Making up scuff/sill plates, are you interested??

Which kind of scuff/sill plates do you want??

  • Chromed sheet metal ONLY

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Eric Ellis has been kind enough to send me a set of good scuff/sill plates from his '55. I am researching the cost to fab up sets here in Guatemala for delivery in June. From my understanding, the scuff plates he sent me are from his '71 '55 with driver side wiring. I laid them in my '76 with passenger side wiring and they seem to fit fine so I assume that they will do well for all years of '55's.

These will be made to match the OEM plates as near as possible and could be made of aluminum, stainless steel, chromed sheet metal or plain sheet metal. I will leave the drilling of holes for mounting screws to the buyer as the hole location may change depending on wiring side. I do not yet have a cost but I'll edit this thread as soon as I know pricing.

As these scuff/sill plates are a little larger than the gears I made up for the tailgate I am going to make them only for those who have payment to me or Eric by the end of April so I have enough time to get them made for our departure north at the end of May. Since I'll be driving north I can deal with a little more bulk this time.

If you are interested, post in this thread and please also vote in the poll as to what type you'd prefer (you can only make ONE choice). If there is only one type that you'd consider at all, post that too so we know what to make up.

Again, payment will be required by the end of April AT THE LATEST. If you're interested be SURE to check this thread again in the coming weeks.

I voted stainless, and that's my idela, but I would be very happy with aluminum as well, and there was no "Stainless or aluminum" option. But either would be awesome. Thanks for all the legwork on these.

Eli in Boise

I won't have any pic's until the first set gets done. It will be done in whatever we decide to go with so you'll see the plan but at that point you will no longer have a choice of materials (not that you can choose now).

The purpose of the poll is to see if there is a willingness to buy these and if folks want a particular material. If there is a strong desire for a certain material I'll see if we can make the run with that. Personally, I'd prefer stainless but I know it's expensive and harder to work with. I'm in the "whatever material I can get" category!
Alum would be the easiest to work with. Think about adding some sort of traction veneer cuz I don't wanna be slippin & bangin my shinbone :D Put the plates in a corrugated or waffle press before you place them in the brake. Take a look at some of the sidesteps in various aftermarket SUV's & duplicate..... :grinpimp:
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I had hoped to have pricing already but it seems that we are having some difficulty finding someone to do the gentle bends rather than what is normally done in sheet metal which is a 90 degree sharp bend.

Don't give up hope yet.
Well I have had NO luck in finding someone here with a press brake to form rounded corners. I've decided to ask on the price of a set of aluminum scuff/sill plates with hard corners (regular sheet metal brake). I'll let you know what I find out.

I have not given up on the gentle corners though, maybe I'll have to get creative! Personally, I WANT the gentle curved bend!
Scuff Plates

Started mocking up some idea's for scuff plates. Picked up some aluminum from the local hardware store and also a doorway plate.

polished up

A little sandpaper, steel wool and Mother's, one of these should work. I'am getting close to something I can work with.
The smaller sample really came out nice without alot of work. Any thoughts , idea's , likes, dislikes?


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