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1995 80 Series with brand new GM LS3 6.2 EROD crate motor with a nearly new 2 mile 6L80E transmission from a GMC 2500 4x4.

-Cruise Control - Check
-Manual tap +/- shifting - Check
-Sport mode - Check
-Tow Haul mode - Check
-GM A/C-Check
-GM Power Steering-Check
-PRNDM mode in shifter with PRN123456 digital read out- Check
-No money Left - Check

Just getting ready to start for the first time next week. Will have a complete build thread and will be glad to try and answer any questions that are at my pay grade. Other questions will need to go to the shop that is doing my build. Lot's of little challenges but anything you desire is possible with these builds if you have time and money to do it. Even with a GM LS drive-by-wire engine the factory cruise control lever can operate the cruise control as it did stock. You can have manual tap shifting and tow haul and sport mode if you desire. I admit I desired all of it. Did I mention time and money? More details and info soon.

I would seriously pay you for extremely detailed info of just the complete parts list for this build. I plan on doing the exact swap on a project 80 and trying to piece together all the odds and ends is making me want to buy a Jeep just for the plug and play kits they have for LS swaps.
I would seriously pay you for extremely detailed info of just the complete parts list for this build. I plan on doing the exact swap on a project 80 and trying to piece together all the odds and ends is making me want to buy a Jeep just for the plug and play kits they have for LS swaps.


I am not in the business of charging people for knowledge. I learn new things everyday from this forum and many others and believe in sharing the knowledge to help others avoid costly mistakes and parts purchases that are not needed. I am more than willing to share what I know and what I have learned from my build. Of course I am not directly involved in the labor side of things because I hired Josh from Horsepower Solutions a shop in Newport News VA to take care of that for me. Feel free to call him for any info you might need. We are not done with my build yet so there are still a few things to sort out. His shop is very busy and my truck is one of 30 or so builds they have going on right now. I am never in a hurry and don't want to rush the guys at Horsepower Solutions either. I will post the last picture I got from them with my intake set up. Good luck and feel free to PM me anytime.
Here is the latest picture of my intake setup I received from the guys at Horsepower Solutions. I choose to leave the snorkel and stock airbox setup to insure a factory seal between the snorkel and airbox. Yes I lose a few ponies but I am not building a drag race vehicle so I didn't really care much about it.

LS3 Intake.JPG
This just looks like such a clean build and install. All I'm really looking for is a complete and detailed parts list so I can start shopping! I know it's the little things that can be the biggest headaches, so all those little odds and ends, parts that had to be fabricated, etc.
Nothing needs to be fabricated outside of exhaust and if you work into unknown territory. Even then, the "fabrication" is pretty straight forward.

It's been a month and a half since I updated my spreadsheet, but I haven't bought a lot since then either. But, you can find it here.
You're in Hampton Roads? I've known Josh for 15 years. Didn't know he was building one of these for a customer. I may have to swing over there.

Stop by and check it out. I'm in AZ but my 80 is at Josh's shop. Long drive out there many months ago. Hope to be out there soon to drive her home. Josh knows his stuff and he was excited to do this build for me.
I just got this all together on Monday while waiting on parts for a customer job. Monster stage II 4L65E/AA adapter/split case. All going in a 92 shop truck that gets a little work then sits a while. T-Case is fully rebuilt. 5.3L is in shop as well. Hoping to get the drive line set and front clip back on the truck by years end.
Shop trucks are always last in line...................

landheaven....what is the drive feel like with this set up?
Feels incredible. Not gassing it too hard yet as it's a brand new engine; it's still learning (have about 200 miles on it so far) and it's not tuned for anything, just GM stock. Awaiting some caster correction also in a few weeks before really getting on it since we lifted to create more space. But seriously, I had a C6 vette with this engine in it and it's like having my vette and the cruiser in one. Major dream come true, kind of like what the cruiser should have had all along.

NOW, this thing can do anything!
I am putting the finishing touches on the neutral safety and back up light switches for my upcoming swap into my LX450. The reason i went this route is I'm using a 5.3/6L90E and the trans has no provision for either switch. The trans does have an internal position sensor but it only is for the purpose of providing the computers with a gear signal. Not designed to carry the loead of starter solenoid or lighting circuit and not really a good idea to mess with a range selector switch that is buried inside the trans pan.
I looked at a bunch of options and settled on using a pair of B&M micro swithes just like the ones found on racing shifters. I fabbed up a bracket to hold the switches stacked together. The mounting bolts are 3mm cap screws and I slotted the holes on my bridgeport to allowe some adjustment. You could probably due without the slots and use shims behind the screws to adjust the height of the bolts that actuate the switches. For the actuator plate I used a flat piece of 1/8" that measures 1 1/2" by 2 1/4' and welded it to the existing handle. I then marked the location of where the screws needed to be to creaste bumps to close the micro switches. After getting the holes drilled i pulled the handle back off and trimmed away the extra 1/8" metal and sanded it smooth. A quick test with an ohm meter confirmed both switches worked as designed.
@azcrackshot looks like we're running similar setups, here are pics of the finished install. Would love to hear what your AI temps are when you get it done:


Very nice set up. Your fan shroud looks like artwork. I am curious as to what the AI temps are on a 120 degree day in AZ.


Going back to the Dakota Digital box for the tach... I am almost certain it can be accomplished without the converter box, through software like HPTuners or EFI Live. There is a menu where you can adjust tach output.

View attachment 1325894

I seems like most guys are sending their ECUs out to be flashed. My buddy has HPTuners and we will be doing all that ourselves. It will take a little trial and error, but if/when we get the tach output figured out I will post it up. Guys doing this swap in the future can pass that info on to whomever is flashing their ECU.... Hopefully eliminating me need for the Dakota box.

I tried this with my swap. Yes you can correct the tach so that it reads the 8 cylinder engine correctly but for whatever reason the signal coming from the GM harness isn't strong enough to get the tach to work. I still had the use the dakota box as a signal booster. the gm PCM took care of the pulse count correction.

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