Source for a Hazard Flasher?

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Jan 12, 2007
Houston, TEXAS
1978 with an aftermarket harness. Switch in dash goes to nothing (empty 6 wire receptacle). Having trouble finding a flasher unit for the later 40s. The male connection into the switch would be a help as well.

Bunch of dead ends.:bang::bang::bang:
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Is it different to a regular turn signal flasher?
Originally the flasher switch feeds power to the blinkers. It was complicated. If you have a different harness that you didn't put in, you've got a lot of work ahead to reverse-engineer what was done, create a schematic for yourself, understand what is needed for a flasher circuit and then finally to wire it up.

You can get an idea for the complexity surrounding the hazard switch from the original schematic:
Yes, I have signals and they go through the harness flasher and work properly. If I can get an aftermarket signal flasher to do the job of the second flasher necessary for my year 40 then great. I just don't know for certain that that will work. I will look into the one from mac's. Yes. A LOT of reverse engineering is ahead I fear!

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