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  1. mrjordann

    What is needed to replace the fiberglass top?

    I recently bought a new reproduction fiberglass top for my FJ40. What all do I need in order to assemble and install it? (Rain gutters/weatherstrip etc) and where should I buy? And does anyone know a good tutorial or instruction on painting and installing the fiberglass top? All help is...
  2. Paraglider

    SOLD  HJ/FJ 45 and 47 hard top

    I have a hard top that has a mostly rusted out gutter (sections are good but a lot is total rust). Liner was a custom one. The stripes you will see in pics are where the former owner had taped black tape to make it look like a tiger or something. For a good glasser, it could be cut and...
  3. B1oodyBuzzard

    Wanted  FJ40 rain gutter pieces

    I am wanting to restore the top of my 1980 FJ40. CCOT is the only place that I have found sells the rain gutter. I may be able to salvage 50% or more of what I got so I wanted to see availability of the pieces. Thanks Tommy
  4. Paraglider

    Wanted  Fiberglass roof with rain gutter?

    Does anyone know where I can find a fiberglass roof with the rain gutter integrated for a troopy? Thanks.
  5. aviafx

    Rain Gutter Sealant...E6000 Self-Leveling?

    Hey all, Re-sealing the rain gutters on my 60 series this weekend. I've already used a heat gun/chisel/picks to get the old sealant out, and coated the gutters with primer and paint. I tried unsucessfully to use 3M 5200 on them but it turned into a goopy mess, so I'm starting over. I was...
  6. P

    For Sale  Rain gutter sealer

    Hi, I have two tubes Evercoat self leveling seam sealer (blue colored two part stuff) still sealed in bags, 1 can 2k primer (spray) never used, 1 can 2k clear (spray) never used, one can (spray) precleaner, and one mixed spray of Toyota color 155 (metallic gray). Sold my 88 fj62 before I could...
  7. F

    Wanted Thule 300 Rain Gutter Roof Rack

    Dear Mudders, I'm trying to price a used Thule 300 raingutter roof rack with load bars. Does anyone have a set for pair sale or know of a good place to look other than ebay? Thanks for your help. Jon
  8. Borrego

    Fiberglass Rain Gutter Questions

    Hey guys, I'm starting to redo my top, and I need a new rain gutter. I know this topic has been exercised before on which gutter is the best, etc... When I bought my cruiser, it had a soft top on it, and the hard top was in pieces. The rain gutter was missing. So, after doing a lot of research...
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