1. EastCoast

    For Sale  Raleigh, NC

    Original 7 blade fan and fan clutch from LJ78 2LTE motor. worked fine, but Iupgraded to the 8 blade and a new clutch. If anyone needs these, let me know. Any fair offer to make it worth boxing and shipping them.
  2. N

    2LTE Blowby

    Has anyone had experience with blowby on there engines? The truck was consuming quite some oil so I fitted a catch can. Found that fills woth oil pretty quick....200ml with about 150km of driving. Found quite a bit of excessive pressure from the oil cap cover and dipstick when removed which...
  3. N

    LJ78 Engine Removal

    Looking at overhauling my 2LTE myself. So I don't run into problems removing the engine. How or what is the best way to split the transmission (a343f) from the engine to remove it?
  4. N

    2LTE - EGR Delete

    Hi Guys Ive seen a few EGR forums on here regarding deleting it. Im quite new to these engines and have seen on mine that the previous owner (in Japan) has played around with the system. Can someone tell me or see what they have done in terms with the vac lines? I inspected the inlet manifold...
  5. mangobango

    Wanted  Looking for an oil cooler cover for a 2LT-E

    I recently broke the oil relief valve plug on my oil cooler cover for my 1993 Land Cruiser LJ70 LX turbo, VIN: JT1V0LJ7009061361 . I found one for sale on eBay from Malaysia but it was missing two nipples that are circled in red in the images below. I need one with the nipples that I circled in...
  6. Dari Desilva

    SOLD  Land Cruiser LJ78 2L-TE Head Gasket and Valve Cover gasket

    Toyota OEM 2L 2LT 2LTE 3L 5LE Diesel Valve Cover Gasket 11213-54050 Toyota OEM 2LT 2LTE Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit 04111-54104 1990+ I collected the parts hoping to replace the head gasket due to over heating. But, when the head was taken out, it was cracked, therefore, I bought a complete...
  7. Shinhoto

    Double swap!

    I have a 2LT-E that I'm going to swap into my VZN-110 with a 3VZ-E. I've got the engine in the back of my other truck, an ECM and wiring harness on its way from N.Z., and I'm still looking for a Bell housing for my R150f transmission, and a relay setup. What other stuff should I be getting...
  8. EastCoast

    North Carolina: 1991/Toyota/LJ78

    Daily Driver, Great shape. Synthetic Fluids. Building a house on land and i'll need a Tractor/Backhoe/FEL or BobCat more than I'll need this now. Or a heavy duty 4x4 Diesel Truck maybe with a Dump bed. Anyway, Replaced the Fan Clutch with brand new and upgraded to the 7 blade fan per one of the...
  9. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE Boost Cut fix

    Fuel Cut Defencer | ELECTRONICS | PRODUCT | HKS This is a voltage clamp for a MAP sensor. You wire it into your map sensor, work out the voltage of the signal just before 14psi and the clamp will prevent the signal from increasing. Therefor you can run as much boost as you like without the...
  10. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE LJ78 Holset Turbo conversion, easy upgrade.

    Allright guys, Over this past year I have been reading up on this forum for different tips and tricks to gain extra power out of the 2LTE and thought i would share my experience, as I haven't seen it been done on any of these related forums. I obtained the truck in February, and in the saddest...
  11. afnos

    Venturi Ass'y Leak

    Been lurking for a while on the 2LTE issues, but finally have one of my own. It's not overheating or head cracking, thank goodness. I was accelerating from an intersection and halfway through heard a sudden, loud escape of air that sounded like a serious tire puncture. I pulled over immediately...
  12. Spencer Lerman

    ISO 2LTE EGR Delete Plates

    In search of dimensions or someone willing to sell plates to block off 2LTE EGR. Thanks let me know whats out there. Post pics of your rigs deleted egr if you have some. Thank you.
  13. BiffS

    For Sale  130,xxx KM 2L-TE engine, very good compression, no head leaks

    2L-TE engine for sale. Came from good running truck, no head gasket issues. COLD dry compression test: 451 450 455 500 Comes with injection pump, power steering pump, turbo and manifolds. Alternator, and AC pump not available. Being pulled form the truck to make way for 1HDT 5 speed swap combo...
  14. Tristan Perry

    2L-TE Mystery Wires

    Hello everyone, and happy holidays. I've found two wires on the intake side of my 2L-TE that I cannot identify, and I'm having trouble tracing. One wire is 10awg Black with orange tracer, this has a push fit terminal. The other seems to have been repaired, and is black at origin, it has a...
  15. Tristan Perry

    LJ78 2L-TE Fuel Flow

    Hey all, happy holidays! I'm curious if anyone knows what the macimum gross fuel flow rate for the 2L-TE? I've installed a 2-micron Racor 220R with a maximum flow rate of 30gph. I've noticed my truck getting sluggish, and I'm curious if this flow rate is insufficient. I know some injection...
  16. LeonLJ78

    2lte intercooler - LJ78

    Hi, Wanting to know if anyone has fitted a Isuzu bighorn/ trooper (also the Holden Jackaroo) top mount intercooler to a 2lte, and if there is much improvement with it in the system. Ive seen a scoop from these installed to a LJ78 and it looked tidy, but wanting to know if i could run the...
  17. shushu

    Winter Prep -2LTE

    Hello Everyone, I'm from Illinois and fresh to diesel land cruisers and ih8mud. I'm starting to gather information regarding winter prep for my turbo diesel (2LTE) LJ78 and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction. I'd like to know more about fuel additives (if needed) , oil, tires...
  18. Bonznfc

    Hilux  Hilux Surf 2LTE AC Idler arm mounting bolt size??

    I am trying to mount this thing and don't have time to order the bolts. Anyone know the size of this bolt part number>90119-10367. Thanks for the help!
  19. LJ78MacNeil

    2LTE aftermarket injectors

    Just ordered a denso injector kit for my lj78 and was curious if anybody on here has any info on them. Wondering how much pressure they can handle and if they are reliable. Thanks, Ian
  20. digitalbuck

    Diagnose knock in 2LTE

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was looking at an engine swap because I thought I might have dropped a lock washer into the air intake on my LJ78. When I put it back together and started it, after about 60 seconds it started a loud knock. I am just guessing about the washer. My mechanic has...
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