2f engine parts

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Sep 20, 2012
Looking through Toyota parts deal for a 1985 2f engine it looks like most the parts are available from Toyota to rebuild it. I also looked at the 76 2f parts which most are discontinued. I can find aftermarket for the 76 2f But unsure of the quality. My question is am I better off sourcing the mid 80’s 2f due to the fact parts are still available or these have parts availability issues also?
if going with all later 2F interior engine parts, you will need to swap the head to a later unit as the pistons are different.
domed versus flat
Just because ToyotaPartsDeal says it is in stock doesn't mean it really is. They are notorious for taking order then two days to two weeks later they will tell you part is NLA or backordered with no ETA and cancel your order. Look them up here on mud.
I used Federal-Mogul pistons for my early 2F build, they have held up well. A late F head allows for domed pistons.

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