Cookie Cutter 5.3 Swap Into 62

Mar 13, 2022
Durham, NC
Thanks Garret. Appreciate the input. I picked up the 60 mount simply to have on hand in case I needed it. I am in UT, so can take it back to Cruiser Outfitters easily. I was buying a handful of parts, and figured it wouldn't hurt to have on hand.

For reference, 62 mount PN is 12371-61041 (NLA), and this is a pretty good description with pics of the two mounts (and aftermarket).

If anyone knows of a replacement PN or a NOS stash of these, let me know.
Was digging around on the Web and found a reference for Westar EM-8642. Seems to be made for the 88-90 model years. Maybe that'll work?
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Mar 5, 2017
Little bit more work done over the past couple of weeks. Got the engine bay pressure washed, and chatted with Matt about modifying the adapter to work with stock 62 crossmember and mount.

Currently trying to decide if I am going to strip everything off of the firewall for paint, or just spray the inner fenders. Also need to paint my diff, as once the layers of grease and oil came off, I am down to metal on it. May as well do steering linkage while I'm at it.


Worked on measuring AA mount for the correct 62 crossmember placement after chatting with Matt. This placement was measured off of the A440 to keep the transfer case as close the stock place location as possible. Mount placement on the 440 is very close to the rear of the transmission, so on the AA piece it will be mounted as close to the edge of the machined section as I can get it and still get 360˚ thread engagement. That ends up being about 1/2" from the t-case mounting surface vs 1/8" on the A440. Assuming the driveshafts will have enough slip in them to work with a 3/8" move to the rear, but Matt please shout if I am butchering your intended design.

Unfortunately there is not enough material to machine the mount surface down 3/8" so that it is square with the t-case mounting surface. That would allow me to match the forward/rearward t-case location perfectly, and would have the bonus of not needing 1/4" spacers between my frame a crossmember to lower the transmission a bit (per Matt). Oh well.

A440 mounting location:
IMG_1711 Medium.jpeg

IMG_1709 Medium.jpeg

Ideal placement:
IMG_1733 Medium.jpeg

This is where I will drill and tap:
IMG_1718 Medium.jpeg


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Jul 22, 2012
Winter Park, Florida
The 1/2” change from stock is not a problem.
Put the mount where you will have good threads.
Bonus if you helicoil them.

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