1. J

    SOLD  Queens, NY : FJ40/FJ60 Webber Carburetor Conversion Kit

    I purchased a Webber Carb Conversion Kit and am no longer going to install. It is complete with the linkage cable and an electric inline fuel pump. I am located in Long Island City, Queens and can deliver if a reasonable distance. I have pasted links of each item from TPI's website. These items...
  2. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  D40 Carb

    Good running d40 single barrel carb. Pulled it off to put an original sd40 back on my 45. 200 obo
  3. D

    Rebuild, replace parts, or buy new(aftermarket) carb...?

    Hey everyone, my desmogged '87 FJ60 developed a leak in the Holley carb, appears to be coming from the accelerator pump and/or below the float bowl area. I was thinking these are my options; 1. having someone rebuild the whole thing but I live in Hawai'i and I haven't been able to find anyone...
  4. Rookie Wrench

    Help validating carb and strategy - 9/69 FJ40

    Hi folks, As I work through some idle and power issues, I’m looking at the carb more closely. Fair warning - I am a complete novice and learning as I go! I upgraded to an electronic ignition and replaced the coil. I have better power, and can idle more smoothly, but I think I am getting...
  5. houstonfj40

    1976 2F carb question

    So I have a 76 where the carb has the return fuel line. I have now desmogged the truck and the carb needs rebuilt. I have one of the good CityRacer carbs I can put on the truck. I/we assume that the return line can just be plugged? CityRacer carb only has the fuel line in. I know, Sniper, but...
  6. R

    Extended Range Fuel Tank, California CARB Legal?

    Does anyone know of a larger capacity replacement or transfer fuel tank that is California CARB legal and fits the 100 series? Follow up question- Has anyone ever failed an inspection due to a non-CARB legal fuel tank in California?
  7. C

    For Sale  Austin TX, 1983 FJ60 2F motor, running when pulled for 350 swap

    1983 FJ60 2F (carb) Motor, plus take off bits for sale. Located in Kyle, TX. I would prefer local pickup vs shipping, but will work with a serious buyer. Nothing wrong with the motor as far as I can tell, have video of it running in place. 190K miles. Unknown history on the motor, I would...
  8. B

    Carb not getting gas!!

    Hey everyone! We have a 1985 FJ60, not in great condition but when it starts it runs very well. Every time we turn it off, it has a very hard time starting if it starts at all. It seems as if the carb is not getting gas (or enough gas) in order for the engine to fire. We recently replaced the...
  9. BigBlackCruiser

    FJ40 Uk Carburetor

    Hi all, I’m looking for a rebuild kit or even a new carb for my 83’ FJ40 but am having little luck. I’m well aware of Trollhole etc and carbs for sale across the world but does anyone have a source closer to home (the UK). I also stumbled across a load of Czech carbs on eBay running from...
  10. taylorhayis

    More Starting Issues on the 62 Series

    Hey guys, So I've replaced the starter last week - big difference having a starter that fully engages the flywheel, a pleasure to start. But since then - have had a few new issues come up - coincidence or causality I'm not sure! 1. The key doesnt engage the starter half the time - but the...
  11. mrjordann

    I need a new carburetor for my rebuilt F engine.

    Hi folks! I recently finished a full rebuild of my original 5/73 F engine. It was running very badly, and leaking so much oil that I was paying as much (or more) for oil than I was gas. Not fun. Long story short, it doesn't feel like it has any more power than it did before. I believe that my...
  12. socaloffroad

    For Sale  1963-1964 Original 1 Barrel Carb

    this is the info that one of the members here shared with me, I have no clue what its worth, but if you make me a fair offer you can take it off my hands, maybe some guys can help me to know whats a fair asking price? not trying to get rich guys, trying to clear out my garage and help some...
  13. MAK1

    1978 federal Aisan carburetor connections

    Hello Friends, I wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right direction here. I dont have a FSM and didnt see a pdf version for my year on the site. I'm trying to identify all of the connections on my carb. I have numbered them in the photos. Could someone tell me where I can get a...
  14. sigorama

    For Sale  Various FJ40 Carbs

    I have a variety of FJ40 carburetors for sale. See pics here: FJ Carbs - Google Drive PM or email me at
  15. DougAustinTx

    Repair of '79 - '80 carb cooler fan controller circuit board

    My '79 40 didn't have the blower for the carb when I got it about 6 years ago. Until recently I was ignoring my hard-starts after the engine was warm and then sat for a while. I started reading the LONG threads about guys on MUD getting their carb coolers working and having much success with...
  16. Mandrew

    Carb issue after reinstalling (California type)

    *edit* I forgot to mention that this is a 1985 FJ60 I just recently cleaned out my carb thanks to the wonderful videos by Pinhead on YouTube. My truck was not passing smog, and after a mechanic refused to work on my carb until I took care of any potential vacuum issues, I am low on funds for...
  17. J

    FJ40 EGR to carb soft hose

    What type of hose should be used between EGR valve and carb(see yellow cap below)? Vacuum, fuel, etc. It appears to be around 5/8 diameter. Vehicle is 5/1977 FJ40. Original hose appears to be NLA. Thanks! Jeff
  18. J

    FJ 60 distributor and carb upgrade

    HEllo, Pretty new here. Have an 84 fj 60 that was desmogged by po. Has a holley carb. Nice little rig. 300k on it but pretty clean. Anyway, am looking at some possible upgrades for performance/ fuel economy. Not a mudder. Just a daily driver. Any thoughts as to brands , models etc would be...
  19. houstonfj40

    Quick carb question-slow idle cut off 2f

    Looking at a rebuild on carb, want to run truck while that’s being done, and have a back up. Looking at the CityRacer non US OEM and other aftermarket. For. Desmogged application. The others don’t have the Slow Idle cut off. Is it internally or is this something I don’t need in desmogged...
  20. blbuck12

    SOLD  Trollhole Carb

    trollhole carb, I got it off the classifieds here and used while I rebuilt and troubleshot my stock carb. $120 + shipping
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