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May 13, 2017
Pollock Pines CA
Thought I'd share my experience replacing my 30+ year old upholstery and drivers side seat foam.
Background:I have a 89 with about 212k miles, second owner in NorCal so pretty rust free. I have zero experience doing upholstery work. Purchased the seat covers from Cruiser Corps and got a replacement seat foam from SOR for the drivers seat. For me it took about 3 hours per seat, so I did it over a few days. I also had my son help for certain aspects which was very useful to pull things tight while clipping on hog rings and his more agile skinny arms were able to easily get in and wiggle out the headrest posts.
What I like about the seat covers: look close to originals, appear well made. Dislike: none of the holes for bolts and headrest were pre-cut and I had to create some of the openings for the wire frames that need to be transferred from the old seat covers. The SOR foam is pretty stiff, but in a good way and also takes a bit more work to get the covers over the fresh foam. Feel like I am now sitting about 2" higher. My one regret is cheaping out and not replacing both the driver and passenger side.

Tools required: hog ring pliers, needle nose pliers, exacto knife or razor blade, standard sockets (think I used a 12 and 14MM), Phillips screwdriver.

Including a couple of pics I took during the process showing before / after and for the backseat you can see the contrast between the old and new (pretty close match).



IMG_0414 (1).jpg

IMG_0411 (1).jpg

IMG_0410 (1).jpg

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