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  1. Catskills

    Builds Wilson's FJ80

    I bought my UZJ100 in 2015. While I think the 80 is a much better looking truck, the towing capacity and side curtain airbags sold me on the 100. I really love the 100--I wheel it, tow with it, take it on vacation, drive it across the country at least once a year. Rolling up to 250k and 140k...
  2. TX100

    SOLD 06' Lexus LX470 (100 Series) OEM Front Bumper, LED Running Boards, Roof Rack - Austin, Tx

    These parts are off my 06 Lexus LX470 mod. All are in good condition with some minor, chips and scratches. I have a few more pics so pm me if you would like to see more. -Front Bumper with Assembly (Has night vision) $450 -LED Running Boards $175 -Roof Racks $75 I've seen prices all over the...
  3. Classic85

    For Sale Take off Original 1991 Asian winch (38600-60050)

    SOLD Toyota original 1991 Asian winch (38600-60050) from 1991 HDJ81, everything works. Upgraded to bigger winch/bumper. Includes everything in the diagram plus remote control with pouch, factory bull bar, and factory tow points. Everything needed to pull your bumper and install full JDM...
  4. christianleeboy

    For Sale Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series All Weather Floor Liner OEM 2016-2019 Located OC/LA California

    *Local pickup only, located in OC/ LA California* Selling a full set of the TOYOTA FACTORY OEM All Weather Floor Liner for Land Cruiser 200 Series. Fits years 2016 2017 2018 2019 It a complete 6 piece All Weather Floor Liner / Mat to cover the front row, 2nd row, 3rd row and also the cargo...
  5. bottombracket

    60 series 5 speed shift knob options

    I have a confession to make. The currently available OEM h55 shifter knob from Toyota is this gray rubber one with an embossed ring. Photo credit @ranma21 I hate it. It’s.....ugly. I know there are great options from other vendors that replicate the four-speed style knobs from the...
  6. S

    Parting Out Lexus GX460 OEM PARTS FOR SALE! (Culver City)

    1. 2017 Lexus GX 460 OEMSuspension Kit (9200 miles) ----- $500 2. 2017 Lexus GX 460 OEM Running Borad (Step board) * 2 (2000 miles) ----- $400 for pair (the driver side one has a scratch underneath, I assume u will respray it anyway so I didn't fix it) 3. Lexus Gx 460 OEM Spare Tyre Wheel/Rim...
  7. I

    For Sale Early Fj40 Fj45 OEM parts collection

    Cleaning out Papa's garage. Not sure what all there is an value. Would like to sell as a lot/collection rather than individually. It was suggested to me that I post here before EBay or Craigslist. I'm thinking the whole group should be worth $2k to someone doing an accurate restoration. 1. OEM...
  8. landcrusher80

    Ironman panhard bushing failed

    Both of the the rear Ironman (#PAMHARD002) panhard rod Polyurethane bushings are done. Want to go back to OME bushings. Does anybody know the dimensions of the OEM ones? Hope the fit!
  9. H

    Wanted Fj40 1979 top and windshield frame OEM only

    Guys, Looking for OEM 1979 top and windshield frame. Want near perfect to match high grade FJ. Thank you, Taz
  10. tampacruiser95

    For Sale 80 series center caps - Tampa

    3 OEM center caps, no cracks, but need painted. $25 shipped anywhere in U.S. $10 if local pickup.
  11. grizzlygibbs

    For Sale 1995 FZJ-80 stock roof rack and rails, USA/WA State

    I have a stock roof rack, feet, hardware, and rib's off my 95 80 series take off project. I accidentally threw away the rear spoiler. $100 Shipped. PM for details.
  12. wardharris


    Our import rigs are a little bit different. This listing is designed to help you find firms that know 70s. Please add your suggestion by posting to this thread and I will add to the state by state listing below. This is a reader supported, shared resource with the OP as recording secretary and...
  13. OGBeno

    What's a Parts Guy to Do??

    Well, I'm at a crossroads. Here is my situation and I would like to get some other voices to join the ones in my head (as well as ones named Robbie, Cruiserdrew, Steve, etc.). Head is off, block is what it is (in very good shape for a 260k bottom end), head going to machine shop Monday for a...
  14. OGBeno

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    I figured it was time to start this thread since there are threads like this in the older Land Cruiser series iterations. While the other threads reflect parts that are still available, I would like this thread to reflect parts that are no longer available from Toyota in the North American...
  15. Trollhole

    Ultimate OEM 60 series parts still in stock

    Can't believe no one has done this yet. If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 60 series and you know the price and year it came from post it up. Better yet post a picture of the part and the packaging. I cannot tell you how many times I've paid more for a used...
  16. roalco

    Stock Toyota 3B Clutch Kit Info

    I'm replacing my rear main seal and figured that I should replace my clutch at the same time. The shop that rebuilt (seals and bearings) my tranny and TC 100,000km ago (at 300,00km) put in a Valeo korean clutch kit and turfed my factory unit, with over half the disc life remaining. Sigh. And...
  17. Trollhole


    I did this in the 55 section and it has done really well. https://forum.ih8mud.com/fj55-iron-pig-preservation-society/246266-oem-fj55-parts-stock.html If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 40 and you know the price and year it came from post it up. I cannot...
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