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Sep 30, 2011
Hello everyone. I am making us a new FAQ to condense a lot of the info we have out there. This FAQ will link back to @JLee's original FAQ but be closed to replies. Thanks and if you have additional info you would like to include, please let us know!

Vendors/Aftermarket Products:
GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

A beginners guide to buying a used GX470 (Really good info and a lot of basic terminology)
P1444/P1445 - Secondary Air Injection System
Cracked dashes may potentially be resolved by Toyota
Differential Support #2 Replacement
I replaced my airbags and heres my how to
All things Towing thread, weight, trailer type, etc..

Build Threads (Alphabetical Order):
A.Wilson013's Build Thread - A.Wilson013 Great list of parts and recommendations in first post
Daughterofromer got a GX470 - DaughterofRomer
Daughterofromers 2007 GX470 Build Thread - Romer
DRANGED's build/ownership thread - DRANGED
Limited V8 4Runner "Build" - Sam Stewart
My 2003 GX470 - DanKunz
Scat's GX Build - Scat Adams
Wheel In Luxury -a GX470 build - The Great Him

Original FAQ thread: GX470 FAQ

Google Doc (copied and pasted, linked in original FAQ):

Find TSBs, how-tos, and other information here: (Facebook Group)

Pre-buy inspection:

  • Before you take the time to look at a GX in person, look up the Lexus service history here: Lexus Owners Site | Lexus Drivers

  • Test the center differential lock before you buy. The vast majority of GX's are pavement queens - if the actuator is frozen up, you want to know before you buy one and have a $1k+ repair.

  • Driveshaft clunks are common. Grease band-aids it, but the proper fix is updated parts per Lexus TSB).

  • Radiators tend to leak around 100-150k (easy replacement).

  • Check for dashboard cracks. Lexus will replace cracked dashboards under warranty until May 31 2017, or 10 years after when the vehicle was first put in service (whichever is later).

  • Check the timing belt / water pump service history - the timing belt should be replaced every 90k. It’s good practice to change the water pump at the same time.

Things you should know:

  • Nav is generally terrible. Get non-nav if you can (so you can install an aftermarket head unit -- factory nav only has one upgrade option, namely the Grom V-Line, which has not performed all that well but is getting better through firmware updates).

  • That said, 2007+ navigation (5th generation) is much better than the older versions. 2007+ also gets a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for the stereo.

  • Mark Levinson speakers are not standard automotive speakers. There are a few aftermarket speakers that will match up to the ML amplifier, or you can buy surround repair kits if your speakers start to fail. Several aftermarket speaker options are below:
    • Front and rear doors (x4) - McLaren MLM6A

    • Front door and rear hatch (2 pair) - McLaren MLT2

    • Front door tweeter - (1 pair) - McLaren MLT60

    • Center speaker - ???

    • Front door speakers require 6x9 to 6.5 adapter plates
  • Rear air conditioning only came with GX's ordered with the rear seat package.

  • A transmission cooler is standard, whether or not you have the towing package.

KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System):

  • KDSS vs non-KDSS will spur endless debate. To sum it up, if you are not interested in long travel, KDSS will give you superior on and off road handling. If you are interested in long travel, removal of non-KDSS sway bars is simpler.

  • KDSS negatives:
    • There are no aftermarket lower control arm options.

    • KDSS does not provide enough articulation to take complete advantage of an extended travel coilover system or a rear long travel system.

    • Not all skid plate and slider options will fit (vendors do have KDSS-compatible options; you just have to be careful).

    • Spare tires larger than 265/70R17 or 255/75R17 will likely not fit in the stock location, and those sizes may require assistance with a floor jack to persuade into place.

    • KDSS failure, while typically infrequent, will prompt an expensive repair. This would, however, create a perfect excuse to remove KDSS and upgrade to long travel suspension.
  • KDSS positives:
    • Ridiculously large sway bars. This means a KDSS-equipped GX will corner much flatter than it has any business doing.

    • Increased articulation off road. A KDSS-equipped GX will have approximately four inches more suspension travel than a non-KDSS GX (with swaybars).

    • Watch this for more info:

Common problems:

  • The rear air bags will eventually fail. A coil conversion is the most common fix, as it's better for off-road purposes and also cheaper than replacing the OEM air bags.

  • 2005+ only: Congratulations - you have 35hp more than your earlier brethren! Unfortunately, this comes with some emissions complexity, namely an air pump that requires intake manifold removal to repair or remove. This does not impact driveability at all, just cold-start emissions.
  • CD changers sometimes fail, though with a pre-07 you don't have MP3 capability anyway so you might as well throw it out and install a bluetooth/aux adapter instead. VAIS and GROM both make plug and play units.

  • The inside rear door handle breaks on basically everybody's GX. You can get a new one online from Lexus for about 20 bucks, or fashion/buy something else out of paracord, nylon webbing, etc. If you buy one from Lexus, use your VIN to look the part up so you get the right color.

  • The passenger side front differential support was reovised for 2006. If you have a 2003 to early 2005, you will want to install the updated front differential support from Lexus. Sme 2005 GX’s have the updated part from the factory. Failure to do so may result in the differential support catastrophically failing, which is a really bad day for anything close to the differential (i.e. your oil pan, and consequently your motor).
    • Toyota Part for ordering is#52380-60021: Support, Front Differential, NO.2 However the number stamped into the side of the part is 52391-60021.

  • The factory 8” rear end is known to be weak. If you wheel enough, it’ll probably break. On the bright side, this gives you an excuse to re-gear and add lockers!


Transmission Pan Gasket - 35168-60010

Transmission Filter/Strainer - 35330-60050

Transmission Filter O-Ring - 90301-31014

Drain/Fill Plug Gasket - 35178-30010 (2 Required)

This is a detailed how to for the procedure to change the ATF fluid.

WS ATF Flush Procedure
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