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  1. CruiserNewby

    Bell Build Thread

    Hello all, after consuming content here, I figured it was time to post some up in return in case anyone else finds it useful. I purchased a new-to-me 2014 LX-570 in May of this year after 10+ years of having full-size trucks. Priorities to me for vehicle selection were off-road capability (we...
  2. J

    For Sale NC: BajaRack 51” Light Bar Mount

    BajaRack 51” light bar rack/mount. I know it will fit 100 and 200 Series Land Cruiser/LX470 with the BajaRack standard basket rack. I prefer local pickup, but will ship on your dime. $250
  3. A

    Some of Peter's Mill Run shot on Skydio R1 in 2017 Land Cruiser!

    Alright Mud... so I finally got around to cobbling together some shots from my trip to Peter's Mill Run in NoVA a month ago using the Autonomous Skydio R1 Drone (This thing is incredible). Full disclosure... when I took the trip i didnt really have a video in mind so there is no logical opening...
  4. Sac Cerevisiae

    Builds Bruiser Cruisah' Build Thread

    I'm starting this build thread to document my Land Cruiser's progression. My goals are to keep the Land Cruiser light and close to a family daily driver but lightly modified enough for light off-roading and occasional intermediate/difficult trails. Immediate needs are minimal with goals of...
  5. ToyotaIsLife

    Tips For KING Shocks Owners - Ride Quality

    DISCLAIMER: I just have to mention that what I may consider something that works, may not work at all for you or may not be effective for your application. So this is just to get you thinking about your setup and what the issue is or how to optimize it for your needs. Some of these tips are not...
  6. L

    Goodbye LX470, hello 570?

    My family and I finally decided to sell our 2006 LX470 with over 250k on it. It had gotten to the point where we could not justify dumping several thousand dollars of repairs into it every 3 or 4 months just to keep it running. We got it used with little over 200k a few years back and it has...
  7. tampacruiser95

    Anyone run an ASFIR rear bumper for 200 series?

    It looks like the type of straight forward, clean look that I like. But I can't find much information or feedback on it. http://www.asfir.com/558041
  8. jtv107

    For Sale Factory roof rails and cross bars 200 series SOLD

    Cleaning up my attic and selling take off parts I no longer need. For sale factory roof rack bars and cross bars from a 2016 land cruiser 200 series. Asking $100 plus shipping costs?
  9. F

    Wanted WTB: OEM 200 Series Rear Bumper - Black Preferred - DC area

    As the title states, looking to buy an OEM black rear bumper for a 200 series. Had a minor fender bender this morning and hoping one of you has one laying around after swapping for aftermarket. Located in the DC area but willing to drive/pay shipping if the price is right. Let me know!
  10. tampacruiser95

    For Sale Ohio: 200 OEM Suspension

    I replaced the OEM with Tough Dog and Bilstein. Anyone in the market for the OEM components? They are in good shape, great ride prior to me replacing. Prefer pick up.
  11. W

    Best Simple Modifications for 200 Series

    I'm looking to make my Cruiser better but stay relatively close to stock. What are some simple modifications or hacks y'all have installed or done to the inside or outside of your LC/LX Think of things any beginner wrench turner could do, and let's hear them
  12. -uhuru-

    VDJ-200 Oil Specification 1VD-FTV

    The options for full synthetic in the recommended weight by Toyota are limited in my country. I did find one by Repsol but have noticed an increased oil consumption over my previous oil which was conventional 15W-40. Repsol 50501 TDI 5W40 is the name. I am looking to extend the service...
  13. christianleeboy

    For Sale Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series All Weather Floor Liner OEM 2016-2019, Orange County LA, CA

    For sale--- used full set of the TOYOTA FACTORY OEM All-Weather Floor Liner for Land Cruiser 200 Series. Fits years 2016 2017 2018 2019 It a complete 6 piece All Weather Floor Liner / Mat to cover the front row, 2nd row, 3rd row and also the cargo. It's TOYOTA OEM made and its tough and made to...
  14. mrjordann

    Have you all heard of the 2020 heritage Land Cruiser?

    Toyota is coming out with a Heritage edition cruiser with FJ40-era badging. Super cool, huh? I know I want one! Read about it here
  15. A

    LC200 VS Y62 Patrol Offroad Action

    Hey guys, i have a youtube channel all about my 200 series. A mate and myself started a battle series between hes Y62 and my LC200. i thought some of you guys might wanna check it out Youtube channel www.youtube.com/Australian4x4Adventures There is links to the Battle series playlist on the...
  16. ethernectar

    Events/Trails Quick Mojave Road Trip

    We had four trucks run the majority of the Mojave Road over this last weekend of the year. @indycole , @Markuson , @TRD Burglar and I met up at the Avi on Friday morning with our better halves and enjoyed a nice day of wash and desert two-track driving. We camped up in Caruthers Canyon (6500')...
  17. christianleeboy

    For Sale Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series All Weather Floor Liner OEM 2016-2019 Located OC/LA California

    *Local pickup only, located in OC/ LA California* Selling a full set of the TOYOTA FACTORY OEM All Weather Floor Liner for Land Cruiser 200 Series. Fits years 2016 2017 2018 2019 It a complete 6 piece All Weather Floor Liner / Mat to cover the front row, 2nd row, 3rd row and also the cargo...
  18. M

    Engine Appearance Cover

    I’m trying to locate a part number for the rubber grommets that slide into the bottom of the engine cover. I have a 2009 model that requires 3. I am missing one. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
  19. Duc13

    Ride Performance Report Stock to OME (used - broken in)

    I enjoyed the smooth ride of the 200...was a bit concerned on how much stiffer the OME kit would make it. Background Data: - 2013 LC - 92k miles - Completely Stock - Recently purchased, tires came with Wrangler Fortitude HT 275/65/18 at ~35psi Installed OME Kit purchased used off of iH8mud...
  20. christianleeboy

    Wanted Roof Rack Crossbars OEM 200 series

    Looking for oem roof rack crossbars for LC 200 2016+. Thanks -chris
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