1. RFB

    Wheelin wit ha Master Mechanic's Supercharged 80

    pt 2 to a Video I love.
  2. Landbender

    Turbo LT IFS 80

    Apparently my truck is no longer an 80 series so I was told to go elsewhere Here is the breakdown 80 series body and vin number Basic 2jz ge NAT on standalone (ecumaster) enough to spin 37s and kill the clutch on a weekend 350tq + NOS R150f trans Dual r1fa t cases with marlin crawler chromoly...
  3. D

    Single fuel injector not recieving pulse...

    Hoping for a bit of direction - 93 LC with the 4.5L 1FZ engine. Recently I replaced the head gasket and in doing so the No.5 injector is not firing. I checked compression adn it's over 170PSI with plenty of spark and the other injectors fire well. I used a stethoscope and no click from No.5...
  4. D

    1993 80 Series sell value?

    Hi all, I am looking to sell my 1993 80 series Land Cruiser. It has the 4.5 liter, no rust at all, no damage, clean title, 270k miles. Minor problems are cracked leather seats, AC doesn’t work, sunroof doesn’t slide. Other than that it’s in great shape and runs well. I’m curious what you all...
  5. V

    80 Series with HD-FT engine

    Hello, I just purchased 2 x 1995 Land Cruisers from Japan's Auto Auction (1HD-FT manufactured post 1995 July - 1998 I believe). Looking for parts /sources for parts: Things needed: - Timing Belt Kits x 2 - Alternator - Driver's seat - More to come in the near future as I dig more... Any/all...
  6. C

    Anyone Selling OEM Lockers??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has factory Rear/Front locker for sale in Alberta. I’m considering getting a vehicle with no lockers and looking to see if there are some I could buy! **Also I’m interested in a vehicle in Edmonton area, it’s a HDJ81. Ive read the threads for good...
  7. FullCircle

    Spare tire swing arm/ mount

    Hey everyone, I am a new proud owner of a 94 land cruiser and very eager to get the spare tire out from under for higher clearance. Any suggestions on cheap spare tire swing arms? I currently have a stock rear bumper. Thanks
  8. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 55900-60100 AC Heater Panel HZJ80 FZJ80 RHD Brown & Black - $250 each

    Land Cruiser 80 Series (1989-1998) Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 55900-60100 AC Heater Panel Assy HZJ80 FZJ80 RHD Heating & Air Conditioning - Control & Air Duct [Brown & Black] AC Panel Control & Accessory Assy, Heater, Toyota Fits the following vehicles: Body/chassis FZJ80 HZJ80 Lexus
  9. jvan5000

    SOLD  94 - Super clean 80 Series - Austin, Tx

    This 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 turns heads and gets thumbs up every time it gets driven. Seller has performed numerous mechanical and cosmetic upgrades including new ARB front and rear bumpers, and the truck was resprayed 4 years ago using Toyota’s “Quicksand” tan color code. Each of the...
  10. Stevenmjones144

    For Sale  Santa Barbara, CA: 1991 FJ80 Landcruiser

    Rock Solid 1991 Land Cruiser FJ80, $8,900 obo *Price Reduced!!* World class 4x4. Running flawlessly. Recent engine work by Cory Motors includes: New head gasket, Valve job, New Radiator, New Injector wiring harness, New ECU, New brakes, New Alternator, New Battery and more. 3FE Straight 6...
  11. cruisernewser

    Advice Help on FJ80 Engine Issues!

    Hello all, Ive been following this site for years and finally needed to register and post my own issue. I have a 92 fj80 3FE 170k and have not been able to drive it since I purchased a month 1/2 ago it had been sitting for 1yr. It drove alright when I bought it would not accelerate normally...
  12. fzj80lx

    For Sale  Triple locked Lx450 13k

    1996 Lexus Lx450 (Toyota Landcruiser) Selling for cheap to get sold fast 3" Ironman lift 33x12.50r18 Toyo R/T 18x12 -44 Moto Metal MO962 2" hub centric spacers Paint Protected under carriage Tinted Headlights & Tail lights 2 12" JL Competition subs IPad Dash Painted Interior Trim Tan Leather...
  13. AndersonDin

    Solid axle swap on 100

    Just a thought that has been going through my head for a while.. I really love the guts of the 80 series. Mostly the solid front axle. But love the comfort of the 100. Would I be better off somehow getting ahold of a 80 frame and putting the body of the 100 on it or just doing the swap? Thoughts ??
  14. LSDbrand

    For Sale  Yellr Yellow box for land cruiser 80 speed correction

    hello all, im selling my Yellr Yellow box, got it in 2019 so its the latest version, super small, i had it on my Land Cruiser 80 series. its fully functional and works perfectrly. its the latest version that is sealed. only asking 40US for it plus shipping. in the USA thanks
  15. D

    1993 FZJ80 Oil Pressure Sending Unit, Wire Harness... Condenser?

    I recently purchased a 1993 Land Crusier with a nonworking oil pressure gauge. I bye-passed the wiring harness and directly grounded the sending unit wire and the gauge began to climb. I then ran the engine and with this same terminal wired directly to the sending unit; upon starting the engine...
  16. Benjaminbms

    Wanted  80 series roof consol altimeter and compass

    Hello I’m looking to buy a complete roof consol in grey with the altimeter and compass and mounting and the complete wiring along with the magnetic sensor, also preferable the shorter suns visors but not a must.
  17. M

    Rust Removal Without Welding

    So during isolation, decided to give a crack at fixing the rust problem i have in the 80. Decided to use a steel epoxy putty instead of welding as it is a couple of spots all over the body. Grinding, scraping and sanding the rust spots first, applying a rust converter and then putting the putty...
  18. Masoudimo

    Strange noise when letting go of clutch

    hey guys, I'm new to Ih8mud, but I'm very happy to finally find such great place for discussing Toyota issues. I have a 1992 80 series Land cruiser and I'm trying hard in the last few weeks to fix all the problems she has, but unfortunately we don't have good mechanics around so many of my...
  19. kolbydmc

    SOLD  Houston, TX 1997 Lexus LX450 Triple Locked Clean/Semi built

    Up for sale is my DAILY DRIVEN 80 series LX450 Landcruiser. Yes, I drive this truck 500 miles a week with no hiccups. Selling because I have found another vehicle I want. This is absolutely one of the cleanest 80 series land cruisers out there. Asking SOLD Here is a list of details -...
  20. Overland Tailor

    SOLD  1997 Collector's Edition with Slee 2UZFE V8 Conversion

    Build Thread: Builds - BoltRipper's 2-year Overdue Build Thread VIN: JT3HJ85J1V0188362 This a turn-key 2 owner, impeccably maintained 1997 (12/1997) 80 Series Land Cruiser Collectors Edition with professionally installed 2UZFE 4.7L V8 mated to the Toyota A343 4 speed transmission. Truck has...
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