1. M

    For Sale 1990 FJ62 - Chico, CA - 273,000 miles

    Hey everyone, I have an all original 1990 FJ62 for sale. I have owned it for 5 years and have only put about 10k miles on it. Since I’ve owned it I have replaced the cooling system, master cylinder, and got the AC blowing cold. Clean interior. It has a small leak at the rear main, not enough...
  2. Bill92

    Wanted WTB 85-up bellhousing, OR complete manual 4 spd swap bundle

    I am swapping my 88 FJ62 to manual. It is SOA, so I really need the 85-up bell housing to clock the TC to sit as low as possible. I already have a source for the tranny and TC, but need the bellhousing. Or, if you want to sell me the whole kit in one shot I would consider that as well Located...
  3. hogansgyros

    Wanted FJ62 rear heater cover wanted

    Looking for a rear heater cover like the one in the image for a 1989 FJ62. Let me know if you have a spare. Thanks so much!
  4. Tor88

    For Sale El Dorado Hills. 4.0 3FE Engine with A440F transmission 250k miles

    Having my 3FE engine and transmission swapped out. Engine runs well, clean, transmission is in good condition. Have some documentation of work done on the engine in past years. Will not include the A/C or transfer case. Buyer will need to pick up. The shop doing the work will load it into your...
  5. A

    No-start (does crank) 1989 FJ62 - need input

    Hey mudders, trying to diagnose a no start, no CEL, does crank issue. At first I thought it was fuel delivery related but now I’m stumped. I am able to get it running if I force the fuel pump to run via the diagnostic port (FSM calls it the check connector) by jumping the FP and B+ terminals...
  6. WolfyStudios

    Wanted Where can I find this FJ62 Roof Rack?

    Anyone know where to source or who can make? I NEED it!
  7. B

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 1989, Oklahoma - nice!

    My 1989 Fj62 with 158K miles, ome lift, fresh paint, and excellent interior/new carpet is ending on BringATrailer today. Sorry for short notice but hopefully its of interest to someone.
  8. Seabass60

    SOLD Wilton, CA-Fresh and Complete "2FE" engine package kit long block with ALL parts never been installed

    Hello all! First of all I want to thank everyone on this forum but being an absolute life saver throughout my restoration. I've decided to take the project in another direction, so here we are. The rig was a one owner bone stock 1987 60 and driven by an older couple, pretty much the dream 60...
  9. A

    Wanted FJ 62 Driver Side Fender and Valance Panel

    My daughter cell phoned our 1988 FJ62. Now I need some parts to get our car back on the road. In particular, I'm trying to help my body shop get what it needs to proceed with the repair. We need an FJ62 driver's side left front fender and valance panel. With the encouragement of my insurance...
  10. Tor88

    For Sale Sacramento; FJ62 dash pad in Gray

    Selling the dashboard pad from my 1988 FJ 62. One large crack in front of the steering wheel. A couple of other cracks throughout.(shown in pictures).
  11. Tor88

    For Sale Sacramento; FJ62 Center Console for sale

    Center console with cupholders and original switch wiring harness. Pretty good shape. Only crack/hole in the front storage area. Somewhat faded over time.
  12. H

    1989 Land Cruiser FJ62 dipstick length

    I recently inherited a FJ62. I had all the fluids changed at the dealer and it pretty much sat for the next 6 months. When I checked the oil this morning it was way past full, so I assumed they over filled it. I dumped all the oil and pulled the filter then did a refill. At 7 quarts it is...
  13. Y

    For Sale 1989 land cruiser FJ62

    I bought this cruiser last year from the original owner in dallas, tx. It has 297,550 on it. His dad bought it new from a dealer ship and arizona and drove it back to dallas wear it has lived for the past 32 years. It sat for the last 10 years before I bought it. So it was not running at the...
  14. R

    Need help on pricing for sale

    Hello, I have a 1989 FJ62 with 240,000 miles on it. ARB suspension and rack, everything runs and functions properly. Minimal to no rust. Just trying to get a ballpark on what should be asking for it? Thanks for your help!
  15. 1978FJ4O

    SOLD Clean FJ62 Clean Body IL

    I have a clean FJ62 body for sale. Located in Illinois. Comes will all doors and tailgate and most of the interior. $1200 OBO Photos
  16. FishTown

    SOLD Central TX: 1989 FJ62 Mild Build

    Edit: Open to trades for the right Toyota, GMC, Chevy trucks or 100 series cruiser. Just closed on our house and need to fund some renovations. This has been a fun truck, but one of the cruisers has to go. I purchased the truck in Feb. 2021. Flew out to Oregon to pick her up, drove down to...
  17. D

    SOLD 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 w/H55F - FL

    $16,500. Expedition build 62 with 274k miles for sale in St. Augustine, FL. Bought two years ago as a camping rig, but I am no longer camping regularly so it's time for someone else to enjoy it. Highlights follow. Detailed upgrade and maintenance history available upon request. Serious offers...
  18. R

    FJ62 Missing Lug Nut and Stud. Safe to Drive?

    Hello, I am missing one-lug nut and stud on my front passenger side wheel (5 out of 6 are fine). Is it still safe to drive? My mechanic said it was fine but wanted to double-check before making a road trip.
  19. Tor88

    SOLD Auburn, CA 1988 FJ62 Original Rims

    Selling full set (5) of original wheels for 1988 FJ62. I will pressure wash before you purchase. Good shape! Asking $350 obo. Selling them as a set.
  20. B

    SOLD Orange County, CA: 1988-1990 FJ62 Stock Exhaust -- FREE

    In fair condition. All hangers original and in place. You have to supply the rubber bushings etc. Small hole (dime sized) on top of the exhaust near the first resonator that you can have an exhaust shop patch up. Someone wants to pick up for scrap but want to see if someone can use it first...
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