1. lloydn470

    Help Needed FJ62! Calling all leaf springs experts!

    I'm new to this whole forums thing so please excuse if I bugger anything up. Have a 1989 FJ62 with a 2 inch lift and am trying to replace the leaf spring bushes. Decided to do the front ones first. Jacked up the frame, put it on 2 jack stands to relieve the tension on the springs and unbolted...
  2. R

    Stolen > Blue FJ62 (1989)

    Hey IH8MUD, First time poster here, but I have really enjoyed reading these forums the last 5 years. This desperate post is a bit of a hail mary--I just found out today that my LC was stolen. And I'm pretty gutted. I had been parking/storing my 1989 FJ62 at my work's private garage in...
  3. 1


    Gday everyone, please read the complete ad before contacting me, no holds, all price's ono for quick cash sale's Pick up Russell Island/Redland Bay 4165 or I can post small parts anywhere at buyers expense, I can also deliver large items within reason (Must be paid for prior) WRECKING ALL...
  4. Frostyfj62

    Fj60/62 Rear cargo panels

    I'm looking for a set of fj60/62 cargo panels or a template so I can trace and build my own custom panel. If any one had something I would gladly buy them even if its just the press board I just want to copy them on some plywood. Thx
  5. M

    SOLD  Whitefish, MT, 1989 HJ60 high roof

    For sale is a 1989 Land Cruiser HJ60 high roof. Japanese import. Had plans to slowly restore and overland. 2H diesel with auto transmission. 149000 miles. Very clean interior, body has small blemishes throughout and one small (1”) rust hole on the right rear quarter. Frame has surface rust. Had...
  6. J

    STOLEN 88 FJ62 - Portland Oregon

    Hey all, Putting this out there for good measure. My 62 was stolen in Portland OR last night. Looking for a 1988 Landcruiser that was stolen last night or this morning inner SE Portland, OR. 1988 Toyota Landcruiser - Gold - mostly stock appearance. Small dent above rear bumper on drivers...
  7. gibburnz

    NEWBIE 62 Owner!!!

    Hey folks-- My girlfriend and I picked up a RHD 62 this past weekend. Absolutely in love with it. Running into a few minor issues since it came over from Japan, but really digging it so far. Background... I had a 2011 Toyota 4Runner that was completed modded out. We sold it, picked up a RAV4...
  8. A5Sooner

    New Member and FJ62!

    Hey all, I picked up this 'beast' last over the weekend. Somewhat of a 'barn find'. She's a 1989 FJ62 with 140k, OME Lift (Not sure of the weight), new shocks all around. Tossed a new battery in it and fired right up. She's got some rust, had a muffler fire that burned up the rear seat...
  9. S

    Wanted  West Coast: FJ62 (88 or 89)

    Hey Fam- Looking for a running FJ62 in CA, OR, or AZ. My Tacoma just got stolen off the streets of LA so looking to replace it with a dream rig. Thanks!
  10. KwaTeebs

    FJ62 (1987) rebuild, and 1HZ diesel swap

    I accidentally bought myself a LandCruiser. Well we bought it for my work as a tow vehicle... I paid half and my business partner paid half. The business never had the cash to buy it off me, so I took it over and now I have a vehicle to fix up. Its a 1987 FJ62, with a 3F petrol engine. She has...
  11. D

    Air flow meter air by-pass passage screw - FJ62/3fe

    Does anyone know the function of this screw? It is similar in appearance to the Golden Screw on the throttle body, but the FSM does not mention its function, just identifies the chamber that it is sunk into as the "air by-pass passage." I also find only one thread on Mud that mentions it. When I...
  12. 89FJ Newbie

    Wanted  New Mexico

    I'm like the fellar below me. looking for pointers on help or an a440f.
  13. C

    FJ62 seats - Restoration or Original?

    Hey guys, first post here. English is my 2nd language so, sorry for grammar. So I have a FJ62 currently working on it and unfortunately is for re-sale (hopefully the next one will be mine too keep) my idea was to keep it but I need some money now. The FJ it's an 88 and the interior it's original...
  14. StinkyPig

    SOLD  FJ62 Radiator NEW For Sale

    I believe this is an FJ62 radiator according to the part number on the box and the corresponding manufacturers website data. I received this NEW radiator by mistake some time ago but only just realized it when I went to unbox it. If someone wants it for $210 I will ship it for free within the...
  15. Rockymtnreaper

    SOLD  Calabasa, Ca: 1988 FJ62 Frame off restoration. AKA The Gold Surfer

    Hey guys, I am selling a 1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser for a friend in Southern California. It’s a beauty that has been through a frame-off restoration with a previous owner. It drives amazing and gets plenty of thumbs up along the way. It came from Japan straight to Florida where it has lived...
  16. vankho

    FJ62 3FE Cylinder 1 Not-Firing? Running Rich?

    This pass weekend, I was doing some compression tests trying to diagnose a possible head gasket leak and did a double-take on the state of my relatively new spark plugs. FJ62 is pretty rough from a cold start, especially under 1500 RPM. There's an occasional popping sound but disappears as it...
  17. T

    Warning / Scam: Fraud on a black/grey 1988 FJ62 selling online

    I wanted to alert people to a fraud situation with a black/grey FJ62 for sale online. Long story short: I tried to buy it, transferred funds, never received delivery, they won't respond to my emails, and now probably lost the money. Slightly longer story: I've been looking to buy an FJ60/62...
  18. NGA60

    SOLD  Fj62 or Fj60 sun visors.

    Driver and passenger sun visors for FJ60, or FJ 62. Came out of a 88 FJ62. Visors are in decent shape, typical sagging but no stains. $65 shipped.
  19. 88red

    For Sale  MD: fj62 axles / housings and 4.11 third

    I have 3 rear and 2 front axles from fj62. Willing to sell as they sit, with or without 4.11 third members and inner axles/cv. All need new seals at a minimum. Can sell painted and fully rebuilt as well. Located in MD. Willing to ship. Reasonable prices depending on if I need to prep to ship and...
  20. jkdur728

    Parting Out  Virginia/ Washington DC 2 1988 fj62 Land Cruisers Part Out

    I have a 2 fj62s that im parting out. One is mostly dismantled and im willing to see the roller pictured. (Have a trans/case Motor etc) The other truck is very complete at this time. There is a link to my YouTube channel when I picked it up so you can see whats available via video if thats...
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