Head Gasket DVD done!

Aug 9, 2003
Hey all,

I'll be doing a run of the Head Gasket DVD - it's finished and I'll be taking orders effective immediately. The DVD is $24.50 including postage to anywhere in the US - email me for other destinations (dmiller@fliptag.com).

It includes footage of the removal and replacement, including the time savers I found and other tips (leaving the intake manifold in the engine bay, etc) and is about 45 minutes long. It also includes a couple further refinements I discovered on the 2nd go around as well as:

- a complete tool list so you'll have everything on hand to do it.
- a complete part list and suggestions for easy additional PM things.
- a couple minutes of bonus footage from 1993 when I worked for Toyota Product Planning showing the first 80 prototype in the US on a trail with the then-new 93 model with lockers.

It's worth noting that you'll also be able to see how to remove literally everything else if you'd like to save money and service/clean the EGR valve, fuel injectors, throttle body, valve cover/gasket, alternator, etc. So, this would be helpful for other minor items as well.

Checks to:

Doug Miller/PMB217
2900 N. Government Way
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

PAYPAL: dmiller@fliptag.com

Include your return address in all correspondence.

Order in the next week or so and I'll get it to you in time to sit back and drink eggnog while watching it over Christmas.

Moderators - hope you can leave this 80s Tech specific item on till Friday and then move it to wherever you put this stuff. Thanks!!

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Feb 12, 2005
Hollister, CA
A must have for any do-it-yourself mechanic. I'll break down and get one eventually.

Any DVDs on how to swap a Chebby 350 for a 3FE yet?
Aug 9, 2003
Updated for PayPal - thanks Doug.

As for how many bananas, hard to say. The most technical aspect of it is cleaning the old head gasket off the block and head which is really - well - just cleaning. Other than that it's taking a whole bunch of nuts and bolts loose, then putting them back on. You don't even have to clean the head if you bring it to a shop for a valve job and/or milling.

BTW - the 80 prototype footage is no big deal, just shows both going on a steep/loose trail and the older model slipping and stopping while the locked model walks it. Put it in there 'cause you guys are 80 freaks...


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