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  1. KCFJ62

    Seat Cover and Foam replacement (Cruiser Corps and SOR)

    Thought I'd share my experience replacing my 30+ year old upholstery and drivers side seat foam. Background:I have a 89 with about 212k miles, second owner in NorCal so pretty rust free. I have zero experience doing upholstery work. Purchased the seat covers from Cruiser Corps and got a...
  2. B

    For Sale  Fj40 New in box black door panels from cruiser corps $145

    New , never used. Will original box. Cost $125. I am selling it for $100. Buyer pays for shipping.
  3. eastATX40

    BJ40 OME Suspension Rear slump

    Hey all. I’m hoping someone can answer a few questions regarding a OME suspension kit I just finished installing on my 1975 BJ40 I received the kit from Cruiser Corps. It was a 2” light load kit with all new shackles and pins. After finishing install the rear shocks are almost completely...
  4. Cruiser Corps

    Exclusive IH8MUD Discount

    Hey guys, My team and I at Cruiser Corps have worked hard to develop aftermarket Electric FJ62 Mirrors. We have done our best to match the specifications of the OEM mirrors as close as possible, and we have used high-quality materials in our build. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We...
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