1. TNT Tank

    A343f to 5.9 cummins adapter plate

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to do a cummins swap on my 1997 Land cruiser and I was wondering where I could a find an adapter plate for the A343f trans to the 5.9 Cummins. If you have any information please let me know!! Thanks, Trenton
  2. OJLandy

    Holley Sniper 2bbl or Sniper "Jeep CJ" BBD?

    Looking to upgrade to EFI for my 2f over the summer and need some help to make an educated decision on a holley setup. I want the benefits of self learning and having a DRO to see whats happening with my poor 2f; plus the ease of installation and lower cost of the sniper setup has me leaning...
  3. lucky 13

    For Sale  AA TH350 to Atlas adapter

    Advanced Adapters Th350 Adapter AS-6800 located in Aledo Tx $150
  4. Rusty 72

    SOLD  Chevy engine conversion parts

    Well my new F.5 engine ate the rear main bearings. It ran about 1 minute. Now I am looking for all the parts to install a 350 chevy.
  5. D

    For Sale  SOLD! Advance adapter outside frame rail headers. $150 O.B.O. Located in Poquoson, VA

    Advance adapter outside frame rail headers P/N 717006-HDR, never installed, slight surface rust, no dents. $150 O.B.O. plus shipping. Located in Poquoson, VA 23662. PaulC
  6. Aussiemike

    Oil Filter sandwich plate adapter

    Trying all over to buy the above for my cruiser but having big problems. Decided to fabricate one here in Kenya. Can anyone point me to a diagram for the oil flow that I can give to one of the engineers here? Cheers Mike
  7. stainless 40/45

    Wanted  sm420 and adapter plate to 4 speed bellhousing

    Looking for a good sm420 and adapter plate to 4 speed bellhousing Thanks James 631 873 6912
  8. Loober

    For Sale  Plazmaman 1HZ/1HDT intake adapter - $120

    Hello, I have this adapter for sale, bought it for an upcoming intercooler setup, but decided to go a different route. Bought this last month for 180 USD shipped, selling for 120 USD shipped, save yourself 60 bucks. Nick
  9. L

    For Sale  SM420, Adapter, 3 - 3 speed Transfer Cases, Bellhousing, Rebuild Kits

    I had great expectations and plans to put a SM420 into my FJ40. But, alas, life has taken a different turn and I have headed in a different direction with 40. What does this mean for you - if you want to undertake the project, I am offering a smoking hot deal on this entire setup. Some assembly...
  10. JS114

    For Sale  5x4.5 to 5x150 aluminum wheel adapters

    I had these custom made so I could put 100-series wheels on 5x4.5 trailer hubs. The plan was to carry one adapter with me so that if I got a flat on the trailer, I could put the Cruiser's spare on the trailer and get home. Sold the trailer, kept the unused adapters and lugnuts. $30 for one or...
  11. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale  1HZ / Safari Snorkel Adapter

    If you have a 1HZ powered 70 Series with this airbox (air inlet on the fender side of airbox) and want to add a Safari Snorkel you'll need an adapter to connect the airbox and snorkel inside of the somewhat narrow fender. Odd Iron Off Road makes this adapter. I believe most of the 1990/1991 77 &...
  12. CabinetMan1

    For Sale  chevy V8 to FJ60 4 speed adapter

    I have the adapter, bell housing and clutch assembly to mate a FJ60 4 speed transmission to a small block chev. Also I have the 4 speed transmission. Rebuilt 40 K ago Shifts perfect. $250.00 for adapter, Bell housing and clutch. $ 450.00 for transmission.
  13. spongejosh

    Wanted  Advance Adapters 712579

    I need an Advance Adapters kit 712579. It's the Dodge NV4500HD to Landcruiser 6 cyl (2f) kit. I called AA and they no longer make the kit. If you have one sitting around I'd love to put some money in your pocket! I would still be interested if you only had the adapter plate, I'm sure I...
  14. csd1982

    For Sale  Advanced Adapter sm465 to Fj40 4 speed t-case

    Hi, I have a unused AA kit 50-4602. I have both spud shafts, 10 to 32 or 32 to 16. The only parts I don't have is the gaskets. I did not end up using this and went another route on my build. $350 plus shipping
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