Long Jump seats, Short Jump seats or Bench seat?

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Mar 16, 2007
Well I need some opinions. Two years of work is completed, I will posts some pics of my 40 soon. I have a 71' with the long jump seats which are in great condition. I have a factory roll bar, which is not origional on a 71' but I like the way it looks. I have two small childresn 5 and 7 that I want to be able to drive around safely in the back. I could very easily put the long jump seats in with some longer brackets so they fit in front of the roll bar. I question how safely my kids would be back there. I also thought of finding a set of shorter jump seats from a later model 40 and put them in the back which I think would look great but I still have the safety issue. My last option is to put in a rear bench seat. IronPig offers a rear folding one on black for like 250.00 which seems reasonable. I feel like this would be the safest option for the kids, but I question whether or not it will ruin the integrity of the 40. What do ya'll think? Can someone show me a picture of what the rear fold and tumble bench seat from Ironpig looks like?

Driving to the store and around town, or daily driving them to school and on the freeway, etc?

Unless you have a solid family cage and a solid bench seat with shoulder belts, I don't think a '40 is ever going to be very safe, and certainly not with the factory roll bar.

I try very hard not to go on the freeway with anyone in the jump seats.

For occasional cruising around town, I like your idea of moving the jump seats forward a bit with bracket mods. It might be marginally safer to turn it around. Back-facing would also be an option and potentially safer.
Jump seat option

This is an option I will be going with. It's a front facing jump seat for a Land Rover. Sells for $219.00 each and I think would fit in the OEM rollbar.
Google Image Result for http://www.dap-inc.com/acc/acc-img/int/LRA061-forward-jumpseat.jpg
I think you're right, rear bench is the safest. The horizontal seats, even with good seat belts, just don't support you in the direction of motion, which is inherently less/un safe.

That said, you should keep the long jump seats! I had six people in my 40 the other day... (!)
So here is a pic. The picture was taken before I finished up a few things. I like everyones suggestions, the rear jumpseats that The Crazy Greek posted are very nice. I still would like to see I good picture of a rear bench seat.
Yet another option, although more expensive...


Here's a picture of mine. Turned out really nice and matches my stock front seats.

Also, these are infinitely safer than most other options, in my opinion.

I have a bunch more pics if you want them. I need to buy a silver star and learn how to attach photos but can email them also.
Like others have said, I would not put kids in a sideways facing jump seat. This has actually been hashed and rehashed several times on mud. Granted, the jumpseats are great for storage space and retro cool, but they just are not safe for kids. Think about their heads bouncing off the roll bar and side window during a crash. It wouldn't be pretty.

I put a Jeep (early 90s) fold and tumble seat in the back of my rig. It was pretty straight forward. If I had it to do over again, I would have tried to get a newer Jeep or Tracker seat. The ones with the integral shoulder belts are really nice. But, on the flip side, I only spent $40 on the seat and seat belts from the Jeep.

I attached the shoulder belts to the roll bar. The seat belt receivers were attached to a peice of angle iron welded between the frame rails. Everything was attached with 1/2" grade 8 fasteners.

Good luck! You've made it this far with fixing up your rig. Don't skimp now on your kids safety!

back seat0001.jpg
back seat0002.jpg
back seat0005.jpg
Like others have said, I would not put kids in a sideways facing jump seat.

Good luck! You've made it this far with fixing up your rig. Don't skimp now on your kids safety!


I restored the cruiser for me and the kids to enjoy together, so there safety even cruising around town is very important This is what I wanted to hear. Thanks
did someone can post here, a tread that show 2 front seats mounted in the back and they fold over to the front ? i´m trying to found it for a few days :frown:

I have a forward facing jump seat on one side and cannot seem to to find a matching one anywhere.

Here are 2 pics.


With two of these, I should be able t sit two kids safely in the back.

Does anyone know where I might get the left side one? I have seem some that make up the rest of what my be a bench and if I had to get that one and modify it I would.

Also, how does someone go about picking up front seats? I would like to get some very comfortable seats that preferably sit on adjustment motors. and maybe even a heat option.

Any thoughts? I have seen the pics of someone doing 300ZX seats but I would like to find something I could see.
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D. Ryan,

You have one-half of the special forward-facing rear seats on your LX version.
The missing piece is a longish bench on the other side.
It was fixed and only folded forward, not up and out of the way as the piece you currently have.
There was not a reversed setup for the LHD LX version--only the right side folded up.

The Land Rover aftermarket foldup seats come fold-up style for both sides (see an earlier post here) and when folded, allow full use of the entire floor area, unlike the LX arrangement. Some Land Rover Defender 110 owners switch to these forward facing seats, as the earliest models had inward facing benches, then later came with dual inward facing individual seats.
The Defender 90s had an available forward facing bench between the wheel wells.
I've got an 03 TJ rear seat in mine. I won't put my daughter in it until I get a good family cage installed though. I plan on buying either a metaltech or 4Plus cage this winter.
Well I need some opinions. Can someone show me a picture of what the rear fold and tumble bench seat from Ironpig looks like?

I am still waiting on my cage to attach the seat belts. But you can get an idea on the IPOR seats.
So Darby, How do you lliek that bench seat, It looks great from the pics.
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Well if anyone knows where I can get another seat that is identical to what I currently have (See the pcs above) or the other half, please let me know. If I find th same on as I have, even if it is for the same side, I will send it out to be copied in reverse. I am sure there is someplace that can so it. Eshan who makes all the cools OEM style tops said he can, but it seems a long way to send it. But ifI can get him to match it, then it would would be reaklly cool. I like the aisle down the middle concept for people to be able to exit the amblance doors out the back.

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