1. N

    88 FJ62 Restoration

    88 FJ62, in process. Stripped, epoxied, 2k primed, based, and glamour cleared - color is Toyota Cement Gray... any suggestions on resto-modifications? TRD running boards, roof rack, etc? Looking for any suggestions, thanks.
  2. cmcp0101

    For Sale  Tempe, AZ 1989 FJ62 Land Cruiser

    Condition: Great example of a cruiser that has been loved and well taken care of. Any 31 year old vehicle is going to have a few flaws, and I will outline every issue I know below. Per the vehicle history report I am the 4th owner. From what I have learned the original owner was based in Texas...
  3. alecanglum

    Wanted  SW MO: FJ62/60 fenders & doors

    Hello all! I’m currently searching for a pair of clean front fenders, a front driver side door, and a rear passenger side door. Must be located near Missouri or willing to ship. Send me whatcha got!
  4. KCFJ62

    Seat Cover and Foam replacement (Cruiser Corps and SOR)

    Thought I'd share my experience replacing my 30+ year old upholstery and drivers side seat foam. Background:I have a 89 with about 212k miles, second owner in NorCal so pretty rust free. I have zero experience doing upholstery work. Purchased the seat covers from Cruiser Corps and got a...
  5. bubfuji

    FJ62 Smog related air injection check valve.

    Hello, The Toyota OEM air injection check valve on my FJ62 came apart. The physical check valve components separated inside the valve body, the rivet holding things together plugged one of the air feed tubes into the cylinder head. This part as many others is no longer available new from Toyota...
  6. T

    For Sale  (NY) Mobi Arc On-Board Welder

    Hi, folks-- I never installed this puppy and since it is has been sitting in my shop for years it seems I never will. (Manufacturer website MOBI-ARC | Mobile Welding Equipment) So: up for sale is a brand new complete bolt-in package that includes a soup-to-nuts setup for an on-board welder. The...
  7. L

    For Sale  CO:1988 FJ62 Gray, 202k miles

    Hello Mud, I am selling my 1988 FJ62 with 202,000 miles on it. Bought it in 2009 and never planned on selling it. Drove away from our wedding and brought two babies home from the hospital in this truck. But life (and more kid friendly FZJ80, Sequoia, and Tundra) happens. This truck runs and...
  8. bubfuji

    Wanted  FJ62 Air Injection Rail

    Hello, I'm looking for the air injection rail on the FJ62 or early FJ80. I see many folks have de-smog'd their rigs. Hoping someone has their FJ62 air injection rail laying around to sell.
  9. grayjs

    For Sale  Calgary AB - 60 Series Parts

    Hi everyone I have a bunch of spare cruiser parts for sale, everything is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. All prices are in USD and does not include shipping. I base all my prices on other comparable ads on this site. If I am out of line feel free to make an offer. I am going to start with...
  10. T

    Wanted  I am looking for a late Model FJ62 with sub 50,000 miles. Can you help me?

    I am not a dealer. I live in Los Angeles. Any tips or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Mark Dickey

    For Sale  FJ40, FJ60/62 Parts. Body parts mostly (Dickey Sales) Through Offer Up App (California) Parts include at this time... FJ60/62 SOR me Ratio of cost top tail top gate w/o wiper Glass 350 Top tail top gate w/o wiper $425.00 255...
  12. M

    3FE Fuel Injector Part Number Mystery .....

    This is my first post so before I begin .... a big thanks to the community for all the help and resources over the past year on my build. I have a 01/1988 FJ62 I received from the original owner (my father). I rode around in this truck as a kid and have a lot of fond memories on family road...
  13. SirBeef

    1988 FJ62 LED Interior Bulb Swap Chart (2020 Edition)

    Hey friends. I just finished upgrading all of my old dash bulbs, as well as cargo and dome lights, with new LEDs from SuperBrightLeds. I was using a list from an old thread on here, but most bulbs on the list were no longer in production. So...I made a new list with links, prices, colors...
  14. C

    Thinking of Buying LED Headlights from Cruiser Corps. Anyone tried these? I don't see any reviews and customer service is work from home/can't give me the exact product name but said they sell quite a few of these. Anyone have any experience with these? Are they plug and play or...
  15. Drake2

    For Sale  WI - Haynes (60, 62, 80, FZJ80) & Chiltons (1970-1988) Manuals

    The books are in good condition. Haynes - $16 shipped Chiltons - $11 shipped Paypal F&F
  16. Bubba44

    SOLD  Napa, CA: 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

    For sale is my '89 FJ62 Weekend Warrior Wagon. Runs great, cruises at freeway speed without issue. Typically achieve 15+mpg on the highway, 10/12 around town. I have a clean Carfax from when I purchased in 2011 showing she has always been a CA vehicle. 234k miles on the odometer, with less...
  17. DenaliJames

    Wanted  *WANTED* FJ60 Door Jam Moulding (Gray)

    Looking for FJ60 door jam molding in gray for the drivers rear door opening. If anyone has a lead on one of these that would be awesome. Pic attached for reference (Pic is from right door opening) Thanks in advance!
  18. Jean Kim Chaix

    For Sale  [NY] Full set of mud flaps for FJ60/62 (MUST HAVE FENDER FLARES TO FIT!)

    I have a complete set of front and rear OEM NEW mudguards for an FJ60/62, plus 1 extra set of rear mud flaps. Please note that the vehicle must be outfitted w fender flares for these to fit. (See sample photo) I don't have the nuts, bolts, washer to affix to the body, but these are readily...
  19. trucklady

    Advice on restoring FJ62 to Original Stock Paint or Different Color All Together

    I'm about to send my 1990 FJ62 to get painted for the first time since it left the factory in 1989. It spent the majority of its life in California under one owner so is beautifully maintained and completely rust free. The only real part of the car that took a beating was the paint from all the...
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