1. shmukster

    For Sale  PA 4.10 third member from front axle of an FJ62

    Trying to get my garage cleaned out of parts and came across a nice 4.10 third, tag says it came from the front axle of an FJ62. Looks great inside and doesn't appear to have been dragged over a lot of rocks. Price $225 can ship in a plastic bucket at your expense, Best to email me...
  2. J

    Wanted  Wanted FJ62 lower front valance (88-90)

    Looking for lower apron front valance for FJ62.
  3. okfj40guy

    Brake upgrade for fj62

    what are options for brake upgrade for a fj62, rebuild front caliper and rear drum, but still have poor performance when applying brakes.
  4. MrMacdugal

    Parting Out  Massachusetts FJ62 parting out whats left

    I picked up this FJ62 a few weeks back and took the few items that I needed. Pretty much everything you see in the photos is available and for sale. I still have not fully removed all the parts to catalog and price. If you see something you would like, please send me your offer and where it is...
  5. LynnFJ62

    Kick down cable fj62

    For a year, i have been able to push the kickdown cable back into the sheath when it got slack. (i could hear the shifting wasnt correct and i would pull over push it back in ..... where it attaches to the gas pedal cable swivel thing under the hood). Couple weeks ago it would not push all the...
  6. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  FJ60 and FJ62 switches in New Jersey

    Have 8 switches from FJ60’s and FJ62’s - “2” FJ60 light switches are $50 each plus shipping - FJ62 light switch is $60 plus shipping - “2” wiper switches are $60 each plus shipping - FJ62 wiper switch is $60 plus shipping - “2” defrost switches are $60 each plus shipping - Switch...
  7. LynnFJ62

    FJ62 owner new to site. hello!!

    I've a down shift cable question. Need to word it first. Anyways, just saying hi for now because i just joined. Is this where i should post my question?
  8. R

    For Sale  Phoenix FJ62 Fj60 Liftgates Misc

    Lower and upper lift gates in excellent condition. $500 each 2nd Upper no glass decent condition $100 602-403-852two
  9. A

    Noobie Intro

    Hello all! This is my new to me 1990 FJ62. She hails from LA, Lower Alabama. She is virtually rust free but needs some TLC. This is my first Cruiser so I will be learning and leaning on yall for help and advise.
  10. Ocho77

    Wanted  MI: FJ62 3FE Upper Therm Housing

    Looking for a good condition upper thermostat housing for my 3FE. Have a new lower housing and the upper is beyond help. Shipping to 49459.

    steering rebuild

    Hello folks! I need to get my power steering gearbox and pump rebuilt for my 88 FJ62. Any suggestions as to who I should mail these off to ?? Many thanks !
  12. 88Retired62

    Possible FJ62 Brake Booster Failure

    After 35 years of ownership I find myself diving into the possibility of brake booster replacement. All the other braking components in the system, including the booster check valve, have been thoroughly assessed and the symptoms of a very stiff brake pedal resistance with increased stopping...
  13. tspv7065

    For Sale  Atlanta - '89 FJ62 Land Cruiser for sale

    1989 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser, 169k miles, always lived in Atlanta, GA area. 3rd owner and have owned it since March 2012. Clean title, pristine interior, A/C blows cold, no rust whatsoever, never been in an accident, never been off-road, no mods other than an updated center console and roof...
  14. 9

    Cruise Control help for 1990 FJ62 newbie...

    Anyone have a lead on cruise control parts for a 1990 FJ62? I believe it is # 59D-02392-2. I recently acquired my Dad's 1990 FJ62, so I'm jumping on the fix it list. One of the first things was that the speedo didn't work, but when the guys went to fix it, they realized that it had dealer...
  15. J

    SOLD  Charleston: 1988 FJ62 LandCruiser

    1988 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser - Full listing on FB and can send pictures on demand - Log into Facebook - Asking 22.5k with all additional parts - 129,000 Miles - 4.0L 3F-E Inline-Six - Four-Speed Automatic Transmission - Two Speed...
  16. mrocks

    FJ62 No Start Issue

    First post here. I picked up a 223k mile FJ62 a couple months ago. Drove home approx 20 miles just fine. I did some pressure washing under the hood and then a cap, rotor, plugs, wires, and cleaned throttle body. Ran great. There was a mangled ground wire going from the air meter through the...
  17. P

    Wanted  (CA) FJ-62 OEM Grey seat cover bottom- either driver or pass.

    WTB - OEM grey front Seat bottom- in good condition - no rips or tears.
  18. ClemsonCruiser

    Wanted  SC: FJ62 Rear Bench Seat

    Hey everyone. Looking for a pristine grey rear bench seat for my FJ62. Prefer one located in a days drive of the Southeast. Please PM me if you have one with pictures and price. Thanks, JP
  19. BittersweetInfamy

    Fj62 introduction and the before and after

    I have been lurking on this website for a while and using this great platform as a base of knowledge. The community here is great! Just wanted to share the progress of the Landcruiser. Hoping to eventually get enough time to start a build thread. I have over 1,000 pictures documenting the...
  20. MrMacdugal

    For Sale  Massachusetts FJ62 Rear Hatch smalls

    Pulled everything from a really dented up but otherwise functioning upper hatch. Lock cylinder & motor complete $30.00 Will separate )Lock plunger $10.00(SOLD) Wiper motor complete assembly(missing nut to retain wiper) but otherwise 100% complete including mounting hardware. $45.00 Rear...
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