1. MScruiser

    Discontinued Toyota choke cable? No problem! Roll your own.

    Like many others before me, my 40 had a choke cable that was in very bad shape and beyond repair. Of course like many before me, I went online to order a new one only to discover that Toyota had discontinued FJ-40 choke cables years ago. What was I to do? There were plenty of aftermarket...
  2. 88Retired62

    DISCONTINUED Emissions and EFI System Parts

    As with some of the FJ62 discontinued parts, we've been able to substitute existing parts from other TOYOTA models. Is there a previous thread on this subject? Can anybody confirm available compatible parts for the following ? 23260-69026 Cold Start Injection Valve 89462-20010 Cold Start...
  3. W

    Discontinued valve shims

    I tried to go order valve shims at my local dealer, and they're discontinued. I'm not looking for extreme performance like Scottryana's shimless buckets, and although a few others have had good luck with Home I would rather not wait/pay for shipping from australia. I've also looked for nissan...
  4. cruisermatt

    For Sale  FJ60/62 Mudflap Discontinued NOS 76603-69015

    I have one brand new front/right mudflap 76603-69015. Perfect for a restoration. Includes hardware, even the plastic inserts for the screws. All mudflaps are disconnected. $150 + the ride from FL
  5. IslandJ

    Looking for a discontinued ventilation hose

    Hey there Mud community, Looking for a discontinued ventilation hose, part number Toyota Part No.: 90910-05152 Anyone got any sources I couldnt find using google? Thanks, Jason
  6. mdman

    FJ40 Steering Shaft P/N 45201-60022

    Does anyone know where to find a steering shaft for a 69-9/72 FJ40 (P/N 45201-60022)? All of the dealers say that this part has been discontinued.
  7. G

    Solution for discontinued tailgate weatherstripping - 1986 4runner

    hey guys, I recently bought a 1st gen runner and the tailgate weather stripping came out the day I bought it :| I was able to buy the outer seal but I am since the inner seal was discontinued my only option is a very cracked one from a junk yard. Has anyone had to deal with this before and...
  8. danadog

    So are there any TRD Superchargers left?

    I have been trying to source a TRD Supercharger for my 80. I thought I could find at least one! Does anyone know of any out there? New or used? Perhaps there will be more from Toyota in the future?
  9. Onur

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    I figured it was time to start this thread since there are threads like this in the older Land Cruiser series iterations. While the other threads reflect parts that are still available, I would like this thread to reflect parts that are no longer available from Toyota in the North American...
  10. Trollhole


    I did this in the 55 section and it has done really well. https://forum.ih8mud.com/fj55-iron-pig-preservation-society/246266-oem-fj55-parts-stock.html If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 40 and you know the price and year it came from post it up. I cannot...
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