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Feb 19, 2010
Littleton, CO
I'm in the process of an axle swap and need some advice on a master cylinder. I'm using '76 axles and I have a master cylinder but it's huge. Seems like it will take up alot of room in the engine compartment. My question: Is there a good year to rob a master cylinder from? I.e. FJ, mini truck, or 4-runner that isn't so long?
I'm in the process of doing this to my 65. I would get a Master and booster from a Fj60 and an adapter from JT outfitters. This also will require cutting the rib on the fire wall between the master and the clutch master and you will probably have to run new brake hard lines. A booster is pretty much essential with disks.

I also found all of this info here on mud. Just keep rewording your search question until you find pics or info your looking for.
The 80 master comes with a reservoir so you don't need to use the old ones.

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If you use the spacer, you should not need to cut the support on the firewall. That is WHY you use the spacer.


we used a 4-Runner booster and MC on my 40 when my '72 booster gave out - direct bolt-on, except for very minor "clearancing" of the '72 firewall rib
One important thing to remember when installing a non-fj40 booster--the vacuum valve is built into the booster on a 40, but usually not any other booster. So, always check on the location of the valve. I used a booster out of a mini-truck and the valve was in the line to the booster, so I made sure to install it in the new vacuum line.


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