1. Scottys80

    Scotty’s moby dick build

    Hello mud I’ve been hanging around on here for a few months now, what a great site with some awesome information! This will be my first build thread and is kind of slow, I am only 19 so the funds are pretty tight. I’m very familiar with Toyota’s, my first vehicle was a 1997 5speed 4runner...
  2. masperk

    Wanted fj60/62 rear wiper motor and rear hatch lock w/ rubber pad

    I'm looking for a rear wiper motor for a 60/62 and the associated rubber grommet and nut. If an 80 series arm is available I would consider that too. Also looking for rear hatch lock w/ the rubber pad that surrounds it. Thanks
  3. AtlWagen

    SOLD 1997 Lexus LX450 (Stock) --Sold

    1997 Lexus LX450 FZJ80 -Toyota Land Cruiser Feel free to peruse my posts, most everything I have done is on ih8mud somewhere. Leak free, and drip free. Passenger rear cladding single panel has been repainted. Oddly it matches the metal, just not the other cladding. And yes the 6 disc...
  4. J

    For Sale Front Seat controls & DS Planted Front Seat Bracket

    I am selling the driver and passenger front seat controls. The plastic cover tabs are NOT broken. The driver side seat "recline" rod is broken. You can fix it by following this video or you can still recline if you stick a key in the hole. It does come with the control button (grey). Asking...
  5. AutoCraft Aus

    Builds #superslinky 80 build thread.

    So with this build we are going to go all the way to #stage11 ! So we have some great build partners as we work through getting this set up through our pre production and assembly in 2019, so we thought we should get some color scheme ideas into place, so the theme can carry through the...
  6. Mario12345

    Turbo or supercharger ?

    So I’m planning on adding some extra to my baby but I’m not sure what to do yet... I’m leaning on the “supercharger” more but I’m barley able to even find any. I’m running the stock motor recently rebuilt motor and trans... but we all know these 80s aren’t to quick ... so give me some advice !!
  7. R

    Wanted 80 series front or rear bumper SoCal

    would like to purchase some armor locally so save on shipping, please PM me if you have anything
  8. Ecliff5

    craigslist 1997 fj80

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser *OFFROAD*ARB LOCKERS* Anyone have any input on this cruiser. It's at a dealer and they say it has 340k on the body and 140k on the motor. At a good price so going to go take a look, it looks clean.
  9. dbcknghm

    For Sale 80's Series Landcruiser Body Parts

    Have the following and am trying to clean up ...from a 91 HDJ80 (small flares) in the southern US now in Winnipeg Canada...will ship, can crate the following: Not the original burgandy color code/paint outside and brown interiors. 204 612 2754.....dont check in here a lot so email or text...
  10. E5corn

    FJ80 Seat transplant from Audi...

    Evenin all, Well I can’t stomach the thought of spending insane money to rebuild the OEM seats in my 91 FJ80. Sure it would be cool but this is not a restoration rig... So I grabbed up a pair of Audi A4 seats out of a sport model. Pretty much the same seats and an S4 only no fancy stitching and...
  11. peggyfzj80

    Wanted Metal Tech Tube Front Bumper 80 Series (without stinger)

    I'm looking for a Metal Tech, tube style, front bumper, without the stinger. Thank you!
  12. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale 1997 LX450 80 Series Land Cruiser

    This particular 80 series land Cruiser is well maintained and had the same owner for 19 years. It still retains the new car smell, the wood trim is untampered, and the leather seats are plush. Unfortunately there’s no lockers however shifting to 4 low is no issue and smooth. Slight under...
  13. sunrk

    Extended bump-stops or bump stop extensions for lifted 80

    My 80 has 3" lift (it used to have 5") but I've never done anything with the bump-stops. Are they or should they be replaced with something different, or fitted with aftermarket extensions? I have nice Icon 2.0 shocks and I believe the main purpose of bump-stops is to protect the shocks when in...
  14. Goliath125

    For Sale 1991 FJ80

    I've had my cruiser for about 3 years now, but sadly it's time to sell. It was fun but I'm looking at another project. It's a very solid car, only 150xxx miles on it and it wasn't driven on the harsh winter roads of upstate New York. I've done some work on it over the years but it still needs a...
  15. RFB

    EBC pads on an 80

    So I went with terrain tamer discs, then oem remanned calipers and TT pads, and still the truck didnt want to stop. No mind you it sitting on 37x 13.5 heavy nitto tires but even with the ABS pulled it wouldnt stop. So before this last trip east to west and thru the rockies I got napa calipers...
  16. I

    Definitive list of Colorado Land Cruiser Parts Dealers

    Went on an epic chase for some 8o series rims when an idiot put the wrong lugnuts on my existing rims causing them to become worthless when I had new tires put on. (yes, there are lugnuts that specifically fit different series) Wanted to share all the places that had used parts here in...
  17. K

    Suspension for my 80 series

    I have been looking into upgrading my stock suspension to something more robust and with better ride quality. I plan on using my Land cruiser to be an all around capable vehicle. Looking for a suspension system that will be comfortable going quick down dirt roads and allows plenty of travel/flex...
  18. LumpyTheTaco

    Wanted 95-97 OBD2 1FZ RUNNING LONG BLOCK Colorado

    I need a replacement engine for my blown up 96 cruiser i just picked up. Id be willing to drive a bit to get it. Let me know what you have and hopefully we can work something out.
  19. ridgeback rig

    Rear heater fan turning slowly

    the rear heater on my 93 is heating but not blowing air. With the seat removed you can see the fan turning slowly. What would be causing this? Trying to get the whole unit out now. Any advice about how to do that?
  20. RFB

    East coast to West Coast in an 80series

    so my roadtrip is going to take me thru Ma. VT upstate NY Pa. Ohio, idiana Illinois Iowa S. dakota wyoming idaho oregon Cali nevada Utah colorado Im leaving mass. on the 14th and will be in Cali next week looking for someone that may want to run the Rubicon with me or engineers pass or black...
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