Windshield + wind noise

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Red Beard

Aug 23, 2007
Kennett Square, PA
I posted in another thread about wind noise, but I wanted to start a new thread rather than fully hijack. I have an aftermarket PGW windshield installed by the PO. I have wind "rushing" noise at high speeds or if the wind blows at high speeds. It's loud enough I have to crank the music up to try to drown it out.

After closer inspection,
  • The rain gutters (Red in diagram below) are only held on by black adhesive. No rivets, no screws. And they are actually peeling away from the A Pillar in some spots.
  • There isn't anything covering the the rivet holes. On both sides, I think I'm missing the "MOULDING, WINDSHIELD, OUTSIDE NO.2" (Pink in diagram below) moulding?
  • The rain gutters are old, the DS is missing a piece at the bottom (this is where the sound is coming from)

I'm unsure of the next steps, I'm unsure if they're realistic:
  1. Leave current glass and personally put in new mouldings/rain gutters with Toyota rivets. I'll likely have to do some rust clean up. I'm hoping the rivet holes are ok. I can't see them because of the adhesive there. (Can I even replace the side mouldings/rain gutters with the glass on?)
  2. Ask around for a pro who can do a full replace. Supply them with Toyota parts for side and top. (I do have a quarter size crack in the windshield, would I be able to do this for a reasonable price?)
  3. Short term solution. Try to install the missing (I think its missing) Mouldings over the rain gutters or, RTV Silicone around the area I hear the wind noise, as quoted here.

So what do I do?​

I'd love to do Option 1 here, but not sure if that's feasible from my driveway.

Also, what rain gutter would I need? "With Roof Rail?" since I have a factory rack?

Parts diagram from PartSouq

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.43.27 PM.png

red: "Rain Gutter", pink: Moulding (is that even right?)


Driver side "rain gutter". You can see the rivet holes with nothing in them


Close up of one of the rivet holes, they all look like this. No rivets, just adhesive.


Passenger side is peeling away at the bottom, but the piece is fully intact, unlike the driver side...


Driver side "rain gutter" is broken at the bottom. This is where the most noise comes from.


Side note, the top of my windshield doesn't look great. :cool:

Some relevant threads I've been reading:
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Someone else had glued side mouldings:
* part numbers from that post: Previous installer glued windshield side moldings to the body -
Yikes. What a botched install. That's terrible. Not going to be fun to correct that.

I would go for new glass and see if your insurance covers OEM glass. Mine does (Allstate). It is nearly impossible to remove adhesive-laden moldings without bending them so plan on new moldings on both sides, new rivets (and potentially body work to correct the rivet mounting holes), new rubber cover trim, new upper molding (I think also called the dam).
Yeah, I think so too. I called my local Toyota and they're putting me in touch with the shop they use. Their shop looks pretty legit from the reviews. Plus, the toyota person I spoke to actually understood that I wanted to use Toyota parts for the install, including the rivets and side gutters. Hopefully it works out. I'll see if I can get a before and after video for you all.

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