Interesting new piggy in the stable

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Added a neat 76 piggy to the hoard this past weekend, VINFJ55055060. Looks to have 27K original miles, amazingly. The rust gods have been hard on it- front fenders, some door rust, tailgate, rear sill, but the frame is fine. looks to never have been hit and appears to have the original (for the most part) green and white paint. Sits on original steel wheels and hubcaps and has the nice Aisin hubs.

Truck runs great, starts up and drives perfectly. feels very tight for an older truck and that makes me think the mileage is original. Clutch and drivetrain very solid no issues there. Doors close nicely and the weatherstripping is damn near perfect. Mirrors in good shape, too as is the grille. Stock bumpers.

The best thing about this truck is the interior- looks like it came from a time machine. Perfect headliner (clean too not faded), visors interior lights, dashboard, door panels excellent. One tear in the original front seat. Seat belts and harnesses look new. All the accessories work perfectly and even the choke cable feels smooth. The heater controls are amazing- feel like new compared to my 78 and the defroster throws an enormous amount of air onto the windshield. The welting around the door openings is exceptionally clean and nice.

All original under the hood, too except for a replacement ignition coil. Still has the original plate welded to the top of the radiator, neat stuff. Did I mention the jack and tools are all there, as is the original owners manual and warranty book? neat stuff. Anybody needing any pictures of what this interior is like should let me know. Can't tell you what i am going to do with the old girl yet but the mileage and interior warrant the truck being restored. Any questions let me know. Shmukster
CANNOT WAIT TO SEE PICS....especially that mint interior:)
Oh yeah, that sounds awesome
Sounds like a sweet ride. Why can't I find any nice pigs on the East Coast?

Same reason I can't find any in Michigan - rust...:rolleyes:

please delete this thread..

or add pics now!
55 Pics

Should be able to shoot some pics this Sunday, weatherman promises to be cooperative here in PA. Might even take a few of the orange and white piggy, she looks pretty good fixed up after being on her side at rausch last year. Now has a Toybox and front E-locker. Stay tuned........Gary S
Pics of the 76 piggy

Took some shots of the 55 today, it is a remarkable truck hopefully not too far gone to be restored. Ever see cargo panels as nice as this one? Perfect top, too, except for a small ding in the one rear corner. Dash is excellent, too.
55 pass cargo panel.jpg
55 center dash.jpg
55 top 2.jpg
Couple more pig pics

Here's a few more shots, you can get an idea of the rust problems. Amazingly the original jack and tools are still in their proper storage place. I have some other photos let me know if you need to see anything else. Gary S
55 pass rear quarter.jpg
55 Pass dashboard.jpg
55 underseat tools.jpg
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Cool. Body looks kind of beat. What do the floorboards look like? Frame? Engine?

I'd love to see more pics of the paint lines between the white and green. Would be nice to know where the factory lines are.

Original owner? What does the title say as far as mileage?
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Interior is amazing! Seems to be in really good shape inside. I have the same questions about the floorboards as Marshall, I'd love to see pics of those.

That rust in the rear looks like a PITA.

Oh, and nice keychain...I have one of those too. :pig:
Very nice looking pig, I have that same issue though on the aprons. Rusted holes through it, however I can't get anyone at cruiser parts nor the place out west to call or email me back to buy used parts even if they are only slightly better than what I have.

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