1. J

    SOR Upholstery HELP!!

    I'm recovering the bottom portion of my 1977 FJ40 front seats using SOR foam and seat covers. I have 2 question(note zip ties are temporarily in place of hog rings): 1. It seems like I need to trim the foam to be able to attach the seat track to the front seat bottom cushion/frame(2 bolts each...
  2. T

    Wanted LX470 Seat Covers

    Looking to buy some seat covers for my 2004 LX 470. I'm guessing I can use most Series 100 covers from 2003-2007 also. I've looked at SOR, EscapeGear, SmittyBuilt, Wet Okole, and a few others. I'm just curious if anyone is thinking of selling theirs before I purchase new. Thanks for your time!
  3. Sippi FJ40

    New member

    Hey guys, I'm unfortunately getting on here to get rid of my very needy project baby. This however will be my introduction post to the forum. I'm from Mississippi, picked this rig up from a trail rental place in Oregon when I was 15 as little more than a shell with an out of shape drivetrain...
  4. J

    FJ40 Jump Sheet Upholstery

    I working on recovering my 1977 FJ40 jump sheets using the Spector Offroad deluxe seat covers. I am finding that a little bit of the foam on the back corner of the seat bottoms is exposed. I am also finding the bottom covers (where they screw into the back of the seat) do not extend as far as...
  5. Awk338

    For Sale New SOR Headliner

    Brand new SOR headliner for a 78 FJ55 $140.00 + shipping
  6. bparker

    For Sale FJ40/45 NLA SOR Brush Guard TX

    SOR Brush Gaurd for 40/45 series Hard to find and no longer available from specter Excellent condition no damage Comes with two mounted lights unsure of condition Willing to meet around DFW/Austin or drop off at a local Fastenal Asking $650 OBO plus shipping

    SOR Rear Cargo Sliding Windows (Gen 2) Reviews?

    Wondering if anyone has direct experience with these sliding windows for 60 series. I've personally seen a 60 that has the first generation they offered. IMHO they seemed clunky and poorly designed (they were undersized and used rivets). These appear to be a 'new and improved' option: Page...
  8. apeterson

    SOR tuff duck covers

    Who has them? Would you buy them again? Putting them in a 1997 lx with tan interior. Is the tan a decent match? Does the tan stain easily? Thank you in advace!
  9. bmzero

    SOR Carpet Kit Still the Best?

    I have done substantial searching on this board and on the Google, but most of the posts regarding 60 series carpet are a few years old. Is the SOR kit still considered the best kit on the market? I realize OEM is a better fit and custom carpet may fit better if I can find someone to do a good...
  10. Captain America

    Lap Belts in Fj60 Daily Driver

    Hello everybody, This is my first time posting on this forum, but after extracting so much helpful information from it, I am looking forward to getting involved. I am considering purchasing some lap belts from Specter Off Road (Link Here) because the current seat belts don't catch as quickly as...
  11. planyourday

    For Sale FJ 40 SOR Rebuilt Carb

    $325 includes shipping I have a rebuilt carburetor from Specter Off Road that came with my 1975 Fj40. (I had a different one put on.) Model 042-01I-R Never installed still in box that Spector used. Their price is $425. Shipping to lower 48 included. I am located in the Western suburbs of...
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