1. AdventureYeti

    For Sale Orange County, California (FJ62 Land Cruiser Front Grille - Re-production, missing T & A Letters

    I have a new front grille that was purchased from CCOT missing the front letters T & A in TOYOTA. Yeah, kind of lame, I know. I purchased it thinking how hard could it be to get those pesky letters, and I came to find out it's impossible as the vendor who produces them does not sell them...
  2. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale Dubai: FJ60/62 Tachometer TACH RPM

    1) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $250 83270-90A07 In Great condition. Cleaned and serviced. 2) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $150 83270-90A15 The locks have been repaired. 3) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $200 83270-90A10 In Great condition. 4) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM...
  3. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    For Sale "The Princess", the Cummins 4BT Powered FJ62, is for sale OR Trade

    Make me an offer! It causes me great pain to post this. I may not end up selling her, but it's been a long road bringing this truck back. Now is your chance to own this legendary truck, all of the hard work is done. I've poured my heart, time and wallet into this project... Before you read...
  4. masperk

    Wanted FJ62 black manual side mirrors OEM

    Looking for a set of black manual OEM FJ62 side mirrors for my 60 ship to 40222 pm if you have some thanks
  5. zgarre

    For Sale HJ60 / FJ62 Fog Lamp Switch

    Bought this a few months back, but it does not fit any dash cutouts in my FJ60. It is originally from an HJ60. Possibly could fit an FJ62 blank? I’m not sure. It is in excellent condition. ***UPDATE - This WILL fit an FJ62 (scroll down to see more info from the community)*** I paid $90 for it...
  6. zgarre

    For Sale OEM FJ60 Rear Windshield Washer Jar / Tank

    Good condition (pics to follow). Doesn’t leak. In Toyota bag; used. $20 shipped in the United States.
  7. zgarre

    For Sale Pair of FJ60/62 “Land Cruiser” Side Emblems

    These were on the vehicle for less than 1,000 miles and were replaced unnecessarily as part of an 18-month restoration. So I have extras. OEM, excellent shape. $42.93 + shipping EACH from SOR; your price is $40 shipped in the United States for the pair. Pics to follow.
  8. red66toy

    For Sale WA: new old stock 3FE idle air control valves

    Hey all, Selling a small lot of new old stock idle air control valves (IACV) for the 3FE ( 22270-61010 ). They are a little marked up in some spots due to poor packing by the original seller but nothing to affect them functionally (see photos). These are new Toyota parts that were re-bagged by...
  9. C

    What to pay for 1989 FJ62?

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for my first FJ62. This one popped up in my neighborhood that I'm interested in. Any advice on what to pay/what it's worth...
  10. C

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 for sale 263k original miles - $7000

    1989 FJ62 - 263k original miles on stock 3F engine Second owner. Properly maintained throughout it's life. Original owner had it serviced through Toyota dealership in California (so minimal surface wear before coming to Utah) and second owner is a master mechanic and properly pampered it with...
  11. bubfuji

    For Sale FJ62 Fuel Injectors (Toyota PN 23250-61010)

    I have a set of 6 Fuel injectors for the FJ62 (3FE Engine) or FJ80 with the 3FE . $60.00 for the set plus shipping. The injectors were cleaned and balanced by RC Engineering in Torrance, CA back in 2003 and then never installed. They are still in the plastic from RC Engineering. Toyota PN...
  12. 90Cruzer

    Wanted FJ62 wiper motor rod arms

    Looking for a replacement unit as my rod connected to the motor broke. PM me with price +shipping to 20906. Thanks
  13. B

    For Sale NJ FJ62 For Sale
  14. A

    For Sale SOCAL - Los Angeles - 1987 Toyota FJ60

    I am selling this truck and listing it at about $19,000 give or take. Is this too much? I'd like for you guys to chime in with critiques and an honest valuation for any prospective buyers as I don't want to rip off anyone nor do i want to be taken advantage of. I am awful at selling myself but I...
  15. AH64

    SOLD Sonora CA: 3FE Motor and Transmission

    Just finished a 5.3 Swap in my 1988 FJ62 and have the the heart of the old girl ready to go to anyone with $300 in their pocket and time to come pick it up (NO SHIPPING). Was running when we carefully pulled it. PM if you want video of it running.
  16. leucadiacruiser

    FJ62 3FE OBD1 diagnostic port corrosion

    Somehow haven’t popped the cap on the diagnostic port in the two years I’ve owned it. Today I discovered what appears to be pretty bad corrosion. The search didn’t reveal any answers. Can this be cleaned? Baking soda? Electronics cleaner? Let me know what you know and thanks!
  17. S

    For Sale Bend, OR - FJ62 auto shifter, pedal bucket

    Stock auto shifter, cover plate and pedal bucket from a 1988 FJ62. $100 + shipping
  18. aonis

    Back of FJ62 is not level [please help]

    Hey folks, I've my FJ62 for about a year, it has new tires and OME shocks. Its also be balanced and aligned. However, every time I look at it from the back I swear it's not level and today I put a level on it and it's certainly not level. Does anyone know what would contribute to this? Is it...
  19. Spencer Lerman

    Lerms Customs - FJ80 3FE EGR Kits, Machine Shop Services, Parts

    Hello Everyone. Ive started this website to sell Toyota Landcruiser Parts, Tools and I also offer rebuilding/refurbishing services. You can visit my website at Thank you.
  20. RedComet

    For Sale SOLD: 1988 Maybe FJ62 on WV Morgantown Craigslist

    Talked to the guy, Doesn’t have a gas tank. And has some other stuff going on in the wiring harness in the dash. Hasn’t been running since he’s had it. He has the title. Got it from an estate sale. Somebody buy this because I can’t. 😭 Morgantown Craigslist.
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