but I have access to a very low mile 6.0 with a 4L80e Tranny and the NP246 Transfer Case to go with it. The new drivetrain is...
  9. YoungGuyOld40

    Right side windshield frame on a left side body?

    Hello y'all, I'm just now applying to the site after reading many forums that helped me with my tireless project of fixing up my 78'. So, I have been getting and ordering parts from other vendors and people of craigslist. And I found a windshield that is the same year as my vehicle. However, it...
  10. lisponger

    H55f to 12ht bell housing confirmation

    Just wanted to ask the community. Is the 2h bell housing with a h55f a direct mount to a 12ht? I have the auto in there now on my 89 hj61 but plan on towing this winter throughout the Rockies 8-11k ft passes on a very regular basis and need to have a bulletproof tranny.
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