1. Ebike toter

    Isuzu Trooper windshield swap??

    Hi all.. neighbor recently sold a 1988 Isuzu Trooper & I parked my LJ78 next to it & the front windshield looks identical (actually a lot of parts look identical) . at around $240 installed ... I've got a cracked windshield that needs replacing... Cheers
  2. CruiseLanderAZ

    Windshield replacement recommendation - Phoenix AZ

    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation on who to use for windshield replacement on a 2000 LC. Saw @scwill is looking in Texas and wondering about AZ. I'm in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and willing to travel within the valley to have it done right.
  3. AlexMoore91

    Wanted 1974 FJ40 Windshield Hinges

    Would like a set of windshield hinges for 1974 FJ40 that move freely. Mine are rusted to where they don't move anymore. Please send me a pic and price. Thanks! Alex
  4. T

    2004 LX470 Windshield Replacement in San Jose

    Yeah. It happened. Huge rock came and chipped my windshield. Was going to repair it today, but it was cold last night and that chip turned into a huge crack (spanning over 12 inches...). Damn. Geico wants me to use Safelite. I looked up the invoice. It's OEM glass (FW02520 GGYOEM) with...
  5. A1ASouth

    Windshield Knob bolt pattern?

    I have a roll bar blocking my windshield knob location just enough that I cannot use the bolts with the nice looking knobs. SO...I was thinking of just getting a bolt from Lowes with some sort of a spacer to spline drive into place. Does anyone know the bolt pattern of those knobs?
  6. Boz_10

    For Sale 2001 LC rear hatch/gate

    Rear hatch/gate, riverrock color with windshield/glass. It has rust on the hatch but the rest of it is good/functional. Selling for parts or the whole thing. $100. Located in Cincinnati/NKY area. PM with questions. Thanks
  7. KUpchu9702

    Colorado Windshield?

    I had a windshield replaced some time ago in Arizona due to stone crack. I had read about issues with poor window installs that led to water leaks. So, I contacted my local dealer at the time to inquire about reputable installers. Install was performed, but due to the lack of rain in AZ and now...
  8. Fuentesfranko

    Am I paying too much for a windshield?

    I have a crack on my windshield and I want to replace it. I wen tto a auto glass business (Glass Doctor) in Gibsons and they quoted me $400 to remove the windshield, cut a brand new one based on that shape and install it. ($200 labour (4 hours aprox.) and $180 for the glass + tax) Does $400 seem...
  9. bubfuji

    SOLD FJ60, FJ62 windshield seal, gasket

    FJ60/62 windshield gasket, seal Toyota factory part. Never installed. $50.00 +whatever shipping Please PM if interested
  10. marketShark

    Wanted WANTED: Windshield Knob Bracket FJ40 1968-84 will fit

    WANTED: Windshield Knob Bracket as shown in image. Mine has screw threads stripped. Any help is appreciated! 1971 40 series, I know many other years from 68-84 are interchangeable. If shipping, destination is 78727 Thanks!
  11. morganism

    Anyone have original wiper linkage inserts ? moldmaking stuff

    This looks interesting, and strong enough to make a full set. Smoother than 3D printing too.... TASK™ Series, High Performance Casting Resins
  12. FJ60Seth

    SOLD FJ60 Windshield Washer Pump

    Removed from a 1983 US spec FJ60. Bottle was cracked. Washer pump is in excellent condition. The small nipple is well attached and not brittle. The rubber grommet is supple with no tears. The small filter screen is complete. I connected it to a 12v battery and it makes a lot of noise. The...
  13. JimmyMac

    Wanted Windshield washer pump

    Looking for the top mounted pump to a 1970 FJ40 windshield washer bottle. I'm unsure of what year range fits, let me know what you got. THANKS!
  14. S

    IPF Windshield wiper stand-offs - where to get them?

    For the life of me I cannot find a single thing on the whole darn internet about these things, and as far as I can tell, I would call them "windshield wiper stand-offs", and they would be wonderful to have in snowy, cold Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I live to keep the wipers off the...
  15. S

    Wanted Windshield 1994 RHD LJ78 (located in AB or BC)

    ISO a clean windshield for my 1994 Prado. Mine's done! I'm in Calgary, but willing to travel/arrange shipping for a good one. Thank you!
  16. K

    Wanted Windshield to Dash Bracket needed 68-84 FJ40

    I need the u-shaped bracket that is spot welded to the dash and has the knob bolt that goes through it to hold the windshield back. It's part number 16 in this pic: Page 172 Land Cruiser 40 & 45 Series Dash Parts Please let me know if you have one you'd part with and what you'd like for it...
  17. Paraglider

    How to remove entire windshield wiper motor and arms

    This pertains to a 40 series Landcruiser. Having just done this and not having found a coherent post about how to do it (i.e., part here and part there and no part anyhere), I thought this might be helpful for others who knew as little as I did before I started. Adam, from Chula Vista, CA, and...
  18. Paraglider

    how to remove entire windscreen and windshield to replace it?

    All I can find on a zillion threads on mud is how to remove the windshield part. I am replacing the whole thing and can't find anything on that despite the variations of search terms. Where do I disconnect the two electrical connections, one for the windshield wiper motor and the other I...
  19. B

    windshield wiper insert part number?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get new wiper inserts and I'm trying to get the right parts. It looks like the left and right side are different and from the Toyota parts website they are 85214A and 85214B. However, I cannot find the rear wiper blade diagram or part number at all. It is also difficult...
  20. pardion

    For Sale Windshield Wash Bottle FJ40/45 Camino, Ca.

    Used survivor, good condition, with lid, pump works. Will supply your choise of early 68-71 bracket or late 9/71-9/77 bracket. $95.00 shipped. Thanks, John
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