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Last five pieces of unobtanium in the world from what I can tell


Steering this ship back on course.


Cubby tool holder found in the rear of some import cruisers. Fits above above where the bottle jack goes. Discontinued but cool to keep the tool bag clean, high and dry.

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I’m locking this thread for future responses.

If you are interested in contributing a part number that has been discontinued, has changed country of manufacture, or have anything technical to provide, please contact me directly and I’ll open it up to allow you to post your information.

There has been way too much erroneous information posted, BS banter and too many part requests. All of this defeats the purpose of why I started this thread many years ago: to provide factual information.
Good call.
35520-60140: Transmission kick down (throttle) cable.

A343F for 01/1995-01/1998 FZJ80 and LX450 versions.


Credit: @NLXTACY

Sadly those cables almost always get cut when used transmissions are pulled from salvage vehicles. It's a double whammy.
Front door lock assemblies with the motor actuators are now discontinued (North America market, 12v).


To the 'Kurt aisle' they go.
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