roll cage

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Apr 8, 2008
lebanon, oregon
i am considering building my own roll cage as a summer project and have a few questions.

1. does anyone have a blueprint for one they built?
2. are there any problems i might run into.
3. what sort of material did you use. (im thinking 2.5"x1/8 wall mild steel)
I have never built one, but from other threads on here it sounds like your choice of size and thickness of tubing is reasonable. You should probably use DOM (drawn over mandrel) and if your mild steel is 1010 or 1020 I would suggest 4130 (chromolly) instead. Hopefully you will soon hear from more knowledgeable and experienced people soon.
Check the MetalTech site. They give you the size / type of tube they use. I think it is 2 x .125 DOM. Looks like you might be in there neck of the woods. I have their cage, and it is very nice..

i personaly would by a do it yourself kit. you get the gratification of building it without all the headaches of remeasure and recut and redo. etc.. now if your a metal worker and have skillz and tool and benders and the know how, which by your questions i think not so much (not in a rude way) your better off getting a kit and go fomr there,
IF you have the welding skills grab a kit from metal messing around with a cage for my truck and it takes alot of thought and TIME as far as the bends and notching goes when you are first starting off, also remember that if you want to build your own your going to need a tube bender, welder, cutoff/bandsaw ect.... material that most people (myself included) seem to be using for their cages is 1.75x.120 wall DOM tube. i would not advise using the 4130 tube unless you intend to have it professionaly tig welded because chromoly steels tend to crack if not welded properly and it will probably cost you a fair bit more just in material costs and tube aint cheap to begin with.
i used 2"x.25 uprights 2"x.25 halo and 1.25"x.120 for all the x bracing and gussets. with a occasional 1" here and there. soon to build a seat cradle and i will be using 1".
I suggest getting a Metal Tech kit. It takes all the headaches out of measuring, cutting and bending, mostly notch and weld in place. I still have one in the boxes for another project although, I will be buying extra tubing to fill in some areas (dash bar and the bar between the main hoop just a couple of the places) that needs to be filled in. They are pretty easy to put together. Just make sure you weld it good.

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