1. thorkea

    Wanted  E Locker 9.5”

    Hi, anyone selling a elocker for a 9.5” Land Cruiser axle? Im in California thanks!
  2. theglobb

    Semi-Float Rear Axle Rebuild Questions

    My rear axle oil seals are shot leaking a bunch of diff fluid all over my drums, I have received the kit to do the seals and bearings just one question. Do I have to go inside the rear diff and undo a C-Clip to take the rear axles out or is that just in 40s and 55s? Sorry if this has already...
  3. Granite

    For Sale  1976 FJ40 Rear axle complete, Grizzly locker and disc brakes

    Complete rear axle assembly with disc brake conversion. Rebuilt in 2012 with entire 3rd member assembly ordered from Randys which included Grizzly locker and 5.29 ring and pinion. Stainless steel brake lines. Less than a 1,000 miles on rear. Driven approximately 100 miles a year. No issues...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  SoCal: Complete 91 FJ80 Rear Axle (9.5") drum to drum with 4.10, non locker or just 3rd membe

    NO SHIPPING REAR Axle Complete Semi Float with 9" Pumpkin, Drum Brakes $175 firm if you pull it, add $40 and I will pull it. Coil springs are included. Third Member only, $150 if you remove it. I won't. Rear axle is in car, 4 bolts and 2 shocks holding it on now, driveshaft is off. Car is...
  5. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale  1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 Rear Axle Laughlin Nevada

    1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 Rear Axle Rear Axle from a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series. good condition with no issues. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks Located in Laughlin Nevada. $400 OBO open to trades. *Shocks, Coils and Arms not available*
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - FJ80 Axle and Front End Parts

    Complete Front Axle Housing for non locker 91-97 $135 Front Axle housing for locker - seal leaks, slight bend $125 Axle Shafts - Both Sides Driver Knuckle ABS also Driver Knuckle Non ABS Passenger Knuckle ABS also Passenger Knuckle NON ABS Steering arms One Birfield Spindles Hubs Misc...
  7. Thepew

    LX 570 Front and Rear Axle Off Center

    Hello everyone! Recently got brake upgrades on a 2018 LX 570 which requires wheel spacers to fit the OE rear wheels back on. After I got the wheels back on I realize the passenger (right side) is poking out around 17mm more than the driver (left side). I did a quick measurement on the front and...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - Knuckles for FJ80, Spindles, hubs, shafts, etc

    FJ80 with ABS Knuckles $125 driver side, $75 passenger side. FJ80 without ABS Knuckles $125 Driver Side, $75 passenger side Steering Arms, etc. FJ80 Spindles, Hubs and axle shafts. 4.10 Ring and Pinion NO THIRD MEMBERS, NO AXLE HOUSINGS All parts can be shipped in USPS flat rate boxes except...
  9. S

    Wanted  FJ60 knuckle to hub

    Hi, I’m looking to convert my non-US spec FJ43 from drum to disc brakes. In search of a front pair of FJ60 (knuckles to hub). Please let me know if you are interested in selling. Thanks
  10. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  WANTED---FF 60 Axle

    As the title says looking for a Full Float Rear OEM 60 axle. If anybody has a line on one let me know. Thanks
  11. JoseR

    Install lx450 axle in hzj78, some problems

    Hi partners. I am installing the lx450 shaft in the lc78 chassis. But the front side control bar has little problem. LC80 (805mm) and LC78 (860mm) rods are too short. The actual measurement I need is approximately 930mm. Anyone know the length of the adjustable Panhard bar (max / min), not shown...
  12. Northlandmatt

    Time for a new CV?

    Hey Mud, I finally had some time today to get under the truck and think I have pinpointed my "clunk" caused by going over small bumps and cracks. After poking and prodding around I discovered that there is a substantial amount of "in and out" lateral movement where my passenger side axle meets...
  13. B

    Axleless Tandem Option

    I've been considering an axleless independent suspension option for my semi-trailer in order to help with bounce from chuck holes and free up some space for tires with a wider width. This would be for a tandem wheel application. I found an option from Stance- STANCE | Low-Floor Axleless...

    For Sale  Nor Cal. Locking front axle and rear third member. $2000

    Asking $2000 OBO I’ve been holding onto these for about a year trying to find a project for them, but I need the space. They’re out of a 95 that had 154k on the clock. I picked them up at a junk yard and rear axle had a slight bend, so it’s gone. The fronts all there, I wire wheeled the...
  15. phantomkhan

    Help Axle swap Kzj78 70 Series Prado

    Hello everyone, I want to modify my Prado for aesthetic purposes. It is the 70 series kzj78-wide Prado with the flares. As you know that the prado's front and rear axle widths are different and that they are both narrow to allow the tyres to be flush with the fender (flares). I wish to change...
  16. R

    1967 4 inch leaf spring with a spring over

    Hi new to the forum. Had my 1967 fj40 for about 20 years or more kept stock besides paint a tires just 31” BFG. Now with looking at lifting it will a new motor, roll cage, doing it more for around town and the trails. So was looking for any one who has done a spring over lift and what problems...
  17. BigBlackCruiser

    Differential ratios Fj vs Bj

    Hi, so I now own an ‘84 FJ40 (from Brunei) and an ‘82 BJ42 (from France). The French car is being used as a donor vehicle. I was just wondering what the ratios are on the front axle? I’m hoping they’re the same so I can swap them. Cheers guys
  18. FranzFJ80

    Axle/Birf/Flange Question for 1992 FJ80

    Hey all, I'm in the thick of a front axle job and wondered if you could help. I have a 1992 FJ80. I was working on the passenger side with my buddy yesterday, and he got a little rough trying to seat the new birf in the old axle shaft. Now the end of the axle shaft is gouged and won't even go...
  19. R

    Inner Knuckle Damage, Salvageable?

    Howdy all, A while back I had a ds birfield failure out on an adventure that ended with me limping the vehicle home. I was in a position where having a local mechanic rebuild the corner for me was my only recourse, so I purchased a new birf, seals, etc and had a 'fixed' vehicle back in my...
  20. Plantman

    Weird axle swap

    ‘Mud, I have a 1977 FJ40 and I have axles from a 1993 FZJ80. I plan to swap the 80 axles under the 40. I want to go SUA, yes SUA not SOA. I plan getting custom made Alcan Springs. What problems could I run into? Complications with brakes, e-locker wiring, different driveshaft flanges, etc...
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