1. TundraTex

    40 Rear Axle Seal and Bearing Compatibility

    I've looked all over and haven't been able to find anything conclusive, so I thought I would just make a post to ask the question and establish a concrete answer. When I look online at rear axle seals and bearings they appear to be split into pre-73 and post-73 packages. Reading online the...
  2. JoostJacobs

    BJ73 Pinion bearing

    Hi guys, Does anybody can tell me the Size of the inner and outer pinion bearing and oil seal of a bj73 fullfloater rear diff? Thnx a lot for your help! Grz from holland
  3. 94lc80series

    Front Axle Rebuild

    Noticed some sludge coming from the wheel nuts a few days ago. Thinking I have a bad inner axle seal. Here's the writeup from a local shop: "Your front diff fluid is contaminated with knuckle grease due to the bad inner axle seals and has turned into a nasty mud. It is going to require...
  4. Infinity00

    Steering shaft parts came in (pics)...rocking bearing?

    Parts guy Shawn down where Cdan used to work, did a great job getting me hooked up with parts. One thing I always liked about Dan (and was willing to spend shipping on) was that I always got the right parts and I didn't have to know everything, unlike at my local dealer. The techie part: I had...
  5. C

    H55f input shaft play/ bearing removal

    Hi Guys I've just pulled my 2h out of the the 45 and almost ready to drop the 12ht in. I noticed I have a bit of play on the input shaft, both front to back and side to side. Just wondering how much is too much? does it rely on the spigot bearing? Also is the front bearing on the input shaft...
  6. S

    throw out bearing question...Confused??

    I have a aug 71 fj55 that I am doing transmission work. what I think is the original engine and a 3 speed are in it. I changed the clutch and drove it for a while. Im having to change out the throwout bearing and when I have ordered parts for cruiser vendors and i keep getting a small bearing...
  7. pinkiedog64

    2F Thrust Bearing Width

    Reassembling my 2F and went to install freshly machined crank tonight and crank hung up on thrust bearing (#3). New crank is from a '79 2F and is .030" over. Old crank was .020" over. Block is 11/75. I bought .030" main bearings from SOR that are for 9/73-10/84. Old thrust bearings (upper...
  8. BGlynn19

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    After pulling my rear axles on my 1974 FJ40 I can not figure out on how to replace the actual bearings. There appears to be a race holding the bearing in place but after doing some research it would appear that this is not a removable race and is built into the axle housing. Also, with the kit...
  9. EasternYeti

    Input Shaft Bearing - Shop recommendations

    I have a H55 with 30k miles that decided to eat an Input Shaft Bearing this week...incredibly irritating Given that situation, does anyone recommend a place to change the bearing in the Boston area? I'm in Franklin (close to Gillette stadium) but I commute for work Looking for a place that...
  10. Box Rocket

    Pinion Bearing wobble

    Last night while doing all my Pre-Cruise Moab checks on my truck I noticed a very slight amount of up/down movement at the pinion flange on my front diff. The diff has 4.88 Nitro gears and install kits from @justdifferentials that were installed just last summer, so I'm a little surprised to...
  11. B

    Pilot Bearing

    LCers, Getting close to putting the motor back in. Been traveling for the last year and been limited to the amount of time I can devote to my LC. Clutch is in and of course used the alignment tool,and the pressure plate is oriented correctly to the flywheel. The Pilot bearing is sort of...
  12. mtkreitz

    Mirror Ball Bearing Size

    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the (3) ball bearings that are used in the base of the side view mirrors? Mine came apart while driving and all (3) ball bearings went with it. I want to avoid taking apart my passenger side mirror to find out what size they are. If anyone knows the size...
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