1. G

    For Sale Los Angeles: Nitto Trail Grapplers

    FS in Burbank, CA Nitto Trail Grapplers 295/70r17 Set of 4 used tires coming off a 3rd gen T4R Avg 10/32nd tread left. No plugs/patches $500 OBO - local pick up only
  2. S

    SOLD Utah: 6x 37x12.50R17 Like New

    Selling my Toyo MT 37x12.50R17s. 4x of them have under 300 miles, all trail (mostly sand/dirt) use so the edges are a little rounded but have full tread depth, no chunking, no lugs missing, no punctures. The other 2x are brand new and still have the rubber hairs on them. Date codes are all from...
  3. V

    SOLD Hutchinson WA-0567 Wheels and Toyo M/T 285/75-R17 Tires

    Well, as much as I hate to do this, I am putting my Hutchinson WA-0567 dual beadlock wheels up for sale. I have five complete wheels with Toyo Open Country M/T 285/75-R17 tires and one extra outer beadlock rim for sale. These work on 60 series LC's, 80 series LC's, 4Runners, Tacomas, and first...
  4. 200lc100

    For Sale Toyo Open Country H/T 275/60r18 tires-almost new- Just one week driving on them

    I purchased a 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser from out-of-state. Part of the negotiations was that they would put new KO2s on in the size I wanted. When I received the vehicle, these Toyos were on the vehicle. I drove it for 5 days before putting the KO2s on, so they have less than one week worth of...


    TOYO Universal Joint TOYO is an excellent quality universal joint with features like: -Internal seal for Japanese applications -High durability -High performance grease and nipples -All 100% made in Japan Application: 60 series front and rear (except pre-85 with double cardan joint, only 1...
  6. P

    Monster Yota Toyo promo video

    Probably not the ideal place to share this but thought you would enjoy this video of a Toyota truck, not sure what it is showing lots of suspension flex (moderator, please move to most appropriate place)
  7. TexAZ

    For Sale Set of 5 285/75 17 TOYO ATIIs $500 located in Phoenix

    Set of 5 TOYO ATII all terrain tires 285/75/17 (34 x 11.2), approximately 30K miles on them. Two are at 70%, the other three are 40-50%. Even wear, no punctures, patches, plugs, just going bigger. Look great and perform well on Rock warriors. Were on 2008 200 series. prefer local pick up...
  8. Brett Turner

    Toyo Open Country RT Tire

    Anyone running this tire? It's new to the Open Country line and wondering what anyone running them had to say.
  9. joekatana

    For Sale Hutchinson beadlock wheels with 40" Toyo MT tires

    TIRES AND WHEELS ARE SOLD I am selling my Hutchinson D.O.T. legal beadlock wheels and 40" Toyo MT tires.I have 5 wheels and 4 tires. I bought the wheels of another Mud member last year that was running these under his 80 series.I was thinking about putting a soa on my HZJ73 and run these with...
  10. M

    For Sale 4 BRAND NEW 275/70/18 Toyo Open Country RT $900.00

    Never mounted, brand new. AT noise levels with a MT appearance. Wanted for my 100 series, but decided to stick with my 16"s. $1,250 new....
  11. I

    For Sale Columbia, SC: 4 Toyo AT-2 275/65r20

    Ive decided to not use these tires on my LX so I need to sell them to get them out of my garage. Size is 275/65/R20, approximately 35"X11.5" They have between 50 and 100 miles on them. I'm asking $900 shipped/$800 picked up OBO.
  12. 4

    For Sale Toyo M/T Open Country 265/75R16 x 4 - Portland, OR

    I swopped my four TOYO M/T OPEN COUNTRY 265/75R16 tires for dedicated snow tires. Two are very lightly used - virtually new, and two are slightly more used. All 4 in very good condition. They were on my stock land cruiser wheels/rims. I want $300 for all 4. These tires are approximately...
  13. M32H32is

    For Sale 1992 FJ80 (Houston)

    never thought I would say this, but the time has come to sell my "baby" my 1992 FJ80 that I have built basically from the ground up. My build thread is on the 80 forum, and here's a link to the CL add. $6,000 mud price. Check my build thread in the 80 forum for full documentation. 1992...
  14. D

    For Sale FS 275/18 Toyo Open Country Tires - SOCAL

    I have a brand new set of 275/65R/18 Toyo open country II ... P metric I bought them and now would like to go in a different direction. A set of 5 for $950 OBO
  15. Markuson

    Anyone fitting 305/70/17 ?

    And yes... I looked through the wheel & Tire Tech section and found nearly nothing... Curious whether the Toyo 305/70/17 AT2 is/was mounted on any of your rigs and if so, if there were any issues with fitment. It's only a small bit wider than 285/75/17...which I know will fit...and basically...
  16. Bama80

    Current tire deals

    Discount tire direct is usually the cheapest place I've found to get tires shipped to your door. Last night I stumbled onto a deal where if you order from their ebay store right now through 3/16/16 you get $100 off any order over $400. Set of 4 ST Maxxs in 295/70r18 came out to $233 a tire with...
  17. Balloontyres

    Toyo VS Mickey Thompson + thread width

    Going to buy new tyres Toyo or Mickey Thompson I wonder which ones are more wide? Mickey Thompson has a thread width of 12,2 according to their website. but Toyo doesn't have any info on Thread width!! Toyo Open Country MT = LT385/70R16 (38X14.50R16) Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial...
  18. Kevman

    For Sale (x2) 285/75r16 Toyo Open Country MTs

    Went to 315s and have these two decent tires left over. 1 was a spare and close to new at 18/32nds and the other not so new at 10/32nds. $100 dollhairs takes em both! These will make great spares! I'm also willing to trade toward 80/lx450 parts. Located in Chino, CA 91710
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