1. D

    Wanted  *WANTED* FJ60 Door Jam Moulding (Gray)

    Looking for FJ60 door jam molding in gray for the drivers rear door opening. If anyone has a lead on one of these that would be awesome. Pic attached for reference (Pic is from right door opening) Thanks in advance!
  2. Jean Kim Chaix

    For Sale  [NY] Full set of mud flaps for FJ60/62 (MUST HAVE FENDER FLARES TO FIT!)

    I have a complete set of front and rear OEM NEW mudguards for an FJ60/62, plus 1 extra set of rear mud flaps. Please note that the vehicle must be outfitted w fender flares for these to fit. (See sample photo) I don't have the nuts, bolts, washer to affix to the body, but these are readily...
  3. trucklady

    Advice on restoring FJ62 to Original Stock Paint or Different Color All Together

    I'm about to send my 1990 FJ62 to get painted for the first time since it left the factory in 1989. It spent the majority of its life in California under one owner so is beautifully maintained and completely rust free. The only real part of the car that took a beating was the paint from all the...
  4. TrvMac

    Wanted  Interior and bumpers wanted

    Does anyone have decent FJ60/62 seats for sale? Willing to just purchase the covers. If anything just a front seat cover. Looking for the rear carpet on the tailgate. I’ve got the brown/tan interior. Also looking for a rear bumper and steering wheel. Thank you! Trying to get this old girl finished
  5. DesertRose

    1988 FJ62 Exhaust Manifold Leak and Parts Issue

    Fine people of the IH8MUD community I need your help! I've been a member of this site since 2009 but have never really posted as my FJ has had no issues! [In advance - I already tried searching for the answer to this on the website but was unable to find my answers.] I have an 88 FJ62 -...
  6. T

    3F vacuum diagram (AUS) 1988 FJ62

    Hi all, I'm chasing down a potential vacuum issue on my 1988 3F carb (Australia) and my original vacuum line diagram on the air intake has faded to solid white. Anyone here with the same setup got one they can grab a pic of? I've browsed pretty much every site and manual to find one and only...
  7. Dragerman

    Wanted  1989 FJ62 Cold Start Timer Switch

    Hey guys, I am currently in search of a Cold start timer switch (8946220040) that will fit on my 89’ FJ62. Just bought the Cruiser and that piece is broken. Only having a problem finding this part, but if you also have the Thermostat housing lower (16333) and Thermostat housing gasket (16343)...
  8. W

    Wanted  Looking for a 38 mm split case Seattle/Portland area

    Hey guys I am after a later 60/62 series transfer case must be the 38 mm idler. Let me know if some one has one for sale. Thanks
  9. KissesandNoise

    FJ62 3FE Rebuild Conundrum

    First off, I'm so sorry. This was all bottled up inside and I think you guys are the only ones that will understand ... I own a 1988 FJ62 for about 15 years. I love the thing so much. Moved to Colorado from Florida and began to question the truck. It's unstoppable, but a DOG in the hills. It's...
  10. The Ark

    For Sale  Vallejo, Ca - Fj62 parts. Hitch, drive shafts, pedal bucket, bell housing.

    Hello. Im selling a few items from my 1990 FJ62 from a recent h55 conversion. Drive shafts Pedal Bucket Bell Housing and cover Tow Hitch No reasonable offer turned down.
  11. S

    For Sale  Texas 1988 Land Cruiser repair manual

    Very good condition no rips, no tears, no oily fingerprints. $60 shipped
  12. leucadiacruiser

    Wanted  FJ62 Cargo lock pull gray

    Looking for this. Dealer says NLA. Part number is 69706-90A00-03
  13. T

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 - 130K Miles

    Not mine but was wondering what y'all thought about this truck? Priced at $26,500. 1988 FJ62 - 131K Miles | Land Cruiser Nation
  14. Spencer Lerman

    Parting Out  Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 & FJ80 Partout Laughlin Nevada

    Parts pulled from a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 with 3FE and A440F transmission. Fuel Tank $100 Fuel Tank Guard $100 3FE Engine $500 A440F Transmission $400 Gray Leather 3rd Row $200 Gray Cloth Second Row $150 Muffler $100 Gutted Cats $100 passenger side front fender(small dent) $100 Fender...
  15. fj62steve

    Wanted  Grey Center Console - FJ62

    Looking for a good condition Center Console for an Fj62.
  16. A

    For Sale  Los Angeles FJ62 For Sale ‘90 - 15k

    Gus! He’s the best. Def don’t want to see him go but am looking to get into a diesel. He’s a great truck. Have only had him for little over year. Brakes, new battery, some other relatively minor work early on. Looking for a good home for him. Clean, some small surface rust- clean otherwise...
  17. Spencer Lerman

    1988-1992 Toyota Landcruiser 3FE FJ62 FJ80 Painted Valve Cover Toyota Landcruiser 3FE Valve cover painted with High Temp ceramic paint and high temp clear coat. Fits 1988-1990 Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 Series and 1991-1992 Toyota...
  18. R

    FJ62 A.T. Oil Light coming on?

    Hello, Yesterday I was coming back from Big Sur and at about 1:30hr into the drive the A.T. Oil light came on near the shifter. The drive isn't super strenuous just a couple of long hills on the highway. I noticed the shifter and console were rather hot to the touch. Any thoughts? Could it...
  19. Jinks11

    Wanted  FJ60 FJ62 parts

    grey fuse pannel cover grey seat belt covers - female side grey rear interior fendor covers rear exterior vents- no cracks chrome rear license place light fixture drivers side front window felt lining (inside window rubber/felt) white upper half tailgate - no rust
  20. William839

    For Sale  NM- 1986 Land Cruiser FJ60

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser fj60 with 269k on the odometer , engine rebuilt at 189k , receipts of all maintenance in the last 20 years Clean title, she needs some love to be road worthy and will be getting done by me in the meantime so price will go up as I fix things . Price is starting at 5k OBO...
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