1. Navyator

    Seat Belt Compatibility Question

    Hi All, I have a question about compatibility of seat belts between years. I have a 1991 JDM with some questionable seat belts. My driver side belt is starting to fray and it is difficult to get the belt to lock by pulling on it. Basically it takes a lot of sharp pulls and it engages maybe...
  2. amagnono

    Steering box replacement - documented

    Okay boys, I've recently worked through changing out my power steering box and I wanted to post the process here. I can say that this swap made an incredible difference in eliminating slop in the steering wheel for my rig. It went from being genuinely terrifying at highway speeds to feeling...
  3. G

    Seat belts interchangeable side to side ???

    Are the FJ80 seat belts and retractor assemblies interchangeable (i.e., identical) side to side? Can I replace my front driver's side assembly with a front passenger side assembly? And, thank you all for your interest. GringoBob
  4. BMThiker

    Installation - Icon Delta Joint for Total Chaos UCAs

    I recently installed the new Delta Joints in my front UCAs. These replace the typical uniballs that Total Chaos designed for their control arms. This new joint is similar to the stock sealed ball joint, but offers more articulation. It has a small grease zerk on the top. You can use the low...
  5. Z

    Leather Seat Covers - 200 Series? Perforated?

    Hi I recently purchased a 2014 LC with black perforated "leather". THere is a rip the size of a quarter in the middle of the drivers seat so I am looking at replacing the bottom drivers side cover. I've previously purchased a set from Metric TLC for a 2000 LX470. Any ideas where I can find a...
  6. sunrk

    Fitting new genuine set of 1hz injectors soon - what else to replace ?

    I've tracked down a set of new genuine 23600-69055 injectors to suit the 1hz motor in my 80 and will be fitting them once I get the time. Got them much cheaper that what Amayama or Partsouq are quoting so jumped on them to take some positive action about the poor idling performance with the...
  7. sunrk

    Frustration with getting tie-rod ends to come out

    Maybe I'm just a wuss (sic!) but i was trying to get the tie-rod ends to come free on the front steering rod (going from pitman arm to LHS swivel hub arm) however I baulked after getting a bit too jiggy with my nice Hazet tool ball joint tool. Will have a go again soon. Just wondering where...
  8. M

    Aluminum Radiators

    I had the pleasure of replacing two radiators because of mishandling from mfg or delivery. I had holes in one and a hairline crack in the other. Now I'm looking at a new radiator from OzCoolingParts. Has anyone tried these guys? It looks good but only 2 reviews. BTW: I have a 2002 LX470.
  9. Swampfox58

    Delusional About My Oil Pump?

    I'm having issues whit my oil pressure. After engine/oil warm up everything runs fine and I have decent oil pressure until I stop. While the engine idles the pressure drops and won't rise again until I rev the engine. I'm looking at replacing the oil pump. Can't I access it by just dropping the...
  10. pavlis613

    Fuel Filter to fuel pump line

    Greetings. And forgive my possible ignorance. I'm trying to get a 1971 FJ40 back on the road. Things are progressing. Found the answer to my 6-spline hub problem (thanks, skully3!) and things are getting pretty close to launch. My current hangup is the soft fuel line that runs from the fuel...
  11. pavlis613

    Fuel Filter to fuel pump line

    Greetings. And forgive my possible ignorance. I'm trying to get a 1971 FJ40 back on the road. Things are progressing. Found the answer to my 6-spline hub problem (thanks, skully3!) and things are getting pretty close to launch. My current hangup is the soft fuel line that runs from the fuel...
  12. Pierce

    Stealing a supercharger need parts list

    I need wisdom. I'm stealing a supercharger off of a 1994 year model and putting it on a 1997. Does someone have a list of parts that will be needed once I take the supercharger off of the 1994 like the intake hose? I know the easy answer is to use the parts from the 1997 on the 1994 but I need...
  13. J

    Power Steering Cooler - Replacement

    I just spent a couple evenings working on my 1994 Land Cruiser. The power steering cooler had some pretty bad corrosion/rust that lead to a leak in the "paper clip" cooler. To help the next guy I wanted to let you know what all needs to done to replace the cooler with an OEM part or like me, a...
  14. PeeZed

    70 Series Lower Windshield Frame Replacement

    Good morning folks, I am getting a local sheet metal fabrication shop to make up a 2pc replacement section for my lower windshield frame on my 1989 BJ74. Mine is completely rusted out, but what's interesting is that just past the obvious rust everything still looks OEM! So, it's worth...
  15. Joshau

    LSeat's diamond stitch leather seats

    Definitely time to install new leather seats and researching I found all the usual suppliers. I'm thinking about going out on a small limb and installing LSeat's diamond stitch leather pattern on the front & middle rows, with diamond stitch leather replacing the leather on the door inserts as...
  16. Dork

    Rear Crossmember Replacement Poll Time

    Hey This has probably been discussed before, but searching hasn't found me anything specific. I'm coming up with ideas for building a new rear bumper, and am contemplating removing the rear crossmember in order to make something fit a bit more snug. Bumper will likely end up being 3/16"...
  17. mrjordann

    Where should I buy a radiator?

    Hello! New to cruisers. I just bought my first (1973 FJ40). My truck's radiator has a huge section punctured and cut out. Needless to say, it needs to be replaced. My question is-- where should I get a radiator? What's the best place to find a quality radiator (or any engine parts)? Thanks in...
  18. luzercruiser

    replacement radiator suggestion? and alil tec help?

    ive got a crack on my 2002 4runner's radiator running along the top of my radiator on the plastic ive patched with JB weld for the time being. anyone have any all aluminum suggestions or should i just stick with a koyo like the taco forums suggest? id like to crush the milkshake/ future plastic...
  19. BJ74PE

    13BT seal replacement

    Hey there, Ever since I own my BJ74, it has lost a couple drops of engine oil. It wasn't that noticeable at until the last couple of years when a 2-drop pattern as if the leakage came from both rear corners of the oil pan took shape. After cleaning, I came to realize the leak might come from...
  20. JimmyPrado

    Flasher replacement for LED blinkers

    Wondering if you have switched to led blinkers, did you replace the flasher? I'd rather do it that way. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the stock flasher in the pic off my LJ78 is a CF13 or CF14?
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