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Guale Mesa is one of the most beautiful places in America (when you can see it). Many colors and depths. It’s a crash if canyons really.

Unfortunately the winds were 30-50 mph and it was pretty obscured by dust and hard to get out of the car






We looked up and it was 2:15 and the wind was supposed to blow like this into the night.

We decided to bail on our campsite in the State Park and go to Terlingua to gas up and regroup.

Hwy 117 along the Rio Grande is one of the most beautiful paved drives in the country.

We rolled into Lajitas with 210 miles on the trip meter and added 21 gallons of 87 at $5.00 a gallon.

Seeing we had enough time to get into the National Park in time to book a campsite we hauled it in there and signed up for Black Dike on the wesrmside of river road because it’s in the trees on the river and shielded from wind

We were treated to another fantastic sunset and a host of stars as the wind died down for night.





We woke up with the sun and headed east as the light started hitting the Chisos. If you ever get the chance to camp in Big Bend make sure it’s on River Road for the sunrises and sunsets




Big Bend national and state are definitely hands down the best park(s) that Texas has to offer. It’s one of top parks in the country imho as well and therefore a must see for anyone, especially Texan’s.
I bet that 200 is nice!

I took it when I first bought it and now this trip was on the Dobinsons MRR.

I can tell you it’s quite different at speed hitting all the big washouts and rutted roads now. Much better and my MRRs have about 50,000 miles on them with no signs of wear
We eased out of Black Gap to Glenn Spring then down to River Road East and out to Boquillas

We took off up Old Ore road and ended up cutting back all the way across the north end of the park on Terlingua Ranch Road. Never done that road and I’ve never gone up into Alpine from the south.
This got messed up a bit. The GPS drew a straight line from Study Butte to our campsite.

Basically if you are looking at timing it was 1.5 hours from Study Butte via Old Maverick to west river road

The best cabrito tacos most will ever have lie across the border in Boquillas.
I missed 123,456 by a mile. Dammit.


The total trip was 2350 miles with about 300 on 2 track and dirt


Big props to the Dobinsons MRR suspension. This thing just hammers the trails.

Also I’m just as impressed with the Recon Grapplers as I have been the Ridge Grapplers over the years. They do everything the Ridge do and they are more quiet. I ran them at 20psi and we run fast. The sidewalls are tough. I smacked quite a few big rocks at speed.

I kept thinking about @cbmontgo in his fj40 there the week before and just rolled up the windows and enjoyed the heated seats.

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