1. Kabanstva

    Are any of you daily driving their 80-Series?

    How many people are daily driving their 80-Series? Was curious if all you guys have other vehicles that are easier on gas, smaller, etc. for daily commute to work and shopping and what not? Are these "toy/project" vehicles for most people on here or do some use them on a daily basis? Are OEM...
  2. DocuDude

    Ok, LC 100's are tough to find. How hard is it, to make a 470 have Toyota LC badges?

    I'm a Toyota man Not a Lexus But there are many more 470's to choose from Has anyone else changed the badges in the rear and the front grille so that to the casual observer, they would think I am a Toyota Landcruiser and not a foo-foo Lexus
  3. RFB

    Birfields are on thier way, I need to ask.

    What tools will I need to complete this (both sides) I want to hit this running and get her back on 4 wheels asap. So what will I need to start to finish the birfs. Ive built Bikes Jeeps and houses, So I have to ask. Thanks In advance.
  4. Matt1260

    How Cruiser smart are you... name this part!

    Identify this part...
  5. Marleyws

    Wheel cylinders are different sizes fj40

    Rebuilding my wheel cylinders. Long story short I had to grab one from my 71 parts 40 to use on my 70 build. On the exterior they are the same size and look the same. The bore and pistons are different sizes. Will it matter? Will it screw up the stopping power and make it uneven?
  6. NYIronPig

    eBay  Prices are getting CRAZY!

    1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 This is going to sell today for $40K, and when you look at the posted pic you will just shake your head... 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Slideshow by davem410 Sure do feel good about my rig today!

    Phantom activity when Trailer lights are hooked up

    I have an 2003 LX470, which has the factory 7-pin trailer light adapter. I extended these lines when I installed the frame mounted hitch. I also installed a P3 brake controller into the factory harness. When I hook up my trailer, everything works perfectly, (lights, brakes, etc). However...
  8. Randy88FJ62

    Brake Fluid. DOT 4 ok? And why are certain brands better?

    Swapped in a new FZJ80 FF axle with new brake lines and I'll be flushing brake system soon. I read up on DOT3 and DOT 4 brake fluid. It seems DOT 4 has a better boiling point and wet boiling point. I assume DOT 4 is ok to run in our trucks or is the slight chemical composition difference a...
  9. K

    OME springs installed and they are B/B

    ...and a week later the drivers side is noticeably lower.. Is this a case where they put the wrong spring in, or I should have done more research? The shop did all the ordering of the "parts I need" and installed them.
  10. S

    What brake bleader are you using?

    This isnt about the process, thats been covered, this is about what tool you are using. Most of my l my life, like many, i have used the friend pumping the break method but I am at a age where myself and all my friends have very young kids so its not that easy to get a helper. Do you guys like...
  11. NYIronPig

    What Flood and/or Spot Lights are on your FJ40?

    Looking to get a set of LED Flood and/or spot lights for my FJ40. Would love to know what people are using, how they like and any pics to show how they look. Also open to buying any that you might have and are not using.
  12. OlyWaFJ

    It's 2017, are there any front bumpers left for the 80?

    All I'm finding available is the Slee short bus, ARB Bull Bar or some look-a-like variant and ugly (functional only) tube bumpers. Is that it? I've never learned to weld so build your own kit bumpers like what NWTI produces won't work. Any suggestions?
  13. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    Nothing new here, just wheel spacers. That being said I just had to show these off to anybody who hasn't seen spacers from BORA. I originally bought a set of 4 wheel centric spacers that were really nice, but despite the claim that they fit my '99 LX, the fronts wouldn't clear the drive...
  14. C

    Knuckle threads stripped please help

    I have a couple of stripped holes on my right knuckle. I was going to bump the stud up a size, but the more I think about, I'd rather find another knuckle. Anyone know where I can source a used one?? Thx in advance.
  15. G

    Are these used Super Swampers worth pursuing?

    I've been eyeing this nice Japanese truck with Super Swampers lately: Akihito Chano (@chabohouse62v) • Instagram photos and videos And these 285/75/16 tires popped up locally: 285/75/16 super swampers irok nd with rims and hub caps Wheels are cheap Jegs Baja 8 steelies that should be 16x8 with...
  16. rustybucket

    Which early 2000s are most reliable ?

    I have never worked on or owned a tacoma. I have been tossing up the idea of owning a Tacoma. I install networks. So that can require caring a ladder, part supplies and so on. I do not want a stick shift because traffic in Seattle is hell meaning...lots of shifting doing 15 mph on I-5. How...
  17. S

    Second set of Fj62 Spider Gears are toast!

    I have a 1988 Fj62 with a 5.3 Vortec, H55 5-spd, CCOT 3" lift and 35" tires on it. It's my daily driver and I drive at least 20 miles per day on the highway. I just ate through my second set of rear spider gears. What is my best option here?
  18. HomersCanyonero

    Why are my tires spinning when off-road?

    i took the Berdoo Canyon Road into Joshua Tree National Park going uphill when everyone else got the memo to go downhill. I got crazy looks from a hummer tour operator and a few jeeps coming downhill. I made it into Joshua Tree but my tires were spinning too much in a couple of sections in...
  19. half k cruiser

    How much toe in are you running

    I am wondering how much toe in the folks on here are running. I have 315's and 75mm lift. The truck seems to be tracking straight, but it follows the road readily. I am going to check my settings tomorrow with the technique @Tools R Us describes in the FAQ. I thought while I'm in there if the...
  20. rideglobally

    what diesel hose/line are you using?

    changing some of my fuel hose in preparation for a trip. curious what diesel fuel hose/line are you using? i googled i know there are many option, what do you think work best. i need a 5/16 hose. thx
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