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Jul 12, 2007
Charles Town, West Virginia
I was pondering the idea of having something for the 80 series guys, and hijacking the idea from the 100's and 60's about a registery or picture album in the sticky section. goes, hopefully we'll get it moved to the sticky.

1. Year and model
2. Name of owner
3. Name of rig
4. Mileage
5. Mods...if any
6. How the truck is used
7. Photo. again...small to save space :)

Yeah... if you look in the 60 registery, there is nothing really different between the two, but might as well give us something to do with our endless nights on Mud. Haha

This is not anything like the ROTW, this is for everyone and anyone who wants to show us their rig. Feel free to. That's why its here. anyway's.
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uhm if anything they hijacked the idea from us.

we already have such an item it is called ROTW and much more detailed.

just 02
Reffug - agree but nevertheless would be nice to have a bunch of different 80s shown in the same thread as a sticky, some of us might not really be into the ROTW thing because we might feel that our rigs aren't badass enough to stand the comparison with the previous, impressive ROTWs. Keeping it simple with only one pic might help to make that thread readable and enjoyable. My 2 cents as well. :cheers:
ROTW has nothing to do with being badass..........................

It's about being an 80 owner.

Oh and I forgot to mention my 02 is really worth about .25 .............................
I too like the idea of a registry because it is great to see pics of many different rigs on the same pages with mod info as well.
EDIT: I no longer own an 80 :(

Name of owner:
Lane Anderson, ROTF

Year and model: 1991 FJ80

Name of rig: Katie

Mileage: See sig line

OME 850J/860
1" spacers all around
Rear Aussie locker
31" generics on Taco rims
Cobra 18-WXSTII CB
Custom electric OBA
14" aux cooling fan
Custom chopped rear bumper
Custom front bumper, raised Decepticon logo (gotta look real close :hillbilly:)
Custom aluminum roof rack
Clear front markers (added orange blinker bulbs)
Clear front blinkers (orange bulbs)
Disco-modded rear marker lights
Dual batteries
HIR low beams
2.5" exhaust w/ Flowmaster 40, Magnaflow cats
Desmogged (and still passes emissions <snicker snicker>)
Custom switchbox
In-dash LED voltmeter (aux battery)
George's LEDs
Custom storage in back
Twin-size air mattress
Two toolboxes
60-series 1/4-panel badges
100-series rear emblem
Aisin FJ62 hubs
Longfields, chromo inner shafts

Lights (quantity, total wattage):

  • Aux roof lights (4, 400W)
  • Aux backup lights (4, 335W) <---Favorite mod
  • Yellow fogs (2, 110W)
  • Hella 500's w/ 130W bulbs (2, 260W)
  • Rock lights (4, 220W)
  • Total wattage: 1325W
Sound system:

  • Alpine CDA9883 w/ iPod adapter
  • MTX 5500 10" subs (2)
  • Infinity 6.5" fronts
  • Pioneer 4" rears
  • Kenwood 2-ch amp (960w, subs)
  • Boss Audio 4-ch amp (1600w, speakers)

Future mods:
Chop 1/4 panel wings (ala Nay and others)
Roll cage
Chop roof @ C-pillar (ala PKP80)

Major repairs:
Air flow meter
Front diff from a 97 (unlocked, sorry)

Planned major repairs:
Radiator (leaking tank)
Temp sending unit (broken plug)
Oil sending unit (fawked up)
A/C (maybe...still works mostly)

How the truck is used: Daily driver, weekend warrior



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Shouldn't registries be for something rare?
80s are rare. I see an 80 here and there, but only once or twice a week. I'm the only one in my area that drives the same streets every day.


Ok, not as rare as a '63 VW. :flipoff2:
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You have the thread title already. edit your posts to make it a 'registry' as you suggest. if there is enough merit to the idea the posts will come and the moderators will probably sticky it. if not it will slip down a few pages and disappear. i think it might be a good idea. it will give newbies a quick thread to browse through to view lifts and tires and stop the incessant posting about each instead of just clicking 'search.' oh wait sorry for the editorial. i think i'll start.

Dave Connors
Ruby Claire - 1997 FZJ80
Antique Pearl Sage 40th Anniversary #1892
196,xxx miles (original HG)
4:88s with factory lockers
OME 4 in Comp Springs
285 Toyo Open Country MT
315 Maxxis Bighorn
285 Bridgestone Revos
ARB Bullbar, Hella 4000s, Ramsey 9500 Patriot
Rock Logic Rear Control Arms
Adjustable control arms and panhards, marlink tierod and drag link.
Slee Sliders
Wildyoats Rear Bumper
National Luna Dual Batteries with Optima Yellowtops
Slee Light Harness with John Deere HIR
Slee Washer Bottle Relocation Kit
Mule Expedition Roof Rack
Eezi-Awn Roof Top Tent
Alpine W205 in dash DVD/IPOD
Hertz Component Speakers
ARB 60liter Fridge/Freezer
onboard air and drawers

used as a daily driver but is currently my house as well.

currently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bound for Bountiful, UT. more can be found on the threads below.

ROTW Part 1

ROTW Part 2
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1. 1993 FZJ80
2. Dave Anderson
3. Thunder the Wonder Truck
4. 215K on truck, 181K on engine (warranty replacement @ 33K)
5. Dual Batteries, Slee Headlight Harness, John Deere HIR bulbs, Pro Comp 130 lights, ARB Commercial bar, Hanna Quality Sliders, OME 850/863 lift, Slee braided SS brake hoses, Pin#7 mod, CDL switch, BFG 285 ATs.
6. How the truck is used: Primarily a daily driver and secondarily a family wheeler.
1. Year and model: 93 FZJ80
2. Name of owner: Chris Sample
3. Name of rig: Dino Hunter
4. Mileage: 228K
5. Mods...if any: ARB non winch, 255/85/16 Kelly safaris, Diff locks.
6. How the truck is used: Daily Driver, Weekend Adventure Vehicle.
7. Photo:
1. 1993 FZJ80

2. Robert and John Welch

3. no name yet

4. 114000

5. OME 2" deluxe, ARB front, IPOR rear. Wet Okole Seat covers, Husky Hiners all throughout. 265 75 R16 Dueler A/T, new stereo, Pacer Wheels. IPF Spots...more to come :)

6. DD
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1. 1993 FZJ80 factory lockers and cloth seats
2. Douglas Huft
3. Not into naming vehicles but the 3 year old calls it "Cruiser Truck"
4. 140,000
5. cdl switch, ome medium 2.5, extended breathers, angle iron power steering guard, extra interior 12v plugs, trailer brake controller de flared/roof racked, durabaked, 285 cooper stt, metal tech sliders
6. family truckster, tent trailer tow vehicle, family trail vehicle
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1. Year and model: 94 FZJ80
2. Name of owner: S.H.F
3. Name of rig: Fred
4. Mileage: 174K
5. Mods...if any: ARB Bullbar, Front OME 850J Rear Custom Slee springs approx.10% stiffer than OME 863 pin 7 mod & CDL, Kenwood DVD/Garmin NAV, Power inverter, auxfan, rt temp gauge mod & a bunch of other things……
6. How the truck is used: No longer daily now W. A. V.

1. 1997 GXR (Manual Transmission)
2. Ali Thunayan Al-Ghanim
3. Nooro 5 or Nooro Al-Barqa
4. Approx. 222,300 KM which equals to about 138,131 miles
5. OME heavy nitro charger and coil springs(F&R)
Customs Drawer System
Yellow Top Battery
2 Head units, 1 amp, 2 10" subs, and 4 new speakers
ICOM V-8000
3 extra cigarette lighters (2 up front and 1 in the rear)
ARB Tow Master Towing hitch with electrical connections
IPF Spot Lights
Custom made center console
Safari Snorkel
Wind deflectors
6. Daily Driver, traveling, and support vehicle.


1. 1991
2. Brad Fink
3. nothing formal either the cruiser or short bus. (Iknow, real original)
4. 169000 miles
5. ome heavys with spacers in front, procomp chevy shocks with eye adapters, 5.29 teeth and lsd, manual hubs, Scion HU, 35" procomps, longs, extended brake lines
6. DD and rock crawler

Cool, I'll play.

1. '94 FZJ80, unlocked and cloth seats
2. Owner's name: TQ
3. Rig's name: Robert or "catcat"
4. 132 k
5. Blaupunkt HU - Palm GPS - Inverter
6. Holiday family hauler - Occasional weekend wheeler - Wannabe overland tripper
7. Yes!

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