1975 FJ40 Charcoal Canister Location HELP

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Oct 20, 2016
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Hey All

I have a 1975 FJ40 (left-hand drive) and I'm getting close to the finish line of a long resto. At the moment I'm reconnecting the charcoal canister/evap system. It's been so long since I took everything apart that I can't recall where/how the canister mounts under the hood. I have an owners manual schematic that seems to show it on the drivers side, but it seems counter-intuitive and I can't seem to find any photos online or an obvious spot where it would mount I'm also curious if it has an additional bracket that's needed for mounted, other than the one that's a part of the canister itself (seems like the '78's have a bracket from a couple photos I found)

If anyone has a '75 40 and is able to snap a photo of the location, or just pass along any info at all that would be a big help.

My '76MY (9/75) had it on the passenger fender liner...not a great photo, but there should be two holes for the strap bracket if the '75 has it there.

It's possible the 75MY has it elsewhere, but not sure.

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 4.14.40 PM.png
Just direct to the inner fender via the horseshoe bracket - I don't recall if there's captive nuts or if it was through-bolts for OEM. I used non-OEM replacement fenders for my resto', and they seemed to be for newer years...I had to drill holes in that spot and just used stainless bolts.
Sorry just caught that you mentioned the fender. Thanks again. I think the fact that it is on an angle might have solved this. I used aftermarket fenders as well and they have reinforcement in that spot, so that seems right. It just didn't seem right since it didn't sit vertically so this helps.
Yup...I think I ended up slanting it a bit as well. I want to say there was one hole that was usable and I drilled a second.

My hunch was the aftermarket fenders are for a newer model as far as holes and brackets go, but minor twiddling.

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