200 series

  1. AG200

    SOLD  200 Series BajaRack UTility Flat Rack

    Local San Diego pick-up only. Make offer - surface rust and peeling powder coat - needs sandblast / powder coat. Comes with all mounting hardware and Hi-Lift mounts.
  2. W

    SOLD  Texas 2013 Lexus LX570 97K miles

    I everyone! I mentioned before I was going to be selling my 2013 LX and I decided to list it on Cars and Bids. There is a lot of information on the listing, but I will try to answer questions here too. I am located in San Antonio, TX. The truck has been registered and driven in Texas its entire...
  3. AndyO78FJ40

    Wanted  ISO 2013 Land Cruiser 200 Series PS mirror

    Wanted: 2013 Land Cruiser 200 Series passenger side mirror with camera. Prefer black but would take any color.
  4. T

    For Sale  Los Angeles, California: 2010 Lexus LX570

    Here's my story: I bought the car approx 2 months ago. I have added wheels, tires, rear spot lights, light bar, and roof rack. I honestly LOVE this car. I personally am selling it only to buy a newer one. I have my eye on a good deal and would like the cash to go and buy it. There are 0...
  5. mcgaskins

    Builds  mcgaskins' 2013 build thread - Palladium

    tl;dr: If you don't like long rambling stories or cool pics and boring videos, this is not for you! 😆 BACKSTORY It wasn't that long ago that I thought I had left the 200 indefinitely, but here I am just a few short months later. I like the 200 platform quite a bit, and this is somehow...
  6. Box Rocket

    Blackhawk Control Arms - Free Shipping through 7/4/20

    Mill Creek Overland is offering free shipping on Blackhawk Upper Control arms leading up to the 4th of July. Would be a great time to grab some. 100 Series UCAs https://millcreekoverland.com/products/view/1063684 200 Series UCAs https://millcreekoverland.com/products/view/1063683 120...
  7. A

    LX570 actual storage measurements

    Hey! So looking at a few 2014/15 LX570's to purchase soon but cant find one bit of info, hoping some owners out there could lend a hand. What are the actual measurements (LxWxH) of the rear storage area with the third row up/down? Everywhere gives the area, which is great, but I have a few...
  8. BMOinspired

    For Sale  200 Series Land Cruiser OEM Mats for Sale

    I am looking to sell my 2009 Land Cruiser Floor Mats. Full set. In very good shape. Please message me with an offer. Pictures upon request.
  9. Woody Craig

    NLFS  2015 Toyota Land Cruiser - White - $41,500

    I'm looking at selling my wife's 2015 Land Cruiser. I bought it used but with roughly 3500 miles. It now has about 92,300 miles on it. The previous owner bought it in Jackson, Ms. It has never been off road and basically it was used to take kids to school and up and down Interstate 55. It...
  10. R

    200 Series Oil Pan Plug Torque

    I learned the hard way this weekend that knowing torque number is important. After changing the oil on my 2017 LC 200, I went for a drive only to return and notice oil dripping. I had set the torque on the oil plug to 18 ft lbs because that seemed like a reasonable amount. I then tightened it...
  11. D

    Aussie 200s

    Hey guys, Unfortunately the SAHARA OR VX are above my budget. I can either go for a GX or a GXL I know the GXL has a few more “comforts” but is it really worth the premium over the GX? Cheers!!
  12. RiDE

    SOLD  Portland,OR: 200 series nFab RSP front bumper LX570 land cruiser Baja Designs

    Purchased brand new directly from nFab 3 months ago. No issues with it at all. Only selling because my plans for the build have changed. Willing to sell with the Baja Designs lights. Will fit all 2008+ 200 series LX570's and Land Cruiser's. Skip the 10 week lead time. Front camera, parking...
  13. PuertoRico

    Stereo Amp Location - 2008 Land Cruiser 200 Series

    Does anyone have a diagram or first hand experience of the 2008 Land Cruiser 200 Series stereo? I've been looking for the Amplifier and can not find it. Can anyone tell me where it is? My current stereo isn't playing loud enough to hear with the windows open. I'm guessing the factory amp is...
  14. M

    New Member- 200 Series Wheel Question

    Hello all, Seeking out anyone who has put stock wheels (16'-19') on a (08'-15') 200 Series. I'm currently in the market for new tires and want to swap wheels to the newer OEM style like the picture attached: Thanks!
  15. tampacruiser95

    Best LED replacements for dead TJM T13's fronts?

    I contacted TJM with no luck. Tried Amazon but can't find a replacement. Looking to switch both lights at the same time. Anyone know of a good option?
  16. TheGrrrrr

    Joined the club...

    The build begins immediately...
  17. Ironman Lift Kits, on Vehicle Look

    Ironman Lift Kits, on Vehicle Look

    What does an Ironman 2" Lift look like on a 4Runner, Tacoma, and Land Cruiser? What is the difference between stock, Nitro Gas, and Foam Cell Pro?
  18. B

    200 Series 18" Wheels on 100 Series with 18" wheels

    Newbie to the forum, first post. Please forgive me if this question has been answered a thousand times. I really did search forums before posting! Recently acquired a 2006 100 series and not super fond of the 18" chrome 5 spoke weeks. I have a lead on a set of 18" wheels from a 2018 200...
  19. THLJ626

    200 series body mounts to 80 series chassis

    Howdy, wanting to know what is required to weld 200 series body mounts to my 80 series and if that is even possible. I've seen on 4wd Action Australia that Shawno put 200series mounts on a 80 series chassis (the new dirty 30) but they just said that's what they did, there we no details as to how...
  20. CruiserNewby

    Bell Build Thread

    Hello all, after consuming content here, I figured it was time to post some up in return in case anyone else finds it useful. I purchased a new-to-me 2014 LX-570 in May of this year after 10+ years of having full-size trucks. Priorities to me for vehicle selection were off-road capability (we...
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