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  1. M

    Diagnosing Cluster Issues

    Howdy all, first post here on the thread, I finally need help. I have a 1973 Fj40, was a frame off. So when it was rewired was rewired with a quick wire kit. My issue is my gauges are all wired, each gauge is getting power in, and each sending unit has power at the sending unit, however none of...
  2. Not A CJ

    1978 FJ40 - Wiring Help

    I have been fighting the wiring gremlins of the PO. I have several things sorted out but I am now tackling my reverse lights as they are not working. Your help may explain why the windshield washer is not working or why when I hit the brakes the turn signal indicators light up on the gauge...
  3. G

    wiper motor wire identification

    I have been trying to figure out why my wipers aren't turning off, and I think I might have found the culprit. There are 2 wires that look like ground wires on my wiper motor mount plate. The one that is supposed to go through the firewall is stripped/cut/dangling now. Does anybody know where...
  4. Berzerker76

    Switch wiring help

    I'm hoping one of you electrically inclined types can help me out here. I'm in the process if installing a VIAIR on-board-air system in my rig and thought about adding an electronically controlled purge valve to the system for 5h!ts and giggles. I'm planning to use this momentary switch to...
  5. bellaire35

    Hazard switch wiring help

    Not sure if this is a lost cause but I am attempting to replace my current toggle switch for the hazard lights with a OEM Toyota pull switch. Where do I begin?? The PO installed the toggle switch and I have not a clue to where to begin. Maybe someone out there can give me a starting point.
  6. turboed83

    E Locker Wiring Help

    So I picked up a trashed 95 with lockers just to remove the lockers to rebuild for my 94. So I want to take the entire axles and wiring to complete the changeover. Now from what I've read I need the harnesses coming from the axles, the computer in the rf kickpanel, the switch and there is...
  7. shanester

    DESPERATE for wiring help

    After watching countless YouTube videos and reading through dozens and dozens of threads, I cannot for the life of me figure out which wire to tap into for my locker switches. I used a "Add a Circuit" for the ignition wire that goes to the switch, but I don't know how to tap into the dash...
  8. Paraglider

    Pictures of wiring on HJ47

    I've got an October 1982 HJ47 RHD where the PO added a whole bunch of wiring, most of which doesn't seem to be connected to things. I had issues with the tail lights because he had separated the green wire coming out of the dash by two other wires and I'm starting the process of eliminating all...
  9. M

    Please help with two wires?!?!

    Hello all, I recently re-did my entire power steering system on my 92 FJ80 and in the process pulled the battery and battery trey. There is a black wire that connected to something coming from the ignition coil, and then there is another wire I'm not sure where it went but its bundled with the...
  10. ErikinSC

    Wiring problem - alternator ground smoking while cranking

    Fixed. See below. I'm going to post this while I search. I have two wires from the alternator frame to the battery negative. I recently had long cranking issues on cold mornings. I have a #4 ground from battery to alternator. Also have a second ground #12 wire from battery side post to...
  11. 1

    72 Fj40 speedometer wire connections

    Can anyone identify what the two wires are looking acted above the odometer and where these two wires go (black and white), cannot find them on my wiring diagrams?
  12. FJforte

    Electrical Wiring starter and igniter 1976 FJ40

    Hello All, Bought my Grandpa's 1976 1/2 FJ40 last year after he passed away. Finally saved enough money to do a little tune up. I'm looking for a few pictures to make sure the wiring to the starter and igniter are correct. There are a few wires in near each competent mentioned just left loose...
  13. shanko

    FJ62 to 12HT - alternator connector

    Ugh! I am stuck and need some help. I have searched for several hours through the forum but can't locate an answer. But I know that many people have solved this and someone can quickly provide a direct answer. Here is my situation: I have a 1989 US-version FJ62. Transplanted a 12HT into the...
  14. LittleRedWgon

    Unknown wires ...any help???

    I just started a headlight upgrade with bussmann relay.. Took out battery to have full access and there are two questions I have ... 1. What is this wire that is hooked up to nothing and 2, what does this 2 prong female connector for??? The 2 prong comes in with headlight harness and mysterious...
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