What Do You Do? 2013

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Aug 25, 2013
Mauldin, SC
Just seeing if this thread is still going...

Name: Josh Barlow
Employer: AMSA 127 G, US Army Reserve (currently deployed to Afghanistan)
Title:Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairer (civilian mechanic working on all the Army Reserve trucks from Greenwood to Asheville), Staff Sergeant USAR 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
Length:AMSA 127=4 years, Army=10 years (3.5 active duty 82nd Airborne)
Location:Greenville, SC Donaldson Center/SCTAC, all over the place for Reserves
Where I am from: Currently in Greenville, SC. Born Colorado, lived Illinois, South Dakota, Wyoming, North Carolina and now in South Carolina
My Toyota: 1998 Toyota Tacoma Reg Cab
UC Member: Since 2013
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Huh never seen this thread.

Name: Gabriel Whitmire
Employer: Magna Drive Automotive 7yrs
Position: tier 2 receiver/high rise operator
Where i live: Pickens SC
Member: yes
Rig: 84fj60, what's left of the dent!
Name: Dan Kunz
Employer: Atos
How long with them: 7 years (was with HP/Compaq/Digital before that)
Position: Program Director/Client Executive
Where I live: Woodstock, GA
Member: Yes
Rig: GX470 with some stuff
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Name: Kane Kramer
Employer: BMW
How long with them: 7 years
Title: Assembly Manufacturing Engineer - Powertrains
Where do ya live: Simpsonville, SC
Where am I from: LaPlace, LA
Cruiser: 1997 FZJ80
Member of Upstate Cruisers: Yes

I just found this thread cause someone took their foot off if it's head and let it come up for air. Thank you. Keep the updates rolling in.
Mine hasn't changed much...

Name: Rick Carswell
Employer: Gay Construction Co.
Title: Marketing & Communications :: in-house graphics guru, photographer, Mgr of all equipment that can jam, freeze, lose signal or just stop working.
Tenure: 13+ yrs
Where I live: Atlanta, GA
Cruisers: 2007 FJC
Membership: Upstate Cruisers
Name: Sam Stewart

Employer: Lowe Toyota of Warner Robins

How long with them: 3.5 years

Title: Parts and Service Director

Where do ya live: Macon, GA

Cruisers: None (13 Tundra, 08 T4R Limited, 80 Mini rock crawler)

Member of Upstate Cruisers: Not yet! :D
Mine has changed

Name: Marshall
Employer: Trollhole's Cruisers
How long with them: 3
Title: Owner
Where do ya live: Mauldin, SC
Cruisers: 76 FJ40 FZJ80
Member of Upstate Cruisers: Yes/ Lifetime membership
Name: John Lee
Employer: SYNNEX
How long with them: 7
Title: Sr Sales Rep
Where do ya live: Simpsonville, SC
Cruisers: 88 FJ62
Member of Upstate Cruisers: Yes
Name: Matt Dean
Employer: Piedmont Tech
How long with them: 2
Title: Recruiter
Where do ya live: Due West, SC
Cruisers: None..Toyotas Yes :) '99 4runner and '95 T100
Member of Upstate Cruisers: Yes
Most memorable time with UC: Hiking 7+ miles with JP in Cullowhee, because I was sunk. Circa 2006?
Most memorable time with UC: Hiking 7+ miles with JP in Cullowhee, because I was sunk. Circa 2006?

:doh: glad that happened back when I was still in shape... I don't think nowadays I could make that hike without a mild heart attack :hillbilly:
Name: Matt Jordan
Employer: Trollhole's Cruisers
Title: Shop Monkey
Length: Meh....a few weeks
Location: Greenville, SC
Where I am from: Anderson SC, but I consider myself a resident of the world.
My Toyota: 1979 FJ40, 1988 FJ62, 2013 Trail 4runner
UC Member: yes
Name: Kevin Hill
Employer: City of Greenville
Title: Babysitter of grown adults (not kidding)
Length: 6 years
Location: Clemson, SC
Where I am from: Greenville
My Toyota: 94 80-Series that hasn't been driven in at least 2 weeks
UC Member: yes but mainly online because I work more than I sleep. (Actually at work this very sec)
Name: Jay Conkin
Employer: Park Ridge Health
Title: Registered Nurse
Length: <1 yr
Location: Asheville, NC (one of the last of the WNC holdouts)
Where I am from: Salem, VA
My Toyota: 1997 40th Anniversary FZJ-80
UC Member: Yep 6 years and running...
Name: Perry McFall
Employer: Greenville Health System
How long with them: 30
Title: Director of Engineering Services
Where do ya live: Piedmont, SC
Cruisers: 74 FJ40
Member of Upstate Cruisers: Yes
Kudos. Just noticed this thread. I looks like a handy way to share back grounds and understanding within the chapter; especially a large and diverse one like yours.
Name: David Carpenter
Employer: Michelin
How long with them: 8 years
Position: Engineering Team Leader at Laurens Proving Grounds - Basically, if you can measure it with a computer, tape measure, lap counter, etc. I'm responsible for it.
Where I live: Simpsonville, SC
Member: Yes
Rig: 87 FJ60
Name: Chuck Odell
Employer: The Hillman Group
Position: Field Service rep
How long: soon to be 4 years
Where I live: God's country
Member: questionable
Rig : land rover, pt cruiser, I mean Land Cruisers - 2 - 86 fj60 and a 68fj40
Name: Jeremy Barrows
Employer: Boeing and The Citadel College
Position: Liaison Engineer and Adjunct Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
Veteran: USMC, 4 years ('95-'99), M1A1 Tank Mechanic
Where I live: Summerville, SC (Originally Jacksonville, FL)
How long: 5 years
Member: Yes
Rig : 75 HJ45, 81 FJ40, 95 FZJ80, 01 UZJ100
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Name: JP Virgo
Employer: Virgo Gambill Architects
Position: Architect, basically I make purdy pictures of buildings
How long: 5 years
Where I live: Disgusta, GA
Member: only if they will claim me
Rig : 3 45s, 2 40s

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