1. T

    4.7L swap help!!

    I JUST bought my first LC! I'm excited to be part of the fraternity. My ride ain't runnin though :(. Can I put a 4.7L from a tundra into my 2000 (march) LC without any modifications? If yes, are there only certain years that will work? And does anyone know where best to purchase a 4.7? Thank...
  2. Rainy Day FZJ

    For Sale  2008 Sequoia SR5 4.7l 4x4 Seattle area

    Toyota Sequoia, with the 4.7l v8. Automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive. Seats 8, 3rd row is electric flat folding. Can put 3 car seats across the middle row, rear DVD player. Tan leather with heated seats. Multi zone heat and A/C with rear heat and A/C. Back up camera in rear view mirror...
  3. S

    For Sale  US/CA TRD SuperCharger 4.7L for sale - refurbished with new MP90

    I bought this unit in early 2016 for my 2000 Land Cruiser, refurbished completely and thoroughly including new MP90 unit. Since then it has been sitting in it's packaging, waiting to be installed. But after much deliberation, I decided not to go through with the install. Will part with it for...
  4. Onur

    8x Series V8 Swaps

    This thread is for V8 swaps to 80 Series Toyota Land Cruisers. Your truck frame must start with the following: FJ80-0xxxxxx or FZJ80-0xxxxxx. Of course, it can also start with an HDJ/HZJ iteration. Only the Aussies yank out perfectly good Toyota diesel engines to swap V8 power into them...
  5. 2

    hello all this is my first post and my first Toyota truck !

    I have recently purchased a 2000 Toyota tundra 4.7l v8 with 82k miles and a brand new frame and rackand pinion. Truck doesn't have a speck of rust on it it was a real gem when I found it. Since I bought the truck I've done a magnaflow exhaust , swapped rims from a seqoia and helper springs in...
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