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  1. Jerlit

    For Sale  Harrisonburg, VA - 100-series gray front seat leather - 2004 Toyota Landcruiser

    I am fixing up a poor, neglected 100-series (2004) LC and had to redo the front seats. I got a kit that included everything, but the original seat back, armrest, and headrest covers were still in great shape. I am selling those to someone who may not need a full kit like I decided to get...
  2. B

    For Sale  Sold

    I have a set (front driver/passenger) lseat covers in “bisque” that were never installed for my lx470. Comes with center console leather as well. Skip the long wait and purchase my set that I don’t need anymore. $300 plus shipping.
  3. Alibaster

    Let’s see your seat covers

    The last thread I could find was a few years old for seat covers, not replacement leather. Let’s see them and include the price and brand if you could!
  4. tampacruiser95

    Anyone have Melville and Moon seat covers in their 200?

    Which ones did you buy and how is the fit?
  5. Richfj60

    Where do you post interior stuff for sale?

    Sorry, I know its the wrong place for this, but not sure where to post, my stuff is not parting out and there isn't a interior section. I have a brand new complete interior kit- seat covers, door panels, and utility panels in brown (yellow striped fabric) $750 plus shipping OBO (there is a...
  6. Scubadoc

    BJ42 LX seat protectors?

    Anyone out there with a BJ42 LX have ideas where to find seat protectors for my LX? Pretty specific as the rear seat is the forward facing, zebra type. I want to take the top off this summer, but want to protect the zebra fabric. Pics of what you guys have would be great. I have the driver...
  7. T

    Anyone using seatcoversunlimited covers?

    Looking to buy seat covers for my 90 HDJ81 in the coming weeks and I think i've narrowed it down to two tone canvas from Forums search revealed surprisingly little, so i'm looking for input from anyone who has or has experience with these covers. Thanks
  8. T

    Wanted  LX470 Seat Covers

    Looking to buy some seat covers for my 2004 LX 470. I'm guessing I can use most Series 100 covers from 2003-2007 also. I've looked at SOR, EscapeGear, SmittyBuilt, Wet Okole, and a few others. I'm just curious if anyone is thinking of selling theirs before I purchase new. Thanks for your time!
  9. Gus

    For Sale  Brand new SOR "Tough Duck" jump seat slip covers for 40 series without factory roll bar

    ***SOLD*** I have a brand new (still in the packaging) set of Specter Off Road "Tough Duck" rear jump seat covers in grey. They fit 9/71 - 9/73 FJ40's and non USA FJ/BJ 40's without the factory roll bar with the long style jump seats with the angled bottom cushion. The SOR part numbers are...
  10. MattL

    For Sale  NEW 2007-2013 Tundra Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers (Charcoal)

    2007-2013 Toyota Tundra Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers in Charcoal - Part #: 049586-19 - Charcoal color - First row only (with headrest covers) - For Tundras with Low-back bucket seats (has accommodations for side airbags) - Crafted from high-quality canvas fabric for the ultimate in comfort and...
  11. John E Davies

    Removable front seat covers

    Any suggestions for my '13 200? I really like these from Equipt but there is no way in this lifetime that I will pay $460 for two.... "They are all handcrafted from 510 denier cotton canvas and contoured specifically to the Land Cruiser seating surface. Each cover set includes headrest covers...
  12. bulldog77

    For Sale  Used Wet Okole front seat covers for fzj80 -- SOLD

    When I purchased my 80 the PO had these seat covers installed. I reupholstered my seats so I no longer need them. The driver's seat also has an optional seat heating element (plugs into lighter outlet). They are quality seat covers and fit really well. Easy to take on and off and clean well...
  13. onetruth1130

    questions on DIY bumpers and seat covers...96 LX450

    ok first question. im considering fabricating my own rear bumper with swing out, maybe 2 swingouts. no small feat by any means. i have made my own swing out carrier for a subaru that went into the hitch and so far its holding up. i was just recently looking at another thread about diy...
  14. T4RBoarder

    '95-97 Leather to cloth seat covers

    Forgive me if this was posted, as I did not find an answer from search, feel free to point me in the right direction if I missed it. I only really found stuff for aftermarket covers and whole seat swaps. This morning I came across a full set of OEM cloth seat covers off of a '93-94 cruiser...
  15. cclemow

    For Sale  80 series Cabela's seat covers

    Cabelas front and second row seat covers by cclemow posted Mar 18, 2017 at 9:31 PM Front and second row seat covers in beige/black. As new condition. Never installed. Good quality materials and fit. Just found on sale and grabbed because I knew these are some of the best for an 80...
  16. Cruiserhead05

    For Sale  Specter Off Road tuff duck seat covers - 80 series

    I have a used set of front bucket, brown tuff duck seat covers. These are in very good condition. Paid $295. Price: $175.
  17. Z

    For Sale  Wet Okole Seat Covers FJ Cruiser Never installed

    I order and during the time of ordering and delivery I sold my FJ Cruiser (bought a LX470). These are black and grey with inflatable lumbar support and added cell phone pocket, also included are the odor eliminator, surface protection and shampoo. Asking $390 (actual cost and I will cover shipping)
  18. jdsegra

    For Sale  NEW FJ80 Land Cruiser Heaven Leather Seat Covers w Seat Heater Option

    NEW front seat set of light brownFJ80 Land Cruiser Heaven Leather Seat Covers w Seat Heater Option. I bought these for a FJ80 that didn't work out for us. These are new still in the shipping box. These are 630 plus 130 shipping if you order through Land Cruiser Heaven.. The seats look like...
  19. Ofcrtj

    Cheap DIY seat covers

    Just wanted to share something I did today that was cheap, easy and effective to fix those commonly worn out seats. So my drivers seat leather has long been toast. Since this isn't my daily driver I didn't want to spend a ton on fancy seat covers or reapoulstry so I took some old fabric and...
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