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May 21, 2022
Wichita Falls TX
Thought I would make a proper introduction. Just had my first post over in the 40 sub since I'm a local Dallas guy looking for a mechanic/local shop. Don't have a 40. Well not yet lol. Bought my 80 in November of last year. It's in great condition but my CEL light popped on few weeks after driving. Dreaded p0401 code. Took to local mechanic/shop and they quoted me like $1700 for new egr valve and intake/tb cleaning of carbon buildup from bad egr. Told shop I would pick it up and give it a go myself. Local buddy with an 80 turned me on to mud. Shy guy and rarely post on forums. So I've been lurking for a while building up my knowledge base. I came into this blind not knowing much at all but I'm determined.

  1. Year and model: 1997 FZJ80
  2. Name of owner: Some call me Ron. Also known as Will in other parts.
  3. Name of rig: White Hot Mama
  4. Location: Dallas, TX (east dallas/lake highlands)
  5. Mileage: 178k
  6. How truck is used: Daily driver, overlanding, offroading (gotta be honest never done the latter two but plan to. Lol. Complete newb here. Mechanically too. But thrilled to be on this journey)
  7. Mods: Haven't added any yet. PO had done quite a bit of restoration work. Mechanically truck seems to be really sound as well. He put on a bp51 old man emu lift kit too. Except for the p0401 no issues. Everything sounds great, etc. I hesitate saying that because I swear I will jinx myself. But prepared and have a backup vehicle in case this is out of service for extended periods of time. My first job is going to be cleaning intake and tb and doing the entire egr job. Found some great threads on here which give me confidence.
Anyways, gotta run. Look forward to chatting and so happy to be a part of this community. Will get more pics up later but will post these few.

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Check out Tandem Offroad in the DFW. They put out some good youtube videos shows them doing some quality work on LCs.
Apr 5, 2020
The great state of Texas
1. Year and model: 1995 FZJ80
2. Name of owner: John
3. Name of rig: Old Friend
4. Mileage: 338k
5. Mods: Dobinson 1.75" coils and shocks, 12v system, homemade hatch drawer/sleeping system, homemade rear spare tire carrier and roof rack, homemade steel locking center console, soon to be on 33"s and 17" Sequoia wheels
6. How the truck is used: Light overlanding, daily driving, work truck
7. Photos below:


Aug 26, 2022
1. 97 LX450
2. Chad
3. No name yet
4. Odometer 140,000
5. 37’s Harrop Elockers Front and Rear, 4.88’s Front Sway Bar Disconnects, 4 inch lift, Bumpers Metall Tech Skiders,
Dobinson’s MRR Remote Resi shocks and much more.
6. Wheeling, Overlanding, adventure vehicle

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