200 series

  1. BlackMammoth

    ARB Front Bumper - Remove the KDSS shield?

    So, I have this plastic shield over the KDSS / swaybar - Was it supposed to have been removed during the bumper install?
  2. VAPny54

    Debris or Broken Screw on Land Cruiser?

    Hi All - I made the trip from Zion to Moab. After inspecting the LC, I found this broken screw piece in this tiny space in the right rear tirewell where stones and pebbles typically get caught in. Do you all know if this just debris from the drive or a possible broken piece from the vehicle...
  3. N

    For Sale  Louisiana: ARB BP-51 Front & Rear suspension for 200 Series - Installed for less than 1000 miles, including Fit kits

    [[ too long, didn't read: "lightly used 2021 ARB Bp-51 for 200 series, front & rear plus kdss-equipped fit kits for sale for $2,000 shipped or $1800 local pickup" ]] I have a full BP-51 setup for a KDSS-equipped 200 series Land Cruiser. Originally purchased from Cruiser Outfitters in March...
  4. N

    For Sale  Louisiana: 200 Series Bora wheel spacers - 3/4" Hub Centric 5 bolt pattern - new never used

    I have a pair of wheel spacers (two total spacers) for a 200 series Land Cruiser or LX. These are high quality Bora brand hub-centric spacers made to order. These are 3/4" thick, which on OEM Land Cruiser wheels will require a very slight shaving down of the OEM wheel studs. Other wheels may...
  5. L

    SOLD  Lifted '17 200 w/ 77.5k mi $62,987 Lakeway, Tx(Austin)

    I drove by this dealership the other day and noticed this 2017 LC sitting on the used lot. I'm not affiliated with dealer, but I'm local so if someone from out of state or a drives away wants me to go by and FaceTime the vehicle let me know. I don't mind. It appears to be lifted, but I haven't...
  6. OptimusPrime

    For Sale  Salt Lake City, UT | 2008-2011 Land Cruiser Grille, Used in Great Shape.

    I swapped a different OEM grille design over to my 2008 Land Cruiser, so I no longer have a use for the US-spec OEM grille. This is just part # 53101-60481, which includes the emblem. It does not include the rubber molding that goes along the top, or the clips that attach the rubber molding to...
  7. yonah

    SOLD  WTB: Classic Silver 2016+ (w/ Terra interior), or 2013-2015 - (Raleigh, NC)

    *** Found a 200 - no more searching :) *** Gents, I'm in the market for a 200 in Classic Silver; I'd like to find one private party, preferably a Mud member. --- -Primarily, I'm looking for a 2016+ w/ Terra interior or black interior, but will also consider a silver 2013-2015 if...
  8. mdsterl

    SOLD  Denver, CO: 2009 / Toyota / Land Cruiser

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. If interested, I will send more photos. Pricing is open to discussion. I'm located in downtown Denver. - Michael
  9. JS Van Slyke

    200 Series Engine Seized at 58,000 miles ?? What to do?

    Looking for advice on what to do with my 200 series- 2014 with 58,000 miles. It's been well maintained and has a clean engine, no prior issues, accidents. Driving down the road last week, the engine lurched a little and lights came on dash. I immediately pulled over and whole car shut off...
  10. S

    St. Louis- LC200 OEM Wheels & Tires

    For Sale: (5) wheels and tires off of a 2019 LC200. Approx 19,000 miles on 4 and one unused spare. All in good condition with minor wear and tear. I took out the TPMS and put it in my new wheels and tires. Prefer not to ship. $800 OBO
  11. OptimusPrime

    For Sale  Concord, NC: 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon Green + Beige, Non-Upgrade Package, 120k (NO AFFILIATION - Autotrader)

    Hey all - I do freelance work for Autotrader and I'm in the process of writing up this semi-unicorn of a 200 Series that's currently for sale. It's an Amazon Green 2008 that doesn't have the upgrade package (so no cooler box, no DVD player), but still has Nav and the rear spoiler (they were...

    2009 LandCruiser

    Hello I am looking to purchase a 2009 Land Cruiser and it is homologated in Mexico. It was imported from Japan to Mexico and since I am looking to import to United States my question is if there are any differences between a homologated one in Mexico to a U.S. Spec one. It will need to pass...
  13. R

    SOLD  NC: 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser -Black - 56k miles

    Hey everyone. Posting my 200 series to see if there is any interest. Second owner. First owner as also in NC. Looking to downsize to something a bit cheaper. Asking $61,000. More pics available upon request.
  14. OptimusPrime

    For Sale  Salt Lake City: OEM 18-in Wheel 2008-2011 Toyota Land Cruiser

    This is the OEM 18-in spare that was underneath my 2008 Land Cruiser when I bought it. This is the design that was used on the 2008-2011 Land Cruiser, but it'll fit any 100 or 200. I replaced it with a matching spare that goes with my wheels so I have no use for it. Based on the sticker, it...
  15. thomasedwa

    Selling an FZJ80 for a 200 Series/LX570

    Wassup MUD, 4 years ago, I was looking for my first car. I was able to find a local man selling a clean, unlocked, 180k miles '93 FZJ80 for 4,000 dollars. I bought it, have daily driven it and put another 30k miles on the clock. I love this truck, it has been very reliable. However I have been...
  16. M

    Negative or 0 wheel offset with flares? 200 series

    So I want a nice fat stance on my 200 series without having tyre rubbing issues (some minor cosmetic trimming will probably be needed though) I’m wondering what wheel off set is the limit on these, what people are running with flares? and if any major changes are required when using a wheel...
  17. James Lapp

    For Sale  2011 LC 200 series OEM Rims

    Anyone interested in 2011 LC 18in OEM rims? Asking $60
  18. AG200

    SOLD  200 Series BajaRack UTility Flat Rack

    Local San Diego pick-up only. Make offer - surface rust and peeling powder coat - needs sandblast / powder coat. Comes with all mounting hardware and Hi-Lift mounts.
  19. W

    SOLD  Texas 2013 Lexus LX570 97K miles

    I everyone! I mentioned before I was going to be selling my 2013 LX and I decided to list it on Cars and Bids. There is a lot of information on the listing, but I will try to answer questions here too. I am located in San Antonio, TX. The truck has been registered and driven in Texas its entire...
  20. AndyO78FJ40

    Wanted  ISO 2013 Land Cruiser 200 Series PS mirror

    Wanted: 2013 Land Cruiser 200 Series passenger side mirror with camera. Prefer black but would take any color.
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