charcoal canister

  1. aviafx

    Proper Aftermarket Charcoal Canister operation?

    Hey all, Replaced the OEM charcoal canister with an ACDelco 215-153 unit about a year ago (using this thread and this thread) due to tank over pressurization/ the "woosh" sound issue, (plus my canister was rusted out) which solved that problem. Been chasing a raw fuel smell on the passenger...
  2. 2001LX470KEN

    Vapor Canister: replacement hose

    Could anyone help me with a Toyota part number for this hose (with faint yellow band) that’s in front of the vapor canister on a 01 LX470? I noticed there’s a large crack in mine. I live in the Bay Area and the stealerships in my area have no clue. I’ve also tried a bunch of online oem sites...
  3. Helimancan

    Rertrofit 1978 2F with 1992 3VZE Evap System

    I currently am running a 2F with a Howell Efi conversion in place. I would like to Incorporate a simple evaporative emmissions system from a 1992 3VZE if possible. (Or a similar basic system) What do you think ? Can I simply install a Bimetal Vacuum Switching Valve (BVSV) in a location...
  4. NMC_EXP

    Charcoal Canister Operation?

    I have an '85 FJ60 with desmogged 2F. I believe my charcoal canister is causing problems. I will test it per the FSM. A search for charcoal canister pulls up several screens of good info. I'm trying to understand what inputs and outputs (vacuum and gasoline vapor?) flows in what direction...
  5. LostAfrican

    Charcoal Canister Replacement Option

    Our's is an 01, LX, with the charcoal canister in the engine bay (not in the back above the spare). This mod is definitely more applicable to those model years with charcoal canister in the front, though it could easily be adapted for the later years with the canister in the rear. I have an aux...
  6. rghouse

    Charcoal filter 3fe- autozone one doesn't fit

    Can Somebody please explain to me how you get a 5 inch diameter filter to fit in between brackets that are only 4 1/2 inch diameter? The AutoZone VC120 is too large to fit in the oem bracket (which also mounts the VCV). If someone can chime in here it would be much appreciated. I don't want to...
  7. wngrog

    Pig Specific Desmog and Charcoal Canister

    Lots of threads out there about desmog but I can not find my specific question with a title search. I'm sure it's covered but buried in other threads. If so please link here to help people searching :) My question. I've removed the smog garbage from the 1977 2F in my Parts-O-Pig project...
  8. Rockatansky

    1978 fj40 charcoal canister and vacuum help

    Hi everyone, I finally have a running Land Cruiser again. It's a long story involving a thrown rod and an engine swap (2f for 2f) but here I am. One thing that I have found that is different right now is that I have a terrible gas odor in the cab and eine compartment. I did some inspecting and...
  9. B

    FJ charcoal canister

    I posted in FJ section. My charcoal canister has a stuck valve. Don't want to spend $600-1k for a new plastic box filled with charcoal, let alone $200-300 for a used one. Any cheap fix or way of bypassing the system sensors and still pass emissions/not trigger CEL? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  10. B

    charcoal canister

    In Philly area. My charcoal canister has a stuck valve and is throwing CEL. I don't want to spend $600-$1k on a plastic box filled with charcoal, let alone $200-300 got a used one. Any way to fix existing canister of bypass it all and still pass emissions? Thanks in advance. 2012 FJ TT
  11. A

    Charcoal canister hookup

    I feel like I should have been able to find this out on my own but I'm a little stumped... I had to replace my charcoal canister with an ACDelco 215-153 since the check valve is completely glued in place. I understand that the bottom air line is made redundant with this setup so I can cap that...
  12. uscmas412

    For Sale  Used Charcoal Canister and intake extensions

    The charcoal canister was just removed with 164k on the clock. I assume the PO removed the intake pieces when he installed the snorkel. $20 each shipped.
  13. ifsmithy

    Free - old front calipers and charcoal canister

    am based in Newport Beach - they're going into recycling/trash this weekend. Yours if you want them! Local pickup only!
  14. beachboyy

    Charcoal Canister Issues

    So I have been smelling fuel the last couple mornings. I have also noticed my mpg dropped down quite a bit. Take a couple more cranks to fire than normal. One other symptom was I popped the gas cap and there was a significant vacuum. So all signs pointed toward my charcoal canister. I pulled...
  15. Surftruck

    FJ62 Fuel Smell in cabin after sitting...any ideas?

    So I am having what appears to be a pretty common issue with my FJ62. When the truck is parked a fuel odor builds up in the cabin. I cant seem to find the source. Whats interesting is, as soon as I start it, whether I drive anywhere or not, the smell clears out. I pulled the passenger side...
  16. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  Charcoal Canister & Exhaust Manifold Heat Insulators (SOLD)

    Buyer pays shipping from zip code, 20912 on the following: $20 for each part pictured: Charcoal Canister (SOLD) Exhaust Manifold Heat Insulator w/Air Cleaner port (SOLD) Exhaust Manifold Heat Insulator
  17. TNFJ80

    Check VSC System Error - Fuel in Charcoal Canister

    I have been unable to locate a good thread on this subject so I'm going to start a new one. The problem: After my wife "accidentally" overfilled her 2008 LC last month (10 gallons in, 40 on the ground when the auto shut off nozzle malfunctioned) we have been getting all sorts of warning...
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