windshield frame

  1. E

    Wanted  '76 fj40 windshield frame

    LF '76 windshield frame. will pay shipping. PM if selling!
  2. alohamade

    1964 FJ40 hard top confusion

    My 1964 fj40 does not have holes to attach the Hard Top Windshield Cap, has anyone seen this before, there are no holes to bolt down the windshield cap
  3. D

    Wanted  windshield frame for 1983 Bj42

    Any help would be appreciated
  4. PeeZed

    70 Series Lower Windshield Frame Replacement

    Good morning folks, I am getting a local sheet metal fabrication shop to make up a 2pc replacement section for my lower windshield frame on my 1989 BJ74. Mine is completely rusted out, but what's interesting is that just past the obvious rust everything still looks OEM! So, it's worth...
  5. S

    For Sale  FJ 40 Windshield Frame Seal

    For sale I have the rubber seal between the windscreen frame and the body. My new one cost me a small fortune and thend found this in one of the parts vehicles I picked up. It HAS been fitted at some point but it has no damage and is not perished. A quick clean with some detail spray and it will...
  6. S

    Wanted  BJ 74 windshield frame

    Hey my BJ74 windshield frame is rusty and leaky, does anyone have one from a donor truck?
  7. J

    FREE  '82 windshield frame and gasket

    Rusty on the bottom but has wiper linkage and a decent gasket. Glass is cracked.
  8. Dlathem

    For Sale  1973 FJ40 Windshield Frame - AL

    Frame looks good, no rust visible. Glass is in good shape with one "bb shot" on one side. Wiper motor is included, uncertain of condition. Looking for $250 plus the ride or local pickup in Cullman, AL.
  9. T

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 Parts

    Happy Holidays! I have the following up for sale in Northern, CA 95425. Smaller items can be sent for the cost of shipping. 1. Windshield frame, some rust, would need to be bead blasted, but will be good as new with some work. $200. 2. FJ40 Hard top sides with glass. Some rust, but can...
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