1. Leblet

    OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts Discrepancies

    Hi all, I would like to start a thread on people's experiences swapping aftermarket parts out with OEM. I am a parts interpreter that works in a tractor dealership and I am always interested in the differences between parts. Often aftermarket parts are generalised and made to suit a wide variety...
  2. C

    Replacement Headlight Assembly, non OEM

    Hi, has anyone had any luck with replacing their headlights with something like this?
  3. ProFitMudFlaps6.jpg


    Supposed to fit FJ60
  4. KOTN

    Aftermarket Air Box

    Hi All, My first post as I've just joined this forum after purchasing my first ever Toyota (what have I been waiting for all these years ;-) Anyways I'm hoping anyone can point in the direction of which aftermarket airbox for 2017 LC200? I'm based in Western Australia so hopefully a local...
  5. JPClx470

    offroad bumper suggestions

    Hi all! I drive an '04 LX. I hit a deer and just received my insurance quote. I'd like to take the opportunity to purchase an off-road bumper. I have $1,091.00 so long as the install is under 4 hours. I've looked around online, but have no idea what I am doing. I found the "Ironman 100...
  6. 9

    For Sale  1999 Toyota Land Cruiser - Lots of After Market Additions! $7000

    Selling my 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD V8. The car has been kept in great condition and has lots of after-market additions. It has a repainted exterior and interior has been redone with new leather. 270k miles. It has a 4.7 L V8 engine that runs great. Some of the stock features include power...
  7. mrjordann

    What kind of hard top is this??

    Hi. We all know about the "FJ Company"? I was on their website looking at the before-pictures of their restorations. I found [this one], and the top caught my eye. This couldn't have been a factory top. It's got a third brake light and everything. It is super cool in a weird way. Anybody know...
  8. screenflicker

    Another aftermarket stereo thread (Seicane)

    Took my first long distance drive in my 2013 LC last week and it performed wonderfully after I figured out a few of the quirks. One of which is the stereo system. I've seen a couple threads here about people thinking about or looking at some of the "Tesla" style stereos. I don't recall any of...
  9. mgsmith125

    Wanted  Skid plate for transmission (OEM ripped and hanging off)

    2006 Landcruiser I need an "intermediate" skid plate that covers the transmission. Mine has a clean cut on the back which has it hanging down and looks awful. The slee cover requires that you buy the belly cover which adds another couple hundred to the purchase. Im open to anything and...
  10. mgsmith125

    New Owner DIY Questions (2006 LC with 110K miles)

    Hey All, I just bought a 2006 Land Cruiser with about 110K miles on it. The maintenance records were pretty good with no major issues as far as I saw. I deleted the ACH myself and replaced with 1.5" OME medium kit, new 33" Goodyear wrangler Trailrunners, brake pads, rotors. I have a couple...
  11. sunrk

    Steering dampers - OEM or aftermarket and why - std type or RTC and why

    I currently have a Dobinsons (Australian brand) standard (non-RTC) steering damper. It's been on the vehicle for almost 8 yrs. Some time back a person said to get a RTC type damper (one of those ones with an external spring) but 'dial' the spring control back to zero. I don't fully understand...
  12. lahunter

    Complete front and rear light Assembly for 99 100 series

    Hello All, My question is who has purchased a complete assembly for their headlight/tail light upgrade, how do you like it, and what is the name of the company you purchased it from. i am looking for plug and play kits that fit factory. and yes.....I have searched the forums for over an hour...
  13. Zach R

    2004 Tundra Headlight Struggle

    Hey guys, i have a 2004 Double Cab Tundra and i was looking for some aftermarket headlights but couldn't find any that fit this year and model truck. anyone else had any luck or have any suggestions?
  14. S

    Factory Navigation Upgrades

    If you are my age or have kids my age you know good and well that my generation likes to hook our pretty iPhones up to Bluetooth and play our godly rap music. My senior year of high school ole dad left me no choice but to sell my 2000 Land Cruiser when I hit 300,000 miles, but I didn't let my...
  15. GLSisk

    Wanted  Old style Smittybilt Rollbar Dallas, Texas

    I am looking to buy one of the aftermarket roll bars Smmittybilt used to make. Text 972-567-5706. Thanks, GS
  16. ranma21

    Toyota Brake fluid or aftermarket fluid

    This may be a stupid question, but is there any difference between Toyota brake fluid compare to regular dot 3 brake fluid made by say Preston, valvoline synthetic brake fluid or other's make brake fluid? I am not concern with the fancy higher boiling point brake fluid as I am not going to race...
  17. JLH911

    Aftermarket horn?

    Tried searching, but didn't come up with anything. The stock horns on my LX450 is just plain wimpy. Here I am driving this soon to be lifted monster and I need something that matches what it will look like. Anyone have any aftermarket horns they've used that sound better? TIA
  18. mrjordann

    Where do you get replacement parts for your FJ?

    I bought a 95% original FJ40, and I'd like to keep it nearly original. Although, there are some things that I need to replace. I'd like the truck to be decent and enjoyable. Where do you guys find replacement parts? I'd like Toyota OEM, but I am fine with aftermarket parts if they look original...
  19. RND1

    OEM or aftermarket center muffler?

    The center muffler on my '03 is in need of replacement. My go to online store is $460 shipped. The local custom muffler shop quoted $160 for steel and $220 for stainless. I generally go with OEM as I'm usually saving $$ on labor by DIY'ing, but not sure in this case - is the OEM part worth...
  20. BAJA FJ40

    Headlight Sizing/Mounting (6.5" OEM & Aftermarket 7")

    Both my OEM headlights are cracked, so during my rewire I'm opting to upgrade a little. As most of you are aware, there are multiple options to choose from, however the question I have is how our most customers/owners mounting these newer 7" diameter aftermarket headlight units into the 6.5"...
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