Builds Extremely Unhurried BJ75 Build Diary


Sep 23, 2017
Last update for this thread, as the Troopy has been sold. For those who missed it, the listing on BaT was here:

The whole process was a breeze, and the buyer a pleasure to do business with.

The transport guy arrived today with a 53' drop deck trailer, which posed a little problem. How to get the Troopy onto the trailer? lol...

zzz last pic2.jpg

The answer was right across the street at the Sunbelt Rental yard. They brought over a "tilt and load" or rollback flatbed tow truck. Back the tow truck up to the Troopy, tilt down the bed, drive the Troopy up onto the tow truck, raise the bed flat, back it up to the semi, and back the Troopy onto the semi trailer. Nothing to it.

All loaded and ready to go:

zzz last pic1.jpg

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