1. just differentials

    Why Re-Gear? What's the big dealio?

    Why Do We Regear Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, & SUV's? Watch the video as we explain some of the mystery & give you an inside look at the theory behind why this modification is so important if your vehicle is sporting aftermarket equipment. *** Be Sure To Like & Subscribe! *** The most important...
  2. Crinkler

    Wanted Wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing

    wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing or complete.
  3. TomOsborne

    Front axle play/movement in park on jack stands

    Hey guys it's been awhile. Read everyday but have learned enough to not ask stupid questions and figure things out for myself, for the most part. BUT I'd like to run something by yall if you would be so gracious. Taking a fairly regular trip tomorrow- couple hundred miles each way. About 2k...
  4. S

    SOLD $800 FJ80 Hellfire Knuckles BRAND NEW

    Brand new pair of Hellfire knuckles for a FJ80 front axle. Link to same product: FJ80 Knuckle Kit Hellfire Fabworks Taken out of box but never installed or mocked up. Bought them and then decided to run fabricated axles. $800+ shipping.
  5. B1oodyBuzzard

    Wanted REAR 10x37 Third Member

    I'm in need of a third member for my 1980 FJ40. My current gear is 10x37. below is the thread from the 40 page I made. I am located in south Mississippi but I have friends all over so I may be able to arrange local pick up otherwise I will need to ship. I would also love an inspection cover...
  6. jpoole

    For Sale FZJ80 Front Axle Housing, unlocked, Chattanooga TN

    Later FZJ80, straight and solid unlocked axle housing available. Can include knuckles, relay rod and a few other bits and pieces still on the housing. Does not include shafts or birfields. Have third with carrier but without ring and pinion. Ideally can sell this to a local to avoid the...
  7. RedComet

    1992 FJ80 Birfield and Axle Questions

    Hi guys, long story short, I had a major failure of my brake hardlines this past weekend driving to a camping trip. Lots of smoke from the caliper area. After we towed the truck home we started tearing apart the knuckles to change the seals and overhaul everything, (I had noticed my seals were...
  8. S

    FREE Complete Front Axle FJ40

    I have a complete front axle out of my 1966 FJ40. It's all there and everything is moving freely. Should be usable as is but will need brakes. It would be good for parts too or a restoration or a SOA conversion. I'm located in Washington State. Come and get it, no shipping, local pick up...
  9. Bardiya

    Got diff vibration and whine? Spoiler: it’s your pinion gear

    01’ FZJ100 4.30 Ratio Rear Diff 320,000Km Shop says it’s happened because of an outer axle bearing ‍failure
  10. J

    SOLD HZJ75 Front Axle

    I have an HJ75 front axle for sale for $500. I am told it will also work on an FJ40. It is much thicker than the stock front axle on an FJ40. It is off a Canadian Mine Rig. Am in Portland Oregon USA.
  11. ChiroFJ

    Longfield front axle shaft / birfield won't come out

    I have the driver front on a '78 FJ40 front axle tore down to the inner knuckle. I am unable to get the Longfield axle out. I've lined up the flat spots and everything but the trunion races have been removed, but it won't come out. It looks and feels as it's getting stuck in the inner knuckle...
  12. ChiroFJ

    Knuckle Stud - larger size needed

    I previously updated the upper knuckle studs on my '78 FJ40 axle to Magnum ARP HD Knuckle Stud (140171-1-KIT); which are M12. I also added a 5th larger bolt. Sadly I managed to strip the knuckle from most of these and now need another repair. I'm running high steer arms. Does anyone know...
  13. Kilgore

    '76 Rear Axle too Far To Passenger Side

    My 1976 FJ40 seems to drive fine, but Ive always been curious about the rear axle. When you look at the body above the rear tires, the passenger rear tire is flush with the body, but the drivers side is at least 2" inset of the drivers side fender. Im looking into doing a real alignment this...
  14. B

    Knuckle rebuild + upgrade questions

    Planning a knuckle rebuild on my 60 and am considering upgrading the birfield joints and possibly axles during the rebuild since I’ll already be in there. Unfortunately I’ll have to make this decision in advance as I’ll have to complete the rebuild in a maximum of four days. I’ve been toying...
  15. Bluetribal

    Axle - Gears - Lockers GX470 Upgrade Thread

    Most info I have come across searching for rear axle upgrades, re-gearing, & lockers is located in build threads and it's difficult to piece it all together. So I would like to make this a comprehensive thread with all the info you could need in one location. In this thread I would like to...
  16. E

    Drive an FJ60 without front axle?

    Hey all, I'm in the process of rebuilding the knuckles on my '85 FJ60. I've got everything apart right now, but while separating the birfield joint from the axle, the snap ring that keeps them together, well...snapped. I apparently didn't do enough research to know this was common so I...
  17. DailyTLC

    Wanted FZJ80 Birfields, etc PORTLAND, OR

    Newbie FZJ80 owner gearing up for a Birfield job. If you've got any bearing race drivers, seal pullers, extra OEM birfields, or other extras you don't need any more, let me know. I recognize this stuff is standard maintenance equipment that committed FJ owners keep on hand....just throwing out...
  18. F

    Frame off order of operations

    What is the "order of operations" one should do to take apart a 1983 FJ60 for some major overhaul work ? I see the "major" jobs, the details of which I can search for in other threads, as : 1) removal of engine/tranny/front end 2) removal of axles 3) removal of frame from body If there are some...
  19. just differentials

    Dana 30 & 44 Nitro Jeep JK Front Axle Tube Sleeve Kit (Pair) - IN STOCK

    Many Jeep owners have experienced problems with bending their front axle housings on both the Dana 30 & 44 Model. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for someone to actually bend axle tubes, even in light to moderate off-road situations. The Solution: A Nitro Axle Tube Sleeve Kit. Fits: 2007 &...
  20. DirtScaresMe

    RTH - tightening the wheel bearings

    So I was going down a mountain hill the other day and when hitting the brakes noticed a pretty decent wobble. Also, when turning sometimes I've heard/felt a slight click/thunk. I did a knuckle job on my driver's side last year. I jacked the wheel up, and got some wiggle when flexing with my...
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