The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

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Aug 28, 2004
Patagonia, Arizona, USA
I figured it was time to start this thread since there are threads like this in the older Land Cruiser series iterations.

While the other threads reflect parts that are still available, I would like this thread to reflect parts that are no longer available from Toyota in the North American market (which means that folks like CDan, Sam Stewart and myself cannot get them).

This is not to say they are not available in other markets through Toyota pipelines or consolidators like or MUD members "Akella" or David Stedman (Japan4x4)... Or that they are not available in some aftermarket iteration.

Consider that the first 80 series with the 3F-E engine and A440F transmission is now 23 years old. Consider that the first 80 series with the 1FZ-FE engine and A442F transmission is now 21 years old.

Consider also that while 80 series sales ended in the US in 12/1997, it continued sale and production in Venezuela until almost 2007 (these were basically kits put together by Toyota Venezuela using almost all Japan-sourced parts).

Consider also that the 1FZ-FE engine in some form or another also continued production until about 2007 in other world markets in 7x iterations.

In any event, I think this thread will prove useful for those folks trying to keep OEM parts on their vehicle and will be a good resource for folks trying to find suppliers for their parts.

I'll start with a few off the top of my head.

3F-E Radiator: 16400-61240 Discontinued

3F-E Oxygen Sensors: 89465-69025//89465-69035 discontinued

80 series air filter housing is discontinued.

80 series front fenders are discontinued.

80 series frame is discontinued.

A440F transmission is no longer available in new or remanufactured form from Toyota

3F-E Head and short block are both discontinued.

3F-E PS Pump is discontinued as well (44320-60161).
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Pump for 91 rear windshield washer is disco'd
I bought an OEM TRAD Toyota Radiator for my 3-FE back in mid August from Onur. Are they discontinued now? That sucks for everyone else that needs one.

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What about oak seat belts? I thought I had read they were no longer available.
What about oak seat belts? I thought I had read they were no longer available.

AFAIK, yes.

Tan visors are discontinued as are most tan interior trim components.

Tan carpets and dash are still available for 1995-1997.

Tan early dash is discontinued.
The "s" hose from the air cleaner to the PAIR valve is discontinued.

16752-07040 (TACO lower rad hose) is an almost direct fit replacement.
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Onur: can you list the different codes for availability of parts in the Toyota ordering system and what they mean?
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